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Below is the Pillichody line of my husband's. Further down is another Pillichody line that I have yet to connect to the Pillichody's that emigrated from Switzerland to America. These Pillichody's are still living in Switzerland.

Also, a note... FGS means Family Group Sheet. I've done the pages for each person in the form of the FGS. So, that is how you will travel around each family or person by the FGS link next to the person's name. Beside some there will be also a history or photos link. These links will be popup windows. So if you have a popup blocker like I do take the necessary steps to be able to see the window. (Ex. My popup blocker has me hold down the Ctrl key to keep the window from going away.)

The Castle of Bavois, in the Canton of Vaud, near the town of Orde, was in the Pillichody family from about 1740 to 1800.   There is a website (unfortunately in French), with castle pictures, at:


The Pillichody's that occupied the castle included:

Jean-Louis Pillichody ( - 1761)
               his brother, François Barthelemy Pillichody (- 1782)

François-David Pillichody

Louis-Georges François Pillichody, who was married to Louise (Petitmaitre) Pillichody

In those years Switzerland was a loose confederation of states (cantons), largely controlled by warlords.   There were Swiss (Pillichody's) in Napoleon's army, also a revolution against the "Ancient" regime, and somewhere in all this, about 1800, the Pillichody's lost the castle.

The castle is now privately owned by a rich banker in Geneva, who has restored and decorated it in the 1700's style.   It is very impressive, with coats of arms, armor, wall hangings, etc.   He uses it as a 'getaway' chateau on weekends and in summer.

Family Group Sheets - Pillichody group A

First Generation

    Unknown Male Pillichody m. Unknown Female

Second Generation

    George-Daniel Pillichody m. Patricienne Bernoise
     François-Barthélemy Pillichody

Third Generation

    François-David Pillichody m. Marianne Russillon
    Jean-George Pillichody

Fourth Generation

          Henri-François Pillichody m. Rose-Marguerite
          Louis-Georges-François Pillichody m. Louise Petitmaitre
    Georges-Denis Pillichody m. Marie Marguerite Louise Sandoz
    Louis-Frédéric-Denis Pillichody m. Unknown Female

Fifth Generation

    Rosalie Pillichody
    Louise-Marie Pillichody
    George-Denis Pillichody m. Eleonore Friederike Pfahler
    Louis Pillichody m. Louise DeLoriol
    Louis-Rodolphe-François Pillichody
        m. Adelaide-Gabrielle-Wilhelmine Masset & Adele Wagnon

    Charles Pillichody m. Josephine Hutet

Sixth Generation

    Franz Heinrich Pillichody m. Louise Staub
    Rosemarie Margaretha Amalia Pillichody m. Charles Pillichody
    Emelia Pillichody
    Maria Susanna Wilhelmina Pillichody
    Charles Pillichody
    Henri Denis Pillichody, Sr. m. Julia
    Albert Julian Pillichody m. Nellie Clark
    Rosine Pillichody
    Laura F. Pillichody

Seventh Generation

    Otto Franz Karl Pillichody m. Mary Lucinda Schaffer
    Laura Fanny Henriette Pillichody m. Leo Riebling
    Rosa Catharina Mathilde Pillichody m. Unknown Male Patch
    Emelie Marguerithe Friederike Pillichody m. Unknown Male Maxwell
          Henri Denis Pillichody, Jr. m. Lillian
    Albert Julian Pillichody Jr. m. Cecil Delila Harmony

Eighth Generation

    Alma Amelia Pillichody m. Orran Perry Coates Sr.
    Elmer Ellsworth Pillichody m. Helen I Skies
          Alberta Louise Pillichody m. Orran Perry Coates Sr.
    Flora May Pillichody m. James Bashline
    Marie Pillichody
    Otto Carl Pillichody

Family Group Sheets - Pillichody group B

First Generation

    Gustav Pillichody m. Charlotte Benteli

Second Generation

    Hermann Pillichody m. Marie Kernen & Erica
     Marie Adele Pillichody

Third Generation

    Hans Pillichody m. Rosa Briner
    Tony Erica Pillichody m. Paul Ramognini

Fourth Generation

          Rolf Hans Pillichody m. Edeltraud Sophie Gnaiger

**Sources: Sebastien Rial - sebrial@bluewin.ch; Ruth Staley.

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