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My first connection into the Phillips family is through Mary Eleanor Phillips. She was born on April 14, 1809 in Aiken County, South Carolina. Mary lived a very obedient life and was loved by everybody as a girl. She lived on her father's old place near Rocky Swamp Methodist Church in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Mary commanded respect and was useful in helping to uphold humanity. She developed a very extensive practice as a doctor to women and children and helped in building up the community morally, physically, and spiritually. Mary married William Martin Bolin on February 18, 1830 in Rocky Swamp, Orangeburg County, South Carolina. William and Mary were also first cousins. After her husband's premature death in 1846, Mary was left a widow with five small children and had a hard struggle rearing them. Mary died on April 06, 1885 and is buried Rocky Swamp Methodist Church Cemetery in Springfield, Orangeburg County, South Carolina.

The following was taken from the book entitled A History of the Salley Family, The Family Of Martin Salley  

Subpoena Ticket - Printed and Sold by A.J. Burke, 40 Broad Street
The State of South Carolina

To Ellen Bolen

   By virtue of a Writ of Subpoena, to you directed, and herewith shewn unto you, you are personally to be and appear before the Justices of the Court of Common Pleas to be holden at Orangeburg on the twelth day of April next, to testify, according to your knowledge, the truth in a certain cause now depending, then and there to be tried, between B.A. Yon common man Plantiff, and Henry Robinson & wife Defendants, on the part and behalf of the Plantiff. Hereof fail not, on pain of the penalties that will fall thereon.

Dated at Orangeburg the 27th day of March Anno Domini 1852.
WM Hutson Plffs Atty

To Ellen Bolen

   Personally appeared Eleanor Bolen and made oath that she served five days on the within subpoena and lives 22 miles from the court house.

Sworn before me, April 11th 1852
E.L (?) Jefcoat      N.L. Eleanor Bolen
5 days      5.00
22 miles   1.10

As I understand it, Mary was also married to a John Hooker. There are many reports that they were married before 1839, however, I have yet to see absolute proof of that as William and Mary had at least two, maybe three children together after 1839.

Mary's parents were the original Hugh Phillips of Orangeburgh, SC* and Mary Bolin. Hugh was born around 1759 in Kendal, Westmoreland, England. It is believed his parents died and arranged for Hugh to be raised by an uncle, but that he soon ran away when he was about fourteen and came to the colonies with his three older brothers. They landed in New York but settled in four different localities. During the Revolutionary War he enlisted in the Continental Army and served as Sergeant in the quartermaster branch of General Pulaski's Legion (Pulaski's Brigade). He was a shoemaker by trade, very patriotic, and opposed to slavery. Hugh married Mary Bolin around 1794 in Rocky Swamp. He died on April 10, 1842 in Springfield, Orangeburg County, South Carolina.

There is much more on the original Hugh Phillips at this link.

* "The original Hugh Phillips of Orangeburgh, SC" as remembered by his direct descendants. Info provided by D. Kay Phillips