Polly, Polley, Thornsberry, genealogy

      [ Polly, Polley ]
      And [ Thornsbury, Thornbury] Surnames

            John Polly
            Born: 1560 Essex London England


              1…Robert Polly
              Christened at Essex England 22 July 1582 Earls Colne

              2….Joan Polly
              born 1585
              Married: John Lemming 27 Oct 1606 St Botolph Colchester Essex England

              3…Thomas Polly
              born 31 July 1586 Earls Colne Essex England

              4…Adam Polly
              born 2 June 1589 Earls Colne Essex England


              Robert Polly
              Born: 1582 Essex England
              (England births and christenings 1538-1975)
              Died: 23 July 1625 St. Botolph,Colchester, Essex England near London
              (source: England deaths and burials 1538-1991)
              Married: #1 Jayne Wood, 19 Feb 1598 London, Essex England
              Married: #2 Joan Brener 29 June 1617/18 Earls Colne, London, Essex England

                1….Henry Polly christened 20 march 1605
                St. Botolph Colchester Essex England

                born 8 November 1608 Saint Botolph Colchster Essex England

                3…Eadie Polly
                born 22 April 1612 Earls Colne Essex England

                4…..Mary Polly
                born 3 Sept 1615 Earls Colne Essex England

                5…John Polly
                Born: 1618 Saint Botolph Colchester Essex England

                lived in Roxbury Massaschusetts
                Died: April 1689 at age 71

                Married: #1: 1650 Susanna Bacon
                died: 1664

                Married: #2: 1665 Mary Susanna Ives
                Born: 10 July 1641
                Died: 1666
                  Daughter of Miles Ives of New Haven. Born in England
                  Miles Ives will of 1683 names son in law John Polly.
                  The Ives family came from England
                  Miles Ives was Married to Martha??
                  Oldest daughter born in England
                  Sarah born Oct 1639 England
                  Mary Susannah born 20 July 1641 Watertown Ma
                  Hannah born 1643 Watertown Ma
                  Married: Lewis Allen

                Married: #3: 1667 Hannah Cowdry 18 Sept 1667,
                Reading Portsmouth New Hampshire
                Died : 1684

                Married: #4 : 2 June 1684 Jane Metcalf Walker she died 1701
                Widow of Philip Walker

                Children all born Roxbury Suffolk Ma.
                Children by Susannah:

                    1…Mary born 2 June 1650 twin Roxbury Suffolk Ma.
                    2…Sarah born 2 June 1650 twin
                    3…Hannah born 15 Feb 1652
                    Married: Isaac Curtis 20 May 1670
                    4…Abigail born 4 June 1654
                    Abigail married: John Lyon same day as sister Hannah married:
                    20 may 1670
                    Abigail and John Lyon died the same day January 16 1703
                    Buried in one grave in West Roxbury cem.
                    5…Bethis born 12 Feb 1659
                    Married: Nathaniel Parker
                    6…Susannah born 22 Dec 1661
                    Married: Samel Wells on 23 June 1683

                    Wife Susannah died 30 april 1664
                    Married: #2: 1665 Mary Susanna Ives
                    Born: 10 July1641
                    Died: 1666
                    No children
                    Children by 3rd. wife Hannah cowdry

                    7..Rebecca born 7 August 1668
                    8…Joanna born 7 March 1670
                    9…Methabel born 18 feb 1671
                    10.Rhoda born 25 Jan 1673
                    11.John born 18 May 1673
                    12.Sarah born 25 July 1680

                6…George Polly
                christened 1624/25 St. Botolph Colchester Essex England


              George Polly
              christened 1624/25 St. Botolph Colchester Essex England

              died 22 Dec. 1683 in Woburn, Ma.

              Information on George Polly of Woburn Ma.

              His will dated 5 June 1683 click on link above

              Note: Most of the information on George Polly and his brother John Polly
              Came from Savages Dictionaries on Early Families of New England
              He wrote several books on these early settlers

              George Polly is on the list of immigrants
              Emigrant arrivals to New England, in Massachusetts 1620-1650
              Meredity Colket’s, Founders of Early American Families have him coming in 1649

              George gave testimony on 2 April 1668 at Woburn Ma. At age 43

              Married: May 21, 1649 Elizabeth Winn in Woburn Ma.
              (Ma. Marriages 1695-1910 Historical Records) (deaths and burials 1795-1910 Ma.)
              Elizabeth died: 2 may 1695 in Woburn Ma.

