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        Henry of (Northern) Ireland        

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Henry Drummond first caught my attention on the 1850 Cass County, Georgia census (12th division, M432, roll #63, page 104). He was born in Ireland and calculating from the 1850 and 1860 censuses was born between 1794-1795. Henry was my fifth great-grandfather. From census data, I believe that his children were Joseph Berry, Isabella, Daniel Pinkney, George Lewis, John J., Jane (possibly Margaret Jane), Mary Elizabeth and William M. Drummond. Henry and Sarah probably had more children that may not have survived to adulthood. They would not be listed as a child if I have not seen them on a census. My fifth great-Melton-grandfather, David Melton, was living next door to Henry in 1850. Henry and David's household are as follows:

NOTE FYI: Not listed below but also on page 104 in house 59 is Hiram Melton age 30, his wife and three children.

1850 12th div., Cass Co., Ga. M432, #63, p 104, house 60, lines 24-29
        David Melton              68            North Carolina 
        Elenor                    66            South Carolina      
        Robert                    39            South Carolina                   
        Ann                       36            South Carolina                     
        Frances Dickenson          15            Georgia           
        Joseph Dickenson          11            Georgia                   
     1850 12th div., Cass Co., Ga. M432, #63, p 104, house 61, lines 30-35
        Henry Drummonds	        57		Ireland
        Sarah			53		South Carolina
        John			22		Alabama
        Jane			16	      	Alabama
        Mary			11 or 16     	Alabama
        William M.		9		Georgia

Because John, Jane, Mary and William all appear on this census with Henry, I have concluded that they are his children. On the same page of the 1850 Cass County census there are two more of Henry's children listed, Isabella McDaniel (or McDonald) and George Lewis Drummond. Their households are as follows:

1850 12th division Cass Co., Georgia M432, roll #63, page 104
(This household is next door to Henry.)
        Allen McDaniel	        19	SC
        Isabella		28	SC

1850 Cass Co., Ga. census-12th division, page 104, line 33
   George L. Drummond		23	SC
   Lucinda		  15 or 17 	SC

Also living nearby in 1850 Cass County is Joseph Berry Drummond. 

1850 Cass Co., Ga. M432, roll #63, page 108
        Joseph B. Drumond	30	SC
        Casey			26	SC
        David			6	GA
        Henry			4	GA
        Michael		        1	GA

By 1860, Henry had moved to Floyd County along with John, Mary and William. George and Isabella have also moved to Floyd County where they live near their parents, Henry and Sarah. Also in Henry's home is a Margaret who was not listed on the 1850 census with him. However, her age is close enough that this Margaret could be Jane from the 1850 census as she is the only child from the 1850 household not in her own household by 1860. All of the following households are in the order that they appear on the census.

1860 Chulio Dist., Floyd Co., Georgia M653, roll #121, page 309
	Lewis Drummond	        30 or 31	GA 
	Lucinda		        26		SC
	Sarah J.		8		nothing put
	William H.		6		nothing put

     1860 Chulio Dist., Floyd Co., Georgia M653, roll #121, page 309
	Henry Drummond	        66	Ireland
	Sarah			62	SC
	Margaret		27	nothing put 

     1860 Chulio Dist., Floyd Co., Georgia M653, roll #121, page 309
	William H. Drummond	        21	AL
	Mary				23	GA
	James H.W.			3	GA
	Joseph L.M.			1	GA

     1860 Chulio Dist., Floyd Co., Georgia M653, roll #121, page 309
	Allen McDaniel	        30	SC	
	Isabella		38	AL 
	William H.J.		8	GA
	Sarah A.		4	GA
	Lewis A.		2	GA

     1860 Chulio Dist., Floyd Co., Georgia M653, roll #121, page 309
	George P. Earp	        27	NC
	Mary E.		        24	AL
	Jno H.B.		4	GA
	Sarah J.M.		1	nothing put	

