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"Welcome My Friend"

"What a magical time you chosen to visit. There are a lot of travelers about who have come to celebrate the King's birthday up at yonder castle. You can hear the music and merriment carried in on the gentle wind."
"Come on in, don't let the King's guards dissuade you from entering in. They're here to protect the knowledge housed inside this very ancient tree. It's where I have recorded the family histories of many of people from long ago to the present. You see it's my eternal job to collect and house the information and see to its safekeeping."

"There's a candle beside the steps inside to light your way upstairs. Go on up and I will go ask my Lady Brenda for some fresh hot tea and bite of bread butter to tide us over to later, when we sup. Now carefully on those steps they're old and rickety but quite passable it one's careful and watches where he goes."

"Come don't be shy step through the door that which you seek 'The Beginning' waits you inside"


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Fantasy Welcome Story by Brenda Coleman
Copyright 2002 - Brenda G Coleman

Music from Lory Worth Renaissance music
Now playing "Row Well, Ye Mariner
English Renaissance Song






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