Venus Ramey


Crowned Miss America  September  1944

5 feet 7,  125 lbs bust 37 ˝ 22 inch waist

Blue eyes, red hair




Born: 1630 Ivoy Lorraine France
Died: before 11-29-1721 Parish of Cople Westmoreland County Virginia 91 years of age
His will was proven in 1721
Married: #1 Francios Haldatt in France. Daughter of Antoine Haldatt II
Siegneur De Bonnet and Madelaine Marchand (married 1625) Grandaughter of Christopher Haldatt I Francios died on the ship on the way to America

Jacob Remy  Married: #2 1668 Mary Spencer: Born In Virginia 1650


William Remy Sr
Born: 1672 Westmoreland County Virginia

died about 1738
Married: 1693 Catherine Asbury


William Remy

Born In 1696 In Westmoreland Co., Va.,

He  Lived In Stafford County Va and Prince George Co., Stafford County in 1751, Fairfax in 1746, . And  Died In  1758 Frederick County (Now) Hampshire County Virginia

William Married: 2 Sept 1737, Barbara Byram Born 1720


Jacob Remy
Born: Aug. 27, 1741 In Stafford Co., Va., Died: Loudon County Va 1799
Married: Susannah Grigsby 1759  in Loudon Co Va


Sanford  Ramey

Born 1-2-1760/61 Loudon County Va

Married Lydia Lee daughter of Stephen Lee

and sister of Deborah Lee who married Sanfords brother Jacob Remy jr


1…Jacob Ramey born in 1782/84  married Mary Latham in 1803

2…Caty Ramey (Catherine) born 1785 m John Brown in 1804

3…Fannie Ramey born in 1790 married Enoch Mason in 1806

4…Daughter who Married Presley Cordell Wilson,  some say Lydia.




Jacob Ramey

Born:  1784 Loudon County Virginia

Married: 1803 Mary: Latham

Listed in 1830 in Montgomery County Ky.

Age 40-50

3 male sons, and wife and 4 female children.

James Ramey living near age 60-70

With wife age 60-70 and 1 son age 20-30


1850 Montgomery County Kentucky

Mary is living with so Robert in Ky.

Robert age 36

Caroline age 23

W.F. age 2

Mary age 69 born in Virginia

Henrietta age 24 born in Kentucky


Where Jacob Was in this census is unknown

He is with John in 1860


1860 Montgomery County Kentucky  Jacob  age 76  and Henrietta

Are Listed living with his son

John Ramey and wife Mildred



Robert born 1815 Virginia


John C. Ramey born 1819 Virginia

Henrietta born 1826 Kentucky


John Ramey

Born:  1819

Died:  1875


Mildred Jane Haggard

Born: 1829

Died: 1884


1860 Census Montgomery County Ky.

John Ramey age 41 born in Ky.

Mildred age 31 born in Ky.

Mary age 10 born in Ky.

James age 9 born in Ky.

William age 7 born in Ky.

Martin age 4 born in Ky.

Sandford age 7 born in Ky.

Jacob age 76 born in Virginia

Henrietta age 36 born in Ky.


1880 Census: Montgomery County Ky

Mildred J. Ramey age 51

Martin age 24

Sanford age 20

John age 16

Davis age 12


1…Mary Martha (Mollie)

Born: 1850


Born: 1851


Born: 1853


Born:  1855


Born:  1856

6…Jacob born 1857

Died: August 18, 1868 of the Flux

Death Record: States:

Jacob Ramey age 14 months old

Parents: John and Milly J. Ramey


Born: 1860

7…Nannie (Nancy)

Born: 1862


Born: 1868


Martin  V. Ramey

Born: October 1855

Died:  July 3 1925

Death Record States:  Mt. Sterling,Lincoln County Ky.

Father:  John Ramey born in Virginia

Mother:  Milly J Haggard born in Ky.

Died from a skull fracture falling down the stairs

Informant: Mrs Nannie B Richards

Married: 1885 Emma Clark

She had been married before

Born: October 1864


1900 Montgomery County Ky Census

Martin age 45 born 1855 Ky

Married 15 years

Emma wife born Oct 1864

Married 15 years 1 child 1 child living

John C. son age 12 born October 1887

Mary Ware Servant, Black, born July 1881 age 18


1910 Census: Montgomery County Kentucky

John Ramey age 22

Married 6 years

Evalene age 20 married 6 years

1 child, 1 child living

Martin, father age 55 born in Ky listed as Married


By 1920 they were back living together either that

Or he was just visiting his son John when the 1910 Census

Was taken.


1920 Bath Kentucky

Martin Ramey age 64

Emma age 48

Lucille Clark Stepdaughter

Bessie Clark Stepdaughter



John C. Ramey

Born:  October 1887

Married:  1905 Evalena  Gambill

Born: 1890

She was 15, he was 17

              John C.  Lived in Lincoln County Kentucky

              John C. Died at age 82 in Lincoln County Kentucky

              25 April 1970

J. W born 1906

Jessie M born 1914

Venus born 1925

Lois born 1928


1910 Census: Montgomery County Kentucky

John Ramey age 22

Married 6 years

Evalene age 20 married 6 years

1 child, 1 child living

Martin, father age 55 born in Ky.


1920 Lived in  the State of Wyoming

John C. Ramey age 34 born in Ky.

Evalena age 30 born in Ky.

John son age 14 born in. Ky.

Jesse M age 7 born in Ky.

Sallie Gambill mother in law age 53 born in Ky.


Moved Back to Kentucky to Lincoln County Kentucky by 1930

J.O. Ramey born in Ky.

Evalena born in Ky.

John  W. age 24 born in Ky.

Jesse M. age 17 born in Ky.

Venus age 5 born in Ky.



Venus Ramey born 1925 Kentucky

1944 Miss America

Ramey competed as Miss District of Columbia and worked during her reign to help win suffrage for Washington D.C. in 1945. Later, she became the first Miss America to run for public office, seeking a seat in the Kentucky House of Representatives


She made an attempt at a seat in state legislature of Ky and then got married in 1948

    Newspaper article and photo of Venus Ramey
    The whole page has been put online as it is an interesting newpaper
    Article on other things going on around the world at that time.

To Joseph H. Murphy they honeymooned in Cuba. He is in the sorghum business in Lincoln County Ky.

Vensus Ramey of Ashland Ky filed as a democratic candidate for the house of Rep.

Was a judge in the 1954 Miss America contest.

A Bomber was named after her:

The Venus Ramey was also a famed WWII B-17, having flown 150 missions without being shot down

    National Review Newspaper Article
    May 14, 2007


    Miss America 1944 was Venus Ramey of Kentucky, the first redhead to win the title. Now aged 82, Ramey lives on a farm in her native state. The other day, Ramey, alerted by her dog, found an intruder in the act of stealing scrap metal from one of her storage buildings. The embarrassed but unrepentant thief said that if Ramey would get out of his way, he would leave.

    "Oh no you won't," declared the retired beauty queen. She thereupon pulled out a snub-nosed .38 and shot out a tire on the intruder's car, balancing on her walker for a steady aim. The thief was subsequently arrested. "I'm trying to live a quiet, peaceful life and stay out of trouble, and all it is, is one thing after another," complained Ramey. We know the feeling, ma'am; but thanks for reminding us that on those inevitable occasions when trouble comes looking for you, a snub-nosed .38 can be very handy.


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