              (Savages dictionary of three generations of those who came before
              May 1792 New England)

              Elizabeth Winns parents

                  Edward Winn of Woburn Ma., freeman 1641
                  Married: #1 Joanna Jane who died 8 march 1649
                  No mention of him before 1640 so most children probably born in England
                  Married: #2 Sarah Beal she died 15 march 1680
                  He took #3 Hannah widow of Nicholas wood
                  His will of 6 may 1682 Names, son Joseph, daughter Sarah, son,
                  Moses Cleveland who married his daughter Ann,
                  3 youngest children of son George Polly who had married his daughter Eliz.
                  His widow made her will 9 Sept 1686

                    1…Elizabeth born in England
                    Married: George Polly
                    Mentioned in will of Elizabeths father

                    2…Ann born in England
                    Married: Moses Cleveland
                    Mentioned in will of Ann’s father
                    Cleveland, a direct ancestor of Grover Cleveland.
                    Thus, all Pollys (or Polleys) who trace their ancestry to George Polly
                    of Woburn can properly claim, through Edward Winn,
                    relationship to our 22nd and 24th president.
                    Also, a brother of Elizabeth, Increase Winn,
                    is a direct ancestor of Herbert Hoover, the 31st president.
                    Elizabeth died on 2 May 1695 in Woburn, Mass.

                    3…Joseph Winn

                      1…Rebecca born 25 May 1665 died young
                      2…Sarah born 9 Nov. 1666
                      3…Abigail born 18 June 1670
                      Died second week
                      4…Joseph born 15 May 1671
                      5…Josiah born 15 March 1674
                      6…Timothy 1678 and died 1678
                      7…Rebecca born 14 Feb 1679 twin
                      Died afterwards
                      8…Hannah born 14 Feb 1679
                      9…Ann born 1 Nov 1684
                      10.Timothy again born 27 Feb 1687
                      Died: 5 jan. 1753
                      Married: Elizabeth ?? who died: 14 may 1714

                    4…Increase Winn
                    Died: 14 Dec. 1690
                    Married 13 July 1665 Hannah Sawtell (Sawyer)daughter of Richard Sawyer and Elizabeth
                      1…Hannah born 11 April 1666
                      2…Edward born 15 June 1668
                      3…Mary born 1 may 1670
                      4…Sarah born 23 Dec. 1672
                      5…Abigail born 8 Jan. 1678
                      6…Rebecca born 5 Nov. 1670
                      7…Jacob born 5 Oct 1681
                      8…Joanna born 24 June 1683
                      9…Increase born 9 Feb 1685

                George Polly and Elizabeth Winn’s Children:

                  1…John Polly
                  Born: 16 Dec 1650 Woburn Ma.
                  Married: 15 may 1679 Mary Edwards Reading Ma.
                  born: 25 March 1659 Reading Ma.
                  daughter of Matthew Edwards and Mary Poole

                  Captain Davenpots co. of King Philip's War includes John Polly in a list that was made
                  of people to serve, whether they served or not. Nov.and Dec. 1675

                  they moved to Colchester Ct. around 1704 and settled in Salem, New London Ct.
                    1…Sarah Polly
                    baptized 25 June 1680
                    dau. of John Polly and Mary, birth records

                    2...Elizabeth Polly
                    Born: 25 June 1683
                    died: Sep. 1719
                    Married: Peter Randall 27 Nov. 1706
                    born 1676 Westerly Washington Rhode island.
                    son of John Randall and Elizabeth MortonB
                    Peter later married Phebe Larrabee and he died in 1726
                      1...Prudence born 1709 died 1811
                      2...Peter born 1711 died 1712
                      3...Peter again 1713 died 1755
                      Married: Keturah Ellis

                    3…John Polly
                    Born: 21 may 1686 Woburn Ma.
                    Married: Sarah (Sally)?