     1860 Chulio Dist., Floyd Co., Georgia M653, roll #121, page 309
	Jno Drummonds	        32	AL
	Martha			19	GA
	James H.		3	GA
	George W.		1	GA 

While Henry and some of the family went to neighboring Floyd County, Joseph Berry remained in Cass County. 1860 is also the first year in which I have seen Daniel Pinkney Drummond on a census. He is living in Chattooga County. The households of Joseph and Daniel are as follows:

1860 Cass Co., Ga. M653, roll #114, page 691
	J. Drummond	        40	SC, male
	E.			36	SC, female
	D.			16	GA, male
	H.			13	GA, male
	J.			14	GA, male
	N. 			7	GA, female
	E.			4	GA, male
	E.			3	GA, female

    1860 Chattooga Co., Ga.
       D.P. Drummond	        36	AL
       Mary C.		        31	SC
       Sarah			9	GA
       Henry B.		        7	GA
       Joseph M.	        6	GA
       Cynthia A.	        5	GA
       Martha A.	        2	GA

Although I believe that Henry was alive until 1873, I have not been able to locate him on any 1870 census. By doing a search on the surname Drummond at famlysearch.org under the International Genealogical Index, batch #7616009, the names George L. Drummond, Daniel P. Drummond and Joseph V. Drummond come up with Henry listed as their father. In the category "other events" for all three men is listed "will: 25 Jun 1873, Polk, Georgia". I believe that the "V" should actually be a "B" for Joseph's middle name and was misread by who ever saw the original copy of this document. Henry was possibly living in someone else's household in 1870 and thus the reason for me not seeing a listing for him as the head of a household then.

In 1861 Cass County was renamed Bartow County and Joseph is still living there. Moreover, Isabella and George have moved back to Cass County, now called Bartow, as well. I do not find Daniel, William, Jane (possibly Margaret Jane), Mary or John on any 1870 census. Here are the households of Joseph, Isabella and George Drummond:

NOTE FYI: A Jane Drummond married A Charles Stokes in Cedartown, Polk County, Georgia on July 11, 1865

1870 Bartow Co., Ga. M593, roll #135, page 462
	Joseph Drummon		        50	SC
	Camissa?			47	SC
	Daniel H.			22	GA
	James H.			20 or 25 "
	Sarah				17
	Joseph E.			15	
	Nella				12
	William J.			6
David (26, GA-Joseph's oldest son) & Mary S. Drummond (18, GA) live next door.

     1870 Bartow Co., Ga. census-roll #149, page 295
	Allen McDonald		        39	SC
	Isabella			49	SC
	William H.			19	GA
	Sarah A.			14	GA
	Lewis A.			11	GA

    1870 Bartow Co., Ga. census-roll #149, page 295
       George L. Drummond	        45	AL
       Lucinda			        35	SC
       Sarah Jane			19	GA
       William H.			16	GA

Because of the will date, by 1880 I believe that Henry is dead. My forth great-grandfather Joseph Berry Drummond is now living in Cedartown, Polk County, Georgia with my third great-grandfather, William Jasper Drummond is living in his father's household. He was 16 year old farm hand then. By 1880, George has once again moved back to Floyd County while brothers John and Daniel turn up living in Arkansas.

Both the 1850 and 1860 census on which Henry appeared stated that he was born in Ireland. However, the 1880 census for Joseph states that his parents were born in Georgia. For George, Daniel and John the census data states that their father was indeed born in Ireland. The only explanation I can offer is that census data is very inconsistent in both ages and places of birth for almost everyone. All five men's households are listed below:

