Site Settings - Expression Web Site Settings 1.0 & 2.0

NOTE: As of December 20, 2013, Expression Web 4.0 SP2a is available for FREE download. If you are using an earlier version of the program, I urge you to upgrade to this newest version. It will install alongside earlier versions with the exception of the retail version of EW4. If you are using that version, the free version will replace it.

When you first start working with Expression Web, you should set up your site settings as well as Page Editor Options. See Tina's FREE Setting up Expression Web Ebook for the page editor options. The EBook is available for all versions of Expression Web. Sharepoint Designer 2007 users should select the EBook for version 1.0.

Setting Up Expression Web 3.0

Setting Up Expression Web 4.0

NOTE: Your Site Settings may look slightly different than these screenshots for this tutorial depending on the version you have installed.

Open your site in Expression Web  Choose Site > Site Settings

Screenshot Expression Web Site Settings.

Site Settings > General Tab

  • Web name: The name of the folder on your hard drive will show
  • File location: The location on your hard drive
  • Manage the Web site using hidden metadata files. This is checked by default and allows the creation of the _vti files. These files control the site on your hard drive and allow you to move files and folders and have Expression Web update your links. It is not necessary to upload these folders. They are used when you work on your site live from within Expression Web which you cannot do on the RootsWeb servers.

Screenshot EW Site Settings General Tab.

Site Settings > Language Tab

EW by default uses UTF-8. If you are using an external style sheet, a Byte Order Mark (BOM) is added to the style sheet. When you try and validate your page, the validator will tell you to fix your HTML first. Changing your language settings will avoid this problem

  • Server message language: English (United States)
  • Default Page encoding: US/Western European (ISO)
  • Check Ignore the keyboard when deciding the encoding of new pages. This should keep the <span lang="en-us"> from being inserted into your html code.

Screenshot EW Site Settings Language Tab.
Screenshot shows Tabs in Version 1.0 & 2.0.