The Beginning Ball Lineage

The Beginning


Descendants of William Ball



Born 1450 and died 1480 in
Barkham Manor, Barkham Berkshire England. He was
Lord of the Manor,as it stands today. It is a 17th century
mansion house on 5 acres of grounds and adjoining land.
The original building was enlarged in the 18th and 19th
centuries when the Georgian and Victorian elements
were added. It is listed Grade 2 building of special
architectural or historic interest and is mentioned in
Sir Nikolaus Peysner's 'Buildings of England.'The high brick
wall of the property flanking Barkham road is a prominent
feature of Barkham and dates from the early 19th century.
It encloses the former kitchen garden and stable block.
There was a Ball family at Barkham from
1480 to 1600.



Note: Note: Lord of the Manor of Barkham, Berkshire, England.
The surname"Ball" is probably a shortened form of "Baldwin"
dating from Norman times meaning "one who is bold enough
to win in battle". For many generations the Baldwins were
Counts of Flanders. The hortened variations of the spelling
included "Baell", "Ball",and Balle". John Balle, born 1263 in
Norfolk County, England, is one of the earliest recorded but
with very little information. The "Mad Preacher of Kent",
John Ball, is the most recorded following John Balle.
Having great disdain for royalty while preaching "equality
among men" and believing no man had the right to set himself
as master of others, he was beheaded by Richard II, King of
England in 1381.
[source: AFT The Families of Pacetti/Cowart/Ball/Putnam]


Generation #1.
William Ball b. 1450 in England d. 1480 in Barkham Manor,
Barkham Bershire, England m Elizabeth Celeter b: 1454
in Berkshire, England and d: 1474 Berkshire, England.

Generation #2.
Robert Ball b.1470 in Barkham Manor, Bershire England
d. 1543 in England m. Margaret Unknown

Generation #3.
William Ball, II b. 1505 in Barkham, England
d. 1576 in Barkham England m. Margaret Moody b. 1507
in England d. after 1525 in England

Generation #4.
John Ball b.1525 in Wokingham, Eng. d. 1599 in Wokingham, Eng.
married Agnes Hathaway born 1529 in England

Gneration #5.
John Ball, II b. May 5, 1548 in Wokingham, England
d. 1628 in Wokingham, England m. Elizabeth Webb b. about
1555 in Roscombe Comitatis Berkshire, England

Gneration #6.
Capt. William Ball, III b. 1573 in Wiltshire, England
d. 1648 in New Haven, CT m. Dorothy Tuttle b. in England

Gneration #7.
Col. William Ball b. 1615 in Wiltshire, England
d. 1680 in Millenbeck, Landcaster County, Virginia m.
Hannah Atherhold b. 1614 in London, England d. June 25, 1695
in Virginia [see connecting lines below]

Gneration #8.
Richard Ball b. about 1639 in Norfolk, Virginia d. 1684
in Virginia m. Elizabeth Linton b. 1651 in Norfolk, Virginia
d. 1670 in Virginia daughter of Moses LINTON
b: 1600 d: after 1651

Gneration #9.

John Ball b. 1670 in Stafford, Virginia
d. 1722 in Stafford Virginia m. Winifred Williams
b. 1676 in Charles City Maryland d. after 1742
daughter of William ap WILLIAMS b: 1650 d: 1703 and
Ann HARRISON b: 1658 d: after 1676

Generation #10.
Moses Ball, Sr b. May 2, 1717 in Stafford county, VA m.
Nancy Brashear September 26, 1729 in Calvert Maryland
d. Noverber 30, 1816 in Fairfax county, Virginia
[see the connecting lines below]

Gneration #11.
George Ball b. 1753 in Fairfax county, Virginia
d. 1825 in Honaker, New Garden, Virginia m.
Elizabeth Tunnel b.1754 in Alexandria, Fairfax county,
Virginia daughter of William TUNNEL b: 1702
d: December 28, 1787 and Ann HOWARD b: 1710
d: February 18, 1814

