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     Welcome to my Sexton Family genealogy web site.  This is the sixth posting of my genealogy data (January 2009).  I will be updating the site frequently.  A future addition will hopefully include a nice variety of pictures.  Major family lines that I have personally researched include SEXTON, SCARB(O)ROUGH, and GRIFFITH on my paternal side, and DALE, HARP, and SHIPLEY on my maternal side.  (Navigate to my Genealogy Entry Page to see a couple of summaries of some of my Scarborough research.)  This site also has the information collected on my wife's families including KRAUSKA, COFFMAN, SEAY, and HARDY although I have done little original research on those lines.  Along with my continuing efforts to correct factual and typographical errors, this edition of the web site reflects these updates:

January 2009: Thorough review of Missouri State Archives death certificates (1910-1957), online at:

October 2008: Research trip to Middle and East TN to study my early DALE ancestors. See my chronologies for the descendants of William and Frances (Phillips) DALE.

Although my Reunion 8 family file from which this web site was created contains the names of nearly 8,000 individuals, I have relied heavily on the research and data produced and offered by many other researchers.  A future edition of this web site will give proper credit for (and links to) the work of other genealogical researchers of these families.  In particular, I'd like to thank Jim Sexton of South Carolina for his contributions to our Sexton Family research and Tom McNeill for his work on the Nicholas Dale clan.  You'll find more of these links in my Source citations.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: In my "Notes" sections on the Person Sheets for many people, you will see where I have placed some of them on a provisional basis; I've marked these with the phrase "PLACEMENT TENTATIVE" or other similar words.  These relationships are often speculative and UNPROVED.  They represent just my working hypotheses about family connections and I try to be explicit about how strong or weak my evidence is in any given case.  This is particularly applicable to the children of my ggg grandfather Alexander Dale as well as connections among my early Scarborough generations (e.g. Aven Scarborough Sr.).

    I am a product of the beaches of Southern California in the 1950s and 1960s but I settled into Central Texas for my graduate education (Ph.D., Univ. of Texas at Austin, 1987) and have put down roots here.  I am an ecologist by training and a Wildlife Biologist by trade.  You can learn more about my work by visiting the home pages of the Wildlife Refuge where I work and that of our Friends group at:

     Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge
     Friends of Balcones Canyonlands NWR

    Although you may have heard of the fabulous rock guitarist Charlie Sexton of Austin, Texas (and his talented brother Will Sexton), we are not related in any way that I have uncovered.  Therefore, record agents and fans of theirs need not contact me.  I'm still looking forward to my opportunity to be on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine...but that might be awhile.  Enjoy!

Chuck Sexton
6007 Salton Dr., Austin, TX 78759

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