                      1…Hannah born July 25 1707
                      2…John born April 7 1711
                      3…Mary born Feb 11 1708
                      4…Sarah born Oct 19, 1705

                    4…Matthew Polly
                    Born: March 1689 Woburn
                    died: 1750
                    Married : #1 Hannah ?1 718
                    Married: #2 Abigail Gilbert 17 April 1738 New London Ct.
                      1...Ebenezer born 3 May 1719 Ct.
                      Died: 1750
                      Married: Ruth Richmond 4 march 1747 Lebanon Ct.
                      2...Abigail born 12 April 1720
                      3...Lucy Polly born 16 may 1722 Ct.
                      died 10 Sep 1804 Wilkes Barre Luzerne Pa.
                      Married: Ebenezer Smith 4 march 1743
                      4...Jonathan born 28 Sept. 1723
                      Married: Prudence Dewolf 1758
                      5...Samuel Polly born 7 Nov. 1725
                      died: 17 Dec 1762 New York
                      6...Matthew born 5 August 1728 Ct.
                      Married: #1 Martha Hosmer 1751
                      Married: #2 Susannah Spicer 1754
                      7...John Polly born 20 April 1731 Ct.
                      Married: #1 Thankful Walters 16 march 1752
                      Married: #2 Zervia Johnson Loomer 6 June 1764 Ct.
                    5…Abigail Polly
                    Born: 29 April 1692 Woburn Ma.
                    Married: John Ford 1710

                    6…Thomas Polly
                    Born: 13 Oct 1694 Woburn Ma.
                    Died at 6 months
                    Thomas again 10 Oct 1696
                    Married: Ann?? New London Ct.
                    died: 1755 Ct.

                    7…Sarah (Sally) Polly
                    Born: 12 Oct 1702
                    Married: Benjamin Newall 1726 Roxbury

                    8...Daniel Polly
                    Born 1704
                    Married: Jerusha Houghton 24 march 1724

                  2…Joseph Polly
                  born 25 Dec. 1652
                  Died: : 1713

                  3…George Polly
                  Born: 4 Jan 1656
                  died: 1717 Colchester Ct.
                  Married: Mary Knight 24 Oct 1677 Woburn
                  Daughter of John Knight of church of Charleston
                    1…George born 11 Oct 1678
                    2…Joseph born 24 August 1680
                    3…Mary born 25 Nov 1682
                    Married: Thomas Jones Ct.
                    4…Elizabeth born 5 August 1684
                    5…Sarah born 30 Oct 1686
                    6…Abigail born 17 March 1689
                    7…Hannah born 21 march 1691
                    8…Ebenezer born 20 Oct. 1693
                    lived in Worcester County
                    married: Dorcas Houghton daughter of Jonas and Mary Burdeen
                    9…Miriam born 31 Oct 1695
                    10.Mercy born 21 Feb 1698
                  4…Elizabeth Polly
                  Born: 14 April 1657
                  Married: John Brown 22 April 1682 Woburn Ma.
                  born 15 April 1657 Ct. son of Nathaniel Brown 1622-1658
                  and Eleanor Watts
                  John died 1708 colchester Ct.

                  5…Samuel Polly
                  Born: 24 Jan 1661 Woburn Ma. He died and they renamed next child

                  Samuel again 1665
                  Married: 1688 Woburn Ma., Priscilla Eames
                      1…Samuel born 3 Oct 1689
                      2…Jonathan born 16 July 1691
                      3…Jacob born 23 Feb 1694
                      4…Priscilla born 11 Dec. 1696
                    6…Hannah 6 April 1662 died same day
                    Hannah again 28 June 1663

                    Married: John Baker 18 Oct 1682 Woburn Ma.
                    born 25 march 1654 Woburn Ma.
                    was given a land grant for service in King Phillips War
                    grandsons deed of same name shows connection to that land.
                    vol. 48 page 338 of the Bristol County, Massachusetts deeds dated 31 Oct 1745.
                    It states:
                      John Baker of Rehoboth, Yeoman, in consideration of ye fatherly love which I do
                      bare towards my eldest son, William baker, of ye same town. I, ye, John
                      Baker hath one equal right or shear of land which fell to me in the Township
                      #4 laid out in ye county of Hampshire and given to said soldier for thar good
                      service done for ye province in ye Narrow Gansett War in ye year 1675 by
                      my father John Baker being his eldest son and only surviving male heir the
                      aforset right of land fell to me, unto my son william Baker all and every of
                      my undivided right of land yet to be laid out in any part of ye Township afforsed..
                  7...Sarah Polly
                  Born: 1669 Woburn
                  Married: Anthony Goffe 29 Sept 1686 Woburn Ma.
                  8...Edward David Polly
                  Born: 1670 Woburn


                Edward David Polly
                Born: 1670 Woburn Ma.