Gneration #12.
John Ball b. June 10, 1779 in Fairfax county, Virginia,
d. July 27, 1863 in Honaker, Russell county, Virginia m.
Mary 'Polly' Ball b. May 4, 1778 in Fairfax county, Virginia
d. February 11, 1856 in Honaker, Russell county, Virginia
daughter of Moses BALL, JR b: 20 Apr 1748 d: 15 Dec.1831
and Mary Ann HARDIN b: 1754

John Tunnell Ball...........Cynthia Ball

Picture on left isJohn Tunnell Ball was born
09 Sep 1812 in Russell Co., VA
the son of John Ball and Polly Ball.
I would be his 3rd great-grandniece.
Picture on right is Cynthia Ann Ball
granddaughter of John Ball and Mary 'Polly' Ball
we are 1st cousin 4X removed

Gneration #13.
Nancy Jane Ball b. Aug 30, 1810 in New Garden, Russell Co.
VA m. Wesley Crabtree b. 1812 in Russell county, Virginia
d. May 23, 1865 Wayne county, West Virginia
son of Solomon CRABTREE b: 18 Feb 1779 d: 22 Dec 1863
and Susannah THOMPSON b: 23 May 1780 d: 22 Jun 1860

Gneration #14.
Rev. Solomon T. Crabtree b. September 20, 1838 in
New Garden, Russell Co, West Virginia d. July 23, 1902
in Wayne county West Virgina m.Cassie Ferguson
b. October 1837 in Wayne county West Virgina
d. Feb 11, 1903 Ft. Gay, Wayne county, West Virginia
daughter of Joel Martin FERGUSON b: Feb 1798
d: 10 Mar 1857 and Nancy STEPHENS

Gneration #15.
Ada F. Crabtree b. 1862 in Ft. Gay, Wayne Co, WV m.
Zedock N. 'Doc' Thompson b. Jan 1853 in Russell Co, WV
d. in Wayne county, West Virginia son of Jacob THOMPSON
b: 06 Jan. 1824 d: 1928 and Joannah OWENS b: 1824 d: 13 Mar 1862

Gneration #16.
Laura B. Thompson b. December 1894 in Wayne Co, WV
d. 1968 in Ft.Gay, Wayne Co, WM m. John Jackson b. 1888
in Wayne Co, WV d. 1952 in Wayne Co, West Virginia
son of William Henry Harrison Winfield JACKSON and
Marinda ROBERTSON b: 1866 d: 1952

Gneration #17.
John B. Jackson b. April 8, 1929 in Wayne Co, West Virginia
d. September 26, 2000 in Genoa, Wayne Co, West Virginia
m. Ethel Mae Clark b. May 21, 1932 in Wayne Co, West Virginia
d. October 4, 1995 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga county, Ohio
daughter of Allen CLARK b: Jan. 15, 1904 d: Jan 3,1997
and Mahala SHANNON b: July 4, 1909 d: 1967

Gneration #18.
Brenda G. Jackson b. Sept. 24, 1952 in Kenova, Wayne Co, WV
m. John M Coleman, b. Feb. 24, 1952 in Cleveland, Cuya. Co.,OH,
son of John M Coleman, Jr. b: July 8, 1921 died July 2000
Carol E Schmitt (Brenda is the 18th generation descendant)



Notes for Capt. William Ball, III
2. One of four Attorneys in the office of pleas in the Exchequer
3.Came to America settling in St. Mary's Parish in Lancaster CO Va.
it is said that a William Ball of Wiltshire arrived in America
on the English ship Planter, about April 1635 with six sons,
Alling, Francis, John, Samuel, Richard, and William. According
to the Name And Family Of Ball compiled by the research Bureau
of Washington D. C. (page 21) and affirmed by a genealogist with
the Institute of American Genealogy of Chicago. Capt. Ball married
three times first to Joanna King, second to Dorothy Tuttle and
third to Alice Waltham.

Notes for Richard Ball
he married three times first Elizabeth Linton, second to Elizabeth
Romney and third to Mary Bennet.

