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Check out the Southern Drummond migration from South Carolina to Georgia.

I am compiling information on the descendants of Daniel Drummond to publish a family history book. Please help in this endeavor by providing data on your branch of the family. All information on living individuals will be kept private and will not appear on this website.

The earliest Drummond ancestor of whom I have knowledge is Daniel Drummond. Daniel was born in the Kingdom of Ireland in Antrim County probably between 1760 and 1775. In the early part of 1798, Daniel left Ireland with his wife, Sarah~, and their young son, Henry, and sailed to America, possibly landing in the Port of Charleston, South Carolina. As almost all Drummonds originated in Scotland, I believe that our Drummonds  were also Scottish but migrated to north Ireland for reasons that are as of yet unknown. But because of this migration, we can consider our heritage to be Scottish-Irish. 

By 1800, I believe that Daniel and his family were living in York County, South Carolina. They also had a new addition to the family; a son that they named William H. Drummond who was born May 10, 1798. Although I do not know how many children Daniel and Sarah had, I do believe that they had several daughters and at least one more son named John. I have just received information on a possible daughter of Daniel named Mary Ann. Here is an excerpt of what I received. You can read it all by reading the guestbook. 

"Mary Ann Drummond (b 1810/1810 in SC) married William W. McClung. They had many children (14 to be exact). They were in Campbell Co., GA in 1850, and in Lafayette Co., AR by 1860. She died in 1869 and is buried in the Macedonia Cemetery in Miller Co., AR. In 1850 Mary Ann's mother, Sarah is listed with the McClung family in Campbell Co., GA and her birth place is listed as Ireland (1772). Although I have not seen it, I have been told that there is a will in the Abstracts of Georgia wills that indicates Daniel Drummond to be the wife of Sarah, father of Mary Ann."

In 1808 Daniel and his family settled in the Pendleton District of South Carolina. Five years later, on Wednesday, October 26, 1813, our Scotch-Irish immigrant forefather swore in open court to renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to every foreign power, particularly the King of Great Britain and Ireland under whose allegiance he was born, and was granted citizenship to the United States of America. 190 years later, we maintain our allegiance to the greatest nation that God every created and uphold the honor of our original American Patriot, Daniel Drummond. 

As far as I know, Henry Drummond  was Daniel's and Sarah's first born child. He was born in Ireland in 1793 and was only five years old when he arrived in America.  Henry married a South Carolina girl named Sarah*. Their first child, Joseph Berry, was born on September 17, 1819 in the Pendleton District where the family is found on the 1820 census. On April 11, 1822, Henry's and Sarah's second child, Isabella, was born. Soon after her birth the family migrating through Georgia to Alabama. 

I believe that the family eventually settled in St. Clair County, Alabama. Henry and Sarah had another son around 1824 named Daniel Pinkney. While living in Alabama between 1825 and 1836, the couple had four more children: George Lewis, John J., Margaret Jane@ and Mary Elizabeth Drummond+. Sometime in the early 1840s, Henry migrated with his family to Northwest Georgia, possibly in the year 1840 as this is the year in which I have yet to find Henry on any census. By 1841, Henry and Sarah had another son, William M. Drummond. William may have been born in Alabama or Georgia although the latter seems more likely.

On July 18, 1843 in Cass County, Georgia, Henry and Sarah's first son, Joseph Berry, married Cassie Elenor Melton. Three more of Henry's and Sarah's children would get married in Cass County by 1850; Daniel Pinkney married Mary Catherine Loveless on October 12, 1848, George Lewis married Lucinda McDonald# on April 25, 1849 and Isabella married Allen McDonald#, the brother of Lucinda##, on April 04, 1850. In 1850, Henry's entire family was living in Cass County except his second son, Daniel^. During the decade of the 1850s three more of Henry and Sarah's children got married. First, John married Martha Brannon on March 12, 1855 in Polk County then just four months later William married Mary Brannon** on July 12, 1855 also in Polk County. Then five months later, Mary Elizabeth married George P. Earp on December 13, 1855 in Floyd County.

By 1860, Henry and Sarah had moved to Floyd County. Children George, William, Mary, Isabella and John went with their father along with their own families to Floyd County. Joseph Berry remained with his family in Cass County while Daniel Pinkney and his family are found living in Chattooga County, Georgia. Margaret Jane finally got married on July 11, 1865 to Charles Stokes in Cedartown, Polk County, Georgia.

Henry is not found on any 1870 census, however, I have his will that is dated June 25, 1873 in Polk County, Georgia. Henry died a few months later on November 10, 1873 in Polk County but was buried in Rome, Georgia in Floyd County. In 1870, Joseph Berry, Isabella and George Lewis are all living in Bartow County^^. I do not know where the other children are living in 1870. By 1880, Joseph Berry had moved his family to Cedartown while George Lewis took his family back to Floyd County. Sons John and Daniel Pinkney had moved to Franklin and Poinsett Counties, Arkansas, respectively. I do not know where Henry's and Sarah's other children were living in 1880.

Daniel's second son, William H. Drummond, married an Irish born girl named Jane Brooks. The couple had four daughters and one son; Susannah, Isabella Caroline, John M., Sarah Jane, and Cynthia Juliet. Daniel's third son, John, was born in South Carolina in 1804. On January 8, 1829, John married Nancy Oliver%. John also lived in St. Clair County, Alabama in the 1830s next-door to his older brother Henry. John may have moved to Georgia and possible remarried to a woman named Minerva. (I hope to work out this detail with another researcher.)   

Learn more about Henry and his children here.

Please email me your comments concerning the Drummond data on these pages.

~ I received the name of Daniel's wife second hand. I have no other proof of her name.
* Maiden name could have been Canada, Canady or some other variant.
@ I have combined the names Margaret and Jane due to census info. 
+ Birthplaces of all children except Joseph Berry are unclear due to census inconsistencies.
# Last name provided by Myrtie Strickland.
## I don't know this for a fact.
^ I don't know where he is living in 1850.
** I do not know if Mary and Martha were sisters.
^^ Cass County was renamed Bartow County in 1861.
There is word Henry and Sarah had a child named Polly. I have not seen this evidence, however, Polly was a nickname for Mary, and thus Polly could be the nickname for Mary Elizabeth.
% I have received this info second hand. If you have a source, please provide it.