                Source: Massachusetts town and vital records
                And New England Marriages prior to 1700

                Married: 1696 Mary Merrow Portsmouth New Hampshire
                born: 22 April 1673 Reading Ma.
                daughter of Henry Merrow born 1625 in Scotland and died 1685 Ma.
                and Jane Lindes born 1635 in Ireland and died in Ma.

                (Henry Merrow was captured in the Battle of Dunbar by Cromwell’s men in worchester in England
                was sent to the USA as a prisoner, indentured servant. He came in 1651 on the ship Unity and landed in Ma.
                He was listed as a free man in May 1677 census

                Edwards mother had died in 1696 and after she died
                Edward and Mary migrated to Surry in Pittsylvania County Va.
                both Edward and Mary died in Virginia
                  Born: 3 January 1697 Reading Middlesex Ma.
                  2…Edward David jr. Polly
                  Born: 1713 Reading,
                  Died: 30 August 1770 at age 57 Pittsylvania
                  County Virginia
                  Married: Mary Pilsbury



                Edward David jr. Polly
                Born 1713 Reading
                lived in Pittylvania Co. Va
                Married: 1732 Mary Pilsbury
                Born: 1716
                Died : age 71, 1787 Pittsylvania Co. Ca,

                  1...David Polly
                  Born: 1733
                  Died: 1785 Pittsylvania County Va
                  Married: Agnes Adkins born 1740 died 1798

                  2...Edward Polly
                  Born: 1734 Pittsylvania co. va

                  Born: 1736 Virginia


                David Polly
                Born: 1733 Va
                Died: 1785 Pittsylvania County Va

                Married: Agnes Adkins
                Born: 1740 Died: 1798 Pittsylvania Co. Va
                  1...Edward born 1758
                  Died: 1845
                  2...John born 1760 died 1840
                  3...Lydia born 1760
                  4...Lurana born 1762
                  5...George born 1763
                  6...Henry born 1767
                  Died: 1832 Kanawha Co. Va
                  Died: 1847 Pike Co. Ky
                  Married: Elizabeth Justice

                  7...Joseph A born 1774
                  8...William born: Dec. 6, 1776
                  9...James born 1780


                1...Edward Oliver Polly
                Born: 19, Dec. 1758 Halifax Pittsylvania County Va
                died: May 19, 1845 Ermine, Letcher Co. Ky
                Buried: Hall Cemetery, Crafts Colly, Ermine Letcher County Ky
                With Rev War Marker

                Married: 24 may 1784 Mary Agnes (Polly) Mullins
                Born: 1770
                Died: 1854

                Edward served in the Revolutionary War out of Virginia
                on the Virginia Line
                Placed on the Pension role Feb 15, 1828 in Kentucky at age 76
                along with Joshua Mullins his brother in law Jan 20 1832 and his age was 76
                Mary applied in Kentucky for his Rev War. Pension as a widow stating he died 19 May 1845 and They married in 1784

                1787 they sold their land in Va moved to Tennessee lived there 13 years
                on the 1797 tax list in carter co. Tennessee
                Moved to Floyd County Kentucky. Before 1810, register

                Edward Polly Documents

                1810 Floyd County Ky
                1 Male, over 45, 9 males, 1 female 26-44, 5 other females, 16 total in family 1820 Floyd County KY
                2 males, 1 male over 45, 5 females, 1 female over 45, 9 total in home

                1840 Perry County

                  1…Emily born 1778 died 1850

                  2...Sarah [Sally] Polly
                  Born: 1785 Va.

                  2...James Andrew Polly
                  Born: 1787 died 1817

                  3…Mary born 1790
                  Died: 1865

                  4...Agnes born 1792

                  5...Henry C. born 1794 Carter Co. Tenn
                  DiedL 1880
                  6…Lourania born 1796
                  Died: 1874
                  7...Joseph Polly
                  born 1799 Carter Co. Tenn.
                  Died: 1834
                  8…Edward Oliver
                  born 1803 Carter Co. Tenn
                  died: 1864

                  9... Melvina Lavina Bborn 1804 born Tenn
                  Died: 1846

                  10.Nancy Jane
                  born 1805 Carter co. Tenn
                  died: 1880

                  11.Susannah born 1812
                  Floyd County Ky possibly a grandchild. Mary would have been over 40