Notes for George Ball
married Elizabeth Tunnell, she is the daughter of Lady Ann Howard
and Reverand Tunnell.

Notes for John Ball
He married Mary Polly Ball his first cousin she is the daughter
of Moses Ball, Jr. and Mary Ann Hardin




John CHURCH b: 1420 married Agnes UNKNOWN b: 1425 d: 1453
Reynolds CHURCH b: 1446 married Margaret GREENE
John CHURCH b: 1505 d: 1559 married Mary T
Elizabeth CHURCH b: 1536 married Thomas VESSEY, II b: abt.1525
Mary VESSEY born 1562 died May, 1665 married
Thomas ATHERHOLD, II born 1564
Thomas ATHERHOLD,III b: 1590 d: May 6 1658 married
Hannah HARVEY born 1595
Hannah Atherhold b:1614 married William Ball b:1615



Thomas ATHERHOLD m. Uknown
Thomas ATHERHOLD,II b: 1564 m. Mary VESSEY b:1562 d: May 1665
Thomas ATHERHOLD, III b: 1590 d: May 6 1658 married
Hannah HARVEY b: 1595
Hannah ATHERHOLD b: 1614 m. WILLIAM BALL b: 1615 d: 1680



Thomas VESEY b: abt. 1500 m. Elizabeth GARDINER b: abt.1500
Thomas VESSEY, II b: abt. 1525 m. Elizabeth CHURCH b: 1536
Mary VESSEY b: 1562 d: May 1665 m.Thomas ATHERHOLD,II b: 1564
Thomas ATHERHOLD, III b: 1590 d: May 6 1658 married
Hannah HARVEY b: 1595
Hannah ATHERHOLD b: 1614 m.William BALL b: 1615 d: 1680



John TYDINGS b: 1610 m. Anne UNKNOWN b: abt. 1610
Richard TYDINGS b: 1638 m. Charity ADAMS b: 1645
Mary TYDINGS b: 1670 d: after 1716 m. Philip DOWELL b: 1681
Charity DOWELL b: September 4, 1711 d: after 1729
m. Robert BRASHEAR b: February 19, 1704
Nancy Ann BRASHEAR b: 26 Sep 1729 d: 30 Nov 1816
m MOSES BALL, SR. b: 2 May 1717 d: 3 Sep 1793



Rafe BLAGROVE b: 1482 married unknown
Richard BLAGROVE b: 1508 married Unknown Wright Wrytt b: 1512
Thomas BLAGROVE b: 1534 d: 18 JUN 1590 m. Joan BELLAME b: 1538
Joan BLAGROVE b: 1560 m. Thomas GRAVES b: 1556 d: 9 AUG 1637
Thomas GRAVES b: 1 APR 1584 d: 1635 m. Katherine CROSHER b: 1586
d: 24 MAY 1636
Katherine GRAVES b: 1621 d: 1668 m. Thomas SPRIGGS b: 1628
d: 29 DEC 1704
Alice SPRIGGS b: 1648 d: 1720 married Robert BRASHEARS b: 1646
d: 17 MAY 1712
Samuel BRASHEAR b: 1673 married Anna JONES b: 1672
Robert Cager BRASHEAR b: February 19, 1704 m. Charity DOWELL
b: September 4, 1711 d: after 1729
Nancy Ann BRASHEAR b: 26 Sep 1729 d: 30 Nov 1816 m. Moses Ball



Owen JAMES b: abt 1600 d: 29 sep 1639 m. Unknown
Dorothy JAMES b: abt 1622 m. Robert CAGER b: 1618 d: Sep 5 1667
Dorothy CAGER m. William JONES, son of William JONES b: 1614
in Lower Ruthin, Denbighshire, North Wales.
Ann JONES b: Aft 1675 d: Wft Est 1722-1770 m. Samuel Sr BRASHEAR
b: 1673 d: 1 Jun 1740
Robert Cager BRASHEAR b: 19 Feb 1704/1705 d: 1782
m.Charity DOWELL b: 4 Apr 1711