Family of Ernest and Augusta Selke

The Family of Ernest and Augusta Selke


Ernest Selke
Born: Dec 31, 1847
Died: Aug 1, 1930
Age: 82
Augusta Noeske
Born: Nov 14, 1849
Died: Apr 4, 1926
Age: 76

m. about 1871
 m. Elmer Gile  about 1898
 ch: Alfred, Adolf, Cora,
       Agnes, Freida, Frank
Meda Henrietta Selke
Born: May 1872
Died: 1942
Age: about 70
 m. Olive Johnson
 ch: Victor, Walter, Bessie,
       Olga, Ida, Orval,
       Goldie, Irene, Fern,
       Virgil, Christina
 Homer, MN
William Emil Selke
Born: May 31, 1874
Died: Sep 9, 1964
Age: 90
 m. Therachs "Rica"
 ch: Minnie, Gertrude,
       Edmond, Herbert,
       Elsie, Cassandra,
 Richmond, MN
Theodore F. Selke
Born: Mar 1876
Died: Jul 5, 1952
Age: 76
 m. Etta
 ch: Alphonse, Raymond,        Leonard
 Richmond, MN
Charles E. Selke
Born: about 1877
 m. Henry Muehleisen
       Nov 13, 1899
 ch: Irwin, Everett
 Winona, MN
Mathilda Selke
Born: Mar 3, 1879
Died: Nov 19, 1961
Age: 82
Family of Henry and Mathilda Muehleisen
 m. Clint Hogan

 St. Paul, MN
Ida Ella Bertha Selke
Born: about 1880
Died: 1918
Age: about 38
 m. Charles Papenfuss
       about 1900
 ch: Ella, Mamie, Gertrude,
       Vern, Roy, Everett
 Nodine, MN
Anna E. Selke
Born: Dec 1881
Died: 1939
Age: about 57
Hulda Selke
Born: Jul 1883
 m. Lelia
 ch: Florence, Leon,
       Evelyn,Luella, Laura,
 Richmond, MN
Paul Selke
Born: Feb 1885
Died: Jan 24, 1962
Age: 76
 m. Alma
 ch: David
 Homer, MN
Julius Selke
Born: Feb 3, 1892
Died: Nov 14, 1963
Age: 71


Ernest and Augusta Selke

Ernest and Augusta Selke emigrated from Germany and arrived at the port of New York on April 1, 1875 travelling on the S.S. Westphalia.  They were accompanied by their children Meda and William.
The entry preceding them could be interpreted as Wilhemina Noeske, possibly a sister of Augusta Noeske Selke.

They appear the in the 1880 census of New Hartford township, Winona county, Minnesota and have a few more children.  Ernest's occupation is listed as farmer.

According to family history Mathilda left school at the age of twelve (this would have been about 1891) and went to work for the Watkins family who were the founders of Watkins Products in Winona. 

Ernest and Augusta next appear the in the 1900 census of Homer township, Winona county, Minnesota.  This record shows that they now have a total of ten children; Hulda, Paul and Julius are living with them.

The families of Gustave Noeske and Herman Noeska (Noeske?) are also enumerated in Winona county in 1900; they may be related to Augusta.

In the 1910 census Ernest and Augusta are still living in Homer township.  This record shows a total of 14 children with 10 living so four children (unknown) must have been stillborn or died at an early age.

In the 1920 census they are living in Homer township with their son Julius and his wife Alma. 

Augusta died on Apr 4, 1926.

In the 1930 census Ernest is living in Winona, Minnesota with his daughter Mathilda and her husband Henry Muehleisen. 

Ernest died on Aug 1, 1930, shortly after this census was recorded.



Paul, Unknown, Hulda, Theodore
Mathilda, Ernest, Augusta, Ida

Paul, Mathilda, Theodore
Ida, Hulda


William Selke


Charles and Etta Selke


Wedding Photo


Mathilda Selke


Ida Selke


Ida and Clint Hogan


Anna Selke


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