Muehleisen Heritage

Muehleisen Heritage

The original German spelling was Mühleisen; the generally accepted spelling in the US became Muehleisen.  I have also found it spelled as Mehlerson, Melhizen, Muchbeisen, Muchleisen, Meuhleisen, Meuhlheisen, Mueleishen, Muhleisen, Muhleizen, ... - there are probably some more variations I haven't discovered yet.

Johann Friedrich ("Friedrich") Mühleisen Family of Johann Freidrich and and Regina Muehleisen

Earliest documented Muehleisen ancestor.  Johann was born Sep 20, 1808 in Oberwälden, Würtemberg, Germany as the illegitimate son of Anna Maria Leins; his biological father was presumably a Mühleisen.  Anna later married Johannes Hegenloh and had two more sons: Johannes Hegenloh and Johann Jakob Hegenloh (Reference).

Johann Friedrich married Regina Reÿer on Nov 19, 1833; this couple had eight children: Johann Georg "George", Johann Friedrich "Fred", Johannes "John", Johan Jakob "Jacob", Wilhelm Ludwig "William", Ana Maria "Marie", Johan Conrad, and Johan Gottlieb "Gottlieb or Lee".  Regina died in Germany on November 23, 1855 about eight months after the birth of her last child.

Johann Friedrich (Jr.) was apparently the first to leave Germany, arriving in the USA in 1852.  He was followed by Johann Georg in 1853 and Johannes, who arrived in New York on the S.S. Havre on July 9, 1955.  Johann Friedrich went back to Germany in 1856 after the death of his mother and returned to the USA with the remainder of the family.  They arrived in New York on July 14, 1856 on the S.S. Admiral:

From there they made their way to Racine, Wisconsin.  In November, 1857 Freidrich received his naturalization certificate in Racine:

The 1860 census of Racine, Wisconsin shows most of the family (shown as Melhizen) living in the same household:

In 1865 George, who was now married, moved with his wife and children to Belvidere, Wisconsin; more information on George follows below.  Freidrich and most of his sons departed to St. Joseph, Missouri about the same time; in the 1870 census Freidrich was living in St. Joseph in the household of his son Fredrich, Jr.  More information can be found on The Family of Johann Freidrich and and Regina Muehleisen page.

Freidrich died in St. Joseph, Missouri in 1880.


Johann Georg "George" Muehleisen Family of George and Anna Muehleisen

George was born in Würtemberg, Germany on September 11, 1834; in 1853 he emigrated to the US and settled in Racine, Wisconsin.  In November, 1857 George received his naturalization certificate in Racine:

George appears in the 1860 census of Racine shown above.  On April 19, 1863 he married Anna Margaretha Keilholz in Racine.  Margaretha Keilholz is shown as arriving in the port of New York on July 7, 1856 as passenger 57 on the S.S. Von Stein.

In 1865 they moved to Belvidere, Wisconsin; their growing family is listed in the 1870 census for Belvidere township, Buffalo county, Wisconsin:

The 1880 census shows them as still being in Belvidere, now with seven children:

The 1900 census shows them in Belvidere with three children still living at home:

Anna died on December 18, 1907; her obituary and a translation follow. 

Anna M. Muehleisen
     As we mentioned before in the news, last Wednesday morning at 8:30 am Frau Anna Muehleisen passed away at the home of her daughter, Frau Phillip J. Gross and her son, Gottlieb, of a stroke.  She had arrived at her daughter's home a week earlier for a visit.  On the following Sunday morning she had a stroke.
     Frau Anna M. (Keilholz) Muehleisen was born on November 11, 1840 at Oedhof, Bavaria, Germany.  In 1856, she arrived in Racine, Wisconsin where on April 19, 1863 she married George Muehleisen.  In 1865, she and her husband moved to Belvidere.  There, they lived on a farm, which, together, they made out of the wilderness into a beautiful home for their eight children and their seven grandchildren.  Their children are Louis, Everett, Washington; Frau Jack Keller; Frau U. Casella, Leavenworth, Kansas; Henry, Minnesota City; George, Gottlieb, Frau Phillip J. Gross and Frau F. W. Knopse.  Mrs. Muehleisen also has two sisters living in Racine. 
     The funeral was held on Friday with Rev. Schultz officiating at the cemetery in Herold.  Many friends were present to pay their last respects.  We extend to the family our deepest sympathy.

In the 1910 census George (now 75) is still living on the family farm but George Jr. is the head of the household.

In the 1920 census of Alma township, Buffalo county, Wisconsin George is living with his daughter Susan and her husband Phillip Gross.

George died on February 14, 1922; a published record of his life follows.


Henry Muehleisen Family of Henry and Mathilda Muehleisen

Henry Muehleisen was born in Belvidere township on April 22, 1870 and appears in the family censuses above in 1870 and 1880.  On November 13, 1899 he married Mathilda Louise Martha Selke in Winona, Minnesota.  They are listed in the 1900 census of Minnesota City, Winona county, Minnesota; Henry's occupation is shown as Butcher.

In the 1910 census they are still in Minnesota City, now with two sons, Erwin and Everett.  Henry's occupation is shown as Butcher.

In 1914 Henry and his cousin Henry Keilholz purchased a Meat Market at 103 South Main, Alma, Wisconsin; it is shown in the photo below.  The person on the left is Henry Keilholz and Henry Muehleisen is in the center; the person on the right is not identified.
Three years later they sold this market.

Henry's family next appears in the 1920 census for Winona, Winona county, Minnesota.  Henry's occupation is now shown as Stock Buyer.

They are still in Winona in the 1930 census; their sons are no longer living with them but Mathilda's father Ernest Selke is.  Henry's occupation is shown as Butcher.

Henry died in Winona on November 15, 1950; Mathilda died there on November 19, 1961.



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