                  12. David born 1809


                David Polly
                Born: 1808 Kentucky
                Died: 1845 pike county age 37
                Married: 19 March 1829 Anna Thornburyy
                Born: 1805

                After David died Anna Thornbury Polley
                Married Isaac Epling in 2 May 1852 Giles Co. Va.
                Born: 1804 Va. died 1898 Pike
                he was age 47 and she was 44
                daughter of Martin Thornsberry and Milly Adkins
                daughter Pricy's death record states father: David Polly
                Mother Anna Thornsberry

                Pricey's marriage record to : Richard Yates born 1831 born Tazewell County Va.
                Married Dec. 30 1852 Pike county Ky
                daughter of Ann Epling widow of David Polly

                Isaac Epling was first married to Morning Ally Taylor had several children
                Hiram born 1830, Henry born 1831, Margaret born 1836, Elizabeth born 1836 (she later married John Polly, Anna's son), James born 1838, Amanda born 1840, John born 1841, Louisa born 1844,Sarah born 1847,Mary A. born 1849,Helena born 1844 Some of her children used the last name of Taylor
                1850 Census Pike
                Anna Polly age 35
                James age 20
                John age 17
                Pricy age 14

                She was a widow and married Isaac Epling in 1852

                1860 Pike Census
                his mother Elizabeth Epling age 76 born 1784 living with them
                1860 Census Pike Census
                Isaac Epling age 55 and Anny age 50
                James Polly age 25 living with her brother Martin Thornsbury
                Daughter Pricy Polly and Richard Yates living next door

                1...James Polly
                born 1831
                1860 James Polley is listed as age 25 was living with Martin and Nancy Thornsbury his uncle
                he was a merchant and James possible worked in the store
                Next to sister Pricey Polley and Richard Yates

                served in Civil war 14th Kentucky Infantry same as brother John
                Same company H. as a corporal

                2....John Polly
                Born: 1834

                Married: 2 June 1853 Elizabeth F. Epling

                3...Pricey Polly
                Born: 25 Sept 1835 Kentucky
                died: 26 Jan 1911
                age 75 daughter of David Polley and Anna Thornsbury
                informant H. Yates
                Married: Dec. 30, 1852 Pike Richard Yates
                Born: 1831 born Tazewell County Va.
                1870 Census Pike
                Richard Yates age 39 Pricey age 34
                Mary E age 15
                James D age 11
                John M age 6
                Nancy P age 4
                William age 1
                Anna Polly age 62 mother in law


                John Polly
                Born: 1834

                Died: May 15, 1862 in the Civil War.
                Married: 30 May, 1853 Elizabeth F. Epling Pike Ky.
                Born: 1826 Virginia

                she was legally his stepsister not blood related.
                daughter of: Isaac Epling and Morning Aly Taylor Epling,
                his mother had married Isaac Epling a widower in 1852 with several children

                1860 Census Pike County KY
                John Polly age 25 born in Ky.
                Elizabeth R Polly age 24
                Born: 1836 Va.
                Mary Polly age 4
                James H. Polly age 2

                John Polly: Civil War Record: Union age 29
                Enlisted 25 October 1861 distinguished service
                Unit Number 767 Enlisted in Co. H. 14th Infantry Regiment Ky 10 December 1861.
                Died Company H. 14th Infantry Regiment Kentucky 15 May 1862 in Flat Lick Ky.
                In the spring of 1862 Gen. Buell sent an expedition under Gen.
                George W. Morgan to capture Cumberland Gap.

                April 15, 1863 Elizabeth filed for John Polly's pension siteing she had a minor child James Belcher

                filed again Feb 24 1865 minor child James Belcher

                Elizabeth Epling Polly married ? Coleman after John Polly Died.

                Then before 1900 John Looney

                Divorced him and was Elizabeth Coleman in 1910

                Elizabeth F. Epling led a very full life,
                [ My mother was her great granddaughter and she said granny Liz Coleman was a corker
                Married several times and had lots of children by different men

                ] After researching Elizabeth and her life, I am inclined to believe my mother totally

                The 1870 Census
                And a Miles Coleman age 5 listed as her children.
                also a son George E. Polley age 1, son, she took the name of Polly back
                She was known to her great grandchildren as Granny Liz Coleman.

