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I am compiling information on the descendants of Daniel Drummond to publish a family history book. Please help in this endeavor by providing data on your branch of the family. All information on living individuals will be kept private and will not appear on this website.

I have had information on John Drummond now for several months but did not want to post until I got enough solid evidence that he was a son of Daniel. I have now also had contact with several descendants of John Drummond mainly through his son Benjamin.

John was born in South Carolina around 1804. He married Nancy Oliver on January 08, 1929. In 1830 John and his family are found on a census in Alabama living next door to his older brother, Henry.

1830 St. Clair Co., Alabama M19, roll #4, page 247, line 24
	The John Drummond household
	1 male 20-30 (John, 26)
        1 female 20-30 (Nancy, ?)
        1 male under 5 (Ira O., ?)
1830 St. Clair Co., Alabama M19, roll #4, page 247, line 25
	The Henry Drummond household
	1 male 30-40 (Henry, 37)
        1 female 30-40 (Sarah, 34)
        2 males bet. 5-10 (Joseph Berry, 10; Daniel Pinkney, 6)
        1 female 5-10 (Isabella, 8)
        2 males under 5 (George Lewis, 4/5; John, 2)

I don't have much more data on John except that he died in Calhoun County, Arkansas between 1878-79. He and Nancy had several children including three sons who fought and died in the Civil War; Ira O., John and James. The couple had three daughters; Martha A., Nancy J. and Sarah Margaret. Much more info will be coming soon so stay tuned...

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