1880 Cedartown, Polk Co., Ga. Film-1254161; T9-0161; page 271D
        J.B. Drummond		        63        SC	Fa: GA Mo: GA
        C.E.				59        GA	Fa: GA Mo: GA
        William J.			16	  GA	Fa: SC Mo: SC
        J.E.				27	  GA	Fa: SC Mo: SC
        Julia (DauL) 			21 	  GA	Fa: GA Mo: SC
        Zella				1	  GA	Fa: GA Mo: SC
        Jane Wiggans (MotherL)	        50	  GA	Fa: GA Mo: SC
    1880 Floyd Co., Ga. census-e.d. 72, page 6B
        George L. Drummond		57	  AL	Fa: Ire
        Lucinda				46	  SC
        George F.			7	  GA
        Margaret (niece)		18	  GA
     1880 Franklin Co., Arkansas
        John J. Drummond		52	  GA	Fa: Ire Mo: Eng
        Martha J.			38	  GA	Fa: GA Mo: GA 
        James W.			23	  GA
        George W.			21	  GA
	Mary J.				17	  GA
	Sarah E.			14	  GA
	Isadora				13	  Tenn.
	William J.			10	  Ark.
        Clara E.			9/12	  Ark.
     1880 Poinsett Co., Arkansas
        Daniel P. Drummond		56	  AL
        Elizabeth			35	  Miss.
        Sarah				26	  GA
        Daniel				16	  GA
        John				15	  GA
        William				16	  GA
        Edda Stone (step-daughter)	8	  Ark.

Going back in time now I wanted to find Henry on earlier censuses. Since my forth great-grandfather Joseph Berry Drummond was born in South Carolina around the 1820s, that is where I started and indeed I did find a Henry Drummond listed on the 1820 Pendleton Dist., South Carolina census. Moreover, through a family source I had learned that David Melton was Cassie Elenor Melton's father. He too is on the 1820 Pendleton Dist., South Carolina census not far from Henry. Here are their households:

1820 Pendleton Dist., South Carolina M33, roll #120, page 198
	Henry Drummond
	1 male 16-26 (Henry, 27)
        1 female 16-26 (Sarah, 23)
        1 male 0-10 (infant Joseph Berry)
        1 female over 45 (?)

     1820 Pendleton Dist., South Carolina M33, roll #120, page 199
        David Melton
	1 male 26-45 (David, 38)
	1 female 26-45 (Elenor, 35)
	1 female 16-26 (?)
	1 male 10-16 (Michael, 10)
        2 males 0-10 (Robert, 9 and ?)
        2 females 0-10 (Ann, 6 and ?)

Calculating from data on the 1850 Cass County census, Henry was in Alabama from about 1828 to at least 1839. So he would then appear on an 1830 Alabama census. There are two Henry Drummonds for Alabama in 1830; one does not match up age wise and the other does. The one that is most probably my Henry Drummond was the one in St. Clair County. Note that all of his children were still too young to be out on their own. Listed below is Henry's household:  

1830 St. Clair Co., Alabama M19, roll #4, page 247
	Henry Drummond
	1 male 30-40 (Henry, 37)
        1 female 30-40 (Sarah, 34)
        2 males bet. 5-10 (Joseph Berry, 10; Daniel Pinkney, 6)
        1 female 5-10 (Isabella, 8)
        2 males under 5 (George Lewis, 4/5; John, 2)

David Melton, Joseph Berry Drummond's eventual father-in-law, was still in South Carolina in 1830. I still do not know much about the Meltons or David's family. All help will be greatly appreciated. David's household is listed below.

NOTE FYI: I did not personally obtain this information but got it from another researcher.

1830 US census Anderson Co, SC pg 187
        David Melton
        1 wm 40-50 (David, 48)
        1 wf 40-50 (Elenor, 46)
        1 wm 20-30 (Michael, 20)
        1 wm 15-20 (Robert, 19)
        2 wf 10-15 (Ann, 16 and ?)
        1 white male 5-10 (Hiram, 10)
        2 wf 5-10 (Cassie Elenor, 6 or 7 and ?)
        1 wf >5 (?)

Oddly, I have yet to find Henry Drummond on any 1840 census. I have also noticed that many Melton researchers do not have an 1840 census for David although there is a David Melton living in Carroll County, Georgia then.

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