                Elizabeths children often used Epling and often used Coleman as their last name
                Is a bit confusing figuring out her children

                1870 Census:
                Elizabeth Polly age 34 born in Virginia
                Mary A. Polly age 14 born in Ky
                James H. Polly age 11 born in Kentucky
                George E. Polly age 1 born in Ky.
                Miles M. Coleman age 5 born in Ky.

                1880 Census
                Elizabeth age 45 mother
                marital status divorced: so she had divorced the Coleman Man she married
                living in home of son James

                By 1900 she had married a Looney and divorced him
                Thomas Looney on his death certificate says his dad was John Looney and Elizabeth Epling

                1900 Pike
                Elizabeth Looney age 63 listed as E.F. Looney listed as divorced
                Grandson J.T. Looney age 10

                1910 Census
                She is again listed as a Coleman
                Elizabeth Coleman age 74 widowed
                With grandson: Thomas Looney age 20
                Death record for Thomas says George E. Looney and Melvina Owens

                Since her son George E. Polly Went by Looney might be his son

                John and Elizabeth Eplings Children:

                  1...Mary Ann Polley
                  Born: 1856


                  died: 25 Feb 1891 Pike County Death Records
                  buried Honey Creek Cemetery 7 days after son Moses Was Born

                  Married: 1872 George Washington Belcher of Belcher Ky.
                  Died: 13 Dec 1923 71 years old Jefferson County Kentucky
                  Buried Wilson Cemetery, Draffin Kentucky.
                  Listed as merchant and farmer in census Lower Elkhorn

                  1920 Census Looney Precinct age 68 with second wife Augusta T. Bentley.

                  Mary was 15 when she and George Married.
                  Mary listed as 23 years old in 1880 Pike Census
                  died: 25 Feb 1891 Pike County Death Records
                  buried Honey Creek Cemetery 7 days after son Moses Was Born

                  Mary Ann Polly Genealogy

                  2...James H. Polly
                  Born: 30 Oct 1860

                  1880 Lived in Lick Creek Pike Co. Ky
                  James H. Polly age 20
                  Nancy Va Polly age 21
                  William M Polly age 2 month
                  Elizabeth Polly age 45 mother
                  marital status divorced: so she had divorced the Coleman Man she married
                  George E Polly age 10 brother
                  Luemma Polly age 8 sister

                  After 1890 James H. Polly used the name Coleman for his surname
                  Why?? Is not known he was born while his father was living

                  James H. Coleman
                  Nancy V. Coleman
                    William Coleman born 1880
                    George M Coleman born 1882
                    Albert Coleman born 1884
                    Mary A. Coleman born 1886
                    Virgie Coleman born 1888
                    Georgia a. Coleman born 1891
                    Kenus Coleman born 1894
                    Nancy V. Coleman born 1900

                  Probably not John Polly’s son
                  George later goes by George E. Looney

                  3...George Epp. Polley
                  Most likely was a Coleman
                  Born: 1869

                  Died: age 68 1937 listing John Looney and Elizabeth Epling as his parents

                  Wife Juda Looney

                  1880 living with mother in brother James home
                  Age 10, All listed as Polly

                  George goes by George E. Looney
                  Married: April 23, 1893 Elizabeth Bailey Pike Ky

                  4...Miles M. Coleman
                  Born: 1865
                  Died: at age 72 Feb. 24, 1937 Shelbiana Ky
                  Buried: Potter Cemetery Yeager Ky.
                  Parents names are not given on death cert.

                  Married: 1883 Sarah Frankie Damron
                  Daughter of Christian and Matilda Blair Damron

                  Born: 1872
                  listed as Polly in 1880 Census


                  Robert Thornburgh
                  born 1688 Armagh Northern Ireland
                  died: Lancaster Co. Pa.

                  Married: Sarah Jackson

                  1…Edward Thornburgh 1688
                  Jean Lurgan of Lanaster County Pennsylvania

                  1…Walt Thornsbury 1724-1783

                  Born: Lancaster County Pa.
                  died: Rowan County North Carolina 18 Feb 1783
                  Married: Margaret Beeson 1708- 1780

                    1…Edward Thornsbury
                    Born: 1750
                    Frederick County Va.
                    died 1790

                    Married: 5 April 1769 Elizabeth Mendenhall died 1800
                    1768 census list Rowan North Carolina

                    Edward son of Walt North Carolina Early Tax list

                    3…Jane Thornsbury
                    4…John Thornsbury 1773-1927
                    5…Richard 1780

