Family of George and Anna Muehleisen

The Family of George and Anna Muehleisen


Johann Georg "George" Muehleisen
Born: Sep 11, 1834
Died: Feb 14, 1922
Age: 87
Family of Johann Freidrich and Regina Muehleisen
Anna Margaretha
Born: Nov 11, 1840
Died: Dec 18, 1907
Age: 67

m. 4/19/1863
 m. Rose Merryfield
 Belvidere, WI; Everett, WA
Louie William Muehleisen
Born: May 25, 1864
Died: Oct 25, 1956
Age: 92
 m. Jacob Keller
       Feb 4, 1890
 ch: Elmer, Elfa, Roy,
       Flora, Palma
 Belvidere, WI
Kunigunda Muehleisen
Born: Nov 25, 1866
Died: Jan 14, 1922
Age: 55
 m. Antonia Cassella
       Jul 11, 1900
 ch: Roland, Marie
 Leavenworth, KS
Margaretha "Maggie" Muehleisen
Born: Jun 07, 1868
Died: Dec 25, 1956
Age: 88
 m. Mathilda Selke
       Nov 13, 1899
 ch: Irwin, Everett
 Winona, MN
Henry Muehleisen
Born: Apr 22, 1870
Died: Nov 15, 1950
Age: 80
Family of Henry and Mathilda Muehleisen
 m. Cora Hoboe
 Alma, WI
George Muehleisen, Jr.
Born: Apr 16, 1872
Died: 1947
Age: about 75
Susanna Barbara Muehleisen
Born: Oct 13, 1874
Died: Nov 17, 1877
Age: 3
 m. Phillip Gross
 Alma, WI
Susan "Susie" Muehleisen
Born: Mar 31, 1878
Died: Sep 28, 1937
Age: 59
 m. Fred Knopse
       Oct 24, 1900
 ch: Esther, Mildred
Clara Muehleisen
Born: Feb 05, 1880
Died: Oct 28, 1963
Age: 83
 m. Mabel
       Sep 7, 1946
Alma, WI; Portland, OR
Gottlieb Muehleisen
Born: Apr 29, 1882
Died: Oct 1963
Age: 81


Anna Margaretha Muehleisen


Louie and Rose Muehleisen

Louie Muehleisen


Rose and Louie Muehleisen


Kunigunda and Jake Keller

Jake & Kunigunda

Photo labeled as Roy Keller but is printed
on metal and and may be an earlier generation.


Elmer and Roy Keller


Roy Keller


Margaret "Maggie" Cassella

Maggie Muehleisen



Marie & Maggie Cassella


Marie Cassella

Roland and Marie Cassella


Marie Cassella

Roland Cassella




Susie and Phillip Gross

Susie Muehleisen

Wedding Photo


Clara and Fred Knopse

Clara Muehleisen

Wedding Photo


Esther and Mildred Knopse

Mildred Rose Knopse


Esther and Mildred Knopse

Esther Knopse


Gottlieb Muehleisen


Mabel & Gottlieb - married Sept 7, 1946


Gottlieb developed and patented a unique porous check dam system which was used for flood control and preventing soil erosion.  By 1920 he was manufacturing the units in the building at 210 North Main, Alma, Wisconsin.  His business grew rapidly enabling him to purchase the old Polin warehouse at 212 North Main and there he incorporated the National Soil Conservation Company in 1924.  The factory produced materials necessary for the construction of porous check dam systems as well as structural iron shapes, flumes, and sheet metal siding.  The business continued to operate until 1936 when the federal government developed its own soil conservation program.  There are porous check dams that still exist in Alma today.
- from Alma on the Mississippi 1848-1932, compiled and published by the Alma Historical Society, Copyright © 1980.

Gottlieb's Factory in Alma, Wisconsin


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