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UPDATE for 18 July 2003: This section has just been added. A lot more is to come.


These pages will deal with my wife's ancestors. To get back to my ancestral journey click the link to your left.

Paternal Ancestors

Charleroi or Charles "Charlie" Everett was born in Conneaut, Erie County, Pennsylvania on March 22, 1842. He married Anna Margaret Plank of Fowler, Indiana on April 28, 1867. Anna was born on December 25, 1844. Both died in Jacksonville, Florida and are buried in Evergreen Cemetery. Information is greatly needed for Charlie. If there are any Everetts that have a connection to him we'd appreciate any information. For Anna a little more is known. Her great-great-grandparents were George Blank and Elizabeth Griesemer. George was born on April 06, 1741 and Elizabeth on April 22, 1760. Their places of birth are unknown but they died in Pennsylvania and are buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.


Giovanni "John" DeCesare was born in Venafro, Italy on April 12, 1883. He married Marķa Louise DiPilla of Buenos Aires, Argentina. She was born on February 03, 1883. The couple eventually came to America to Providence, Rhode Island possibly around the turn of the century. Although, Marķa was born in Buenos Aires, her parents, Antonio DiPilla and Raquel Carfagna, were both born in Isernia Campobasso, Italy.

Maternal Ancestors

coming soon...