                  Martin, son of Edward

                  1…Martin Thornsbury
                  Born: 1787 Virginia
                  died: 30 July 1853 Pike County Ky at age 66 (fever)
                  death record says born in Tennessee
                  served as a corporal at Fort McHenry Dec. 4th Infantry 1846 commanded by: Ridgely
                  Married: Milly (Milla) Martha Adkins
                  Born: 1790 born in Virginia
                  died: 1860

                  Civil War:
                  39th Ky regiment Union Captain ranked in out as a Major.

                  granted 50 acres land grant 11 Sept 1837 Pike county Pond creek


                    born 1808

                    Married: David Polly…then Isaac Epling

                    2...Edward born 1810

                    3...Nancy born 1812
                    Married: April 15 1832 Anderson Adkins

                    Born: 1808 born in

                    Married: John Coleman

                    5...Levi born about 1820
                    Married: #1 Charlotte born 1823
                    Married #2 Malinda Fiddler 8 August 1895

                    6...John born about 1821
                    married: Elizabeth Polly daughter of George Polly
                    Feb. 15 1838 Pike County Ky

                    7..Lewis A. Thornsbury born 1823 Tennessee
                    Married: America M. Hunter Morgan co. Ky 20 march 1851
                    born 1834 Kentucky
                      1…Leander Cox born 1852
                      2…James M born 1854
                      3…Manerva J born 1857
                      4…Laban M. born 1860
                      5…John E born 1869
                      6…Benjamin H. born 1867
                      7…William G born 1869
                      8…Mary E. born 1874
                      9…George W born 1876
                      18.Emery L. born 1878

                    served in 39th Regiment Ky Infantry same as brothers
                    ranked in as a private
                    ranked out as a Sergeant Major
                    Company D

                    America applied for pension August 7 1899

                    8...Walter Thornsberry born 1826 Kentucky
                    Married: Married: 2 Sept 1852 Mary Childers (Childress) born 1824
                    daughter of Pleasant Childers

                    Civil War record:
                    39th Infantry Regiment Kentucky
                    Fought on 4 Dec 1862 at Floyd County, KY.
                    Fought on 8 Dec 1862 at Floyd County, KY.
                    Fought on 16 Dec 1862 at Peters Creek, KY.
                    Fought on 1 Jan 1863.
                    Fought on 21 Feb 1863 at Johnson County, KY.
                    Fought on 21 Apr 1863 at Carter County, KY.
                    Fought on 2 Jul 1863 at Pike County, KY.
                    Fought on 22 Sep 1863 at Marrowbone Creek.
                    Fought on 1 Jan 1864 at Floyd County, KY.
                    Fought on 9 Jan 1864 at Turman's Ferry, KY.
                    Fought on 13 Apr 1864 at Paintsville, KY.
                    Fought on 18 May 1864 at Pike County, KY.
                    Fought on 12 Jun 1864 at Cynthiana, KY.
                    Fought on 16 Sep 1864.
                    Fought on 2 Oct 1864 at Saltville, VA.
                    Fought on 4 Oct 1864 at Saltville, VA.
                    Fought on 20 Dec 1864 at Wheelers Ford, VA.
                    Fought on 12 Jan 1865 at Lawrence County, KY.
                    Fought on 25 Feb 1865 at Piketon, KY.
                    Regiment History: Thirty-ninth Infantry
                    Thirty-ninth Infantry. -- Cols., John Dills, Jr., David A.
                    Mims; Lieut.Col., Stephen M. Ferguson; Majs., John B. Auxier,
                    Martin Thornbury.
                    This regiment was raised by Col. Dills in the fall of 1862
                    from the counties along the Big Sandy, and was organized in
                    camp at Peach Orchard, where it was mustered into service Feb. 16, 1863.
                    Before it was mustered in it began a series of fights and
                    skirmishes with the enemy in that section which continued
                    during almost its entire term of service. On Dec. 31 the
                    regiment was engaged with the enemy 4 miles from Prestonsburg.
                    In April, 1863, it fought at Pikeville and captured Col.
                    French and his command. In July Gen. Julius White, who had
                    been sent to command the forces in eastern Kentucky, reported
                    a successful fight at Beaver creek, in which the regiment is
                    specially mentioned as taking a number of prisoners and having
                    "made a charge up the mountain with great gallantry."
                    At this time a portion of the regiment moved to Gladesville,
                    Va., with other troops and captured Col. Caudill and his
                    command at that place. Early in Jan. 1864, part of the
                    regiment under Capt. King fought at Sherman's ferry, losing
                    Lieut. Richard D. Coleman killed, and Lieut. James M. Thornsbury and several men captured.
                    The following month the 38th and 14th, under Col. Gallup,
                    fought at Laurel Creek, W. Va., defeating and capturing Col.
                    Ferguson and a number of his men, for which Col. Gallup and
                    his command received congratulatory thanks from the commanding
                    generals. In April the regiment, under Lieut.-Col. Ferguson,
                    with other troops, particularly the 14th Ky., fought at
                    various places, among others at Half Mountain and Paintsville,
                    with complete success.
                    In May it was engaged at Pond Creek, Pike County. With Gen.
                    Hobson's division it made the forced marches from Sandy Valley
                    to Mt. Sterling where it fought with Morgan, and also at Cynthiana,
                    and then participated in the pursuit.
                    The regiment accompanied Gen. Burbridge on the Saltville
                    expedition in Sept. 1864, and engaged in the fighting there.
                    A portion of the regiment accompanied Gen. Stoneman on the
                    second expedition to that place and shared in all the fighting
                    and suffering of that severe but successful campaign.
                    The regiment was mustered out at Louisville, Sept. 25, 1865,
                    after nearly three years of continuous active service and
                    participating in such a number of fights and skirmishes it
                    would be difficult to enumerate.
                    Source: The Union Army, vol. 4, p. 340

                    Nancy J born 1853
                    James born 1855
                    Leamy born 1857
                    Mary A born 1865
                    mother Milly Thornsberry living with them in 1860 age 70
                    along with Jackson Childress Mary's brother age 21

                    9...Martin Thornsberry born 1828 Kentucky
                    died: 24 April 1876 Johnson County Ky
                    death record states: father Martin Thornsberrry
                    Mother Millie Thornsberry

                    1856 granted 200 acres russell Creek Pike county
                    1859 granted 25 acres russell creek Pike county

                    Civil War
                    39th Ky regiment Union Captain ranked in out as a Major.
                    Martin Thornsbury Enlistment Date: 6 Sep 1862 Enlistment Place: Peach Orchard,
                    Kentucky Side Served:
                    This regiment was raised by Col. Dills in the fall of 1862
                    from the counties along the Big Sandy, and was organized in
                    camp at Peach Orchard, where it was mustered into service Feb. 16, 1863.
                    Union State Served: Kentucky Service Record:
                    Enlisted as a Captain on 6 September 1862.
                    Commission in Company D, 39th Infantry Regiment Kentucky on 16 Feb 1863.
                    Promoted to Full Major on 31 Mar 1865.
                    Mustered Out Company D, 39th Infantry Regiment Kentucky
                    on 15 Sep 1865 at Louisville, KY.

                    widow 1890 surviving soldiers, sailors, widows veterans list
                    Pike county Ky

                    Nancy widow of Martin Thornsbury Captain, 39th ky infantry 16 November 1862
                    same company as Jonathan Chaney and same time

                    Married: 11 August 1852 Nancy Campbell born 1835
                    daughter of William Campbell according to list of marriage records of pike county

                    1860 Census Pike
                    Martin age 32
                    Nancy age 25
                    James M age 6
                    William M age 1
                    John Taylor age 20 (sister Anna Polly Eplings stepson)
                    and James Polly age 25 (sister Anna Polly Epling’s son)
                    living with them

                      1…James M born 1854
                      2…Mary J born 1856
                      3…William M born 1859
                      4…George born 1862
                      5…Grant born 1865
                      6…Ida B born 1867
                      7…Emma a. born 1869

                    10..female 1832

                    11..female 1834

                    12...James M Thornsberry born 1836
                    Served in the 39th ky infantry along with brothers
                    James was captured at Shermans Ferrry in 1864.

                    13..male 1838

                  Anne. Daughter of Martin Thornsberry

                  Anna Thornsbury
                  born 1805 Kentucky

                  Married: #1 David Polly
                  Pricy's death record states father: David Polly
                  Mother Anna Thornsberry

                  Married: #2 Isaac Epling born 1805 Giles Co. Viriginia
                  2 May 1852 at age 44 and he was 47

                  From Here: Same as Polly genealogy above