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      The information on these pages is for RESEARCH.
      It is NOT presented in gedcom form or a family tree file. The information is continually changing and updating.
      This research is a GUIDE to go by.
      This Website is for the purpose of gathering and presenting research on our ancestors from all sources.

      From 1850 on Census records started having all family names and before that we relied on military records, family bibles, and land record.
      If we have research listed other than in America and the research we have done ourselves, that information, as well as all on this website, is still being researched, documented, and proven.
      Many documents are listed and shown in the newsletter links.

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      Early Belcher Family In England

      Early Belcher Family In America

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      "Belcher's In New England"

      William Thomas Belcher

      William Thomas Belcher
      Married: Tabitha Bartlett
      1..Thomas Belcher B: 1637
      2..Elizabeth Belcher B: 1638
      3..Robert Belcher B: 1640
      Married: Phoebe Isham

      Robert Belcher

      Robert Belcher
      Married: Phoebe Isham
      1..John Belcher Sr. B: 1670
      Married: #1???
      Married: #2 Elizabeth Frogley
      7 Nov 1710 Wantage, Berkshire England
      2..Bartholamew Belcher B: 1680
      3..Joel Belcher B 1684
      4..Edward Belcher B: 1688

      John Belcher Sr.

      John Belcher Sr.
      Married: Elizabeth Frogley
      1..John Belcher Jr. B: 1690
      Married: Mary Gooding
      2..William Belcher B:about 1692/93
      Married: Mary E. Belcher
      3..James Belcher B: 1694
      4..Robert Belcher B: 1700
      5..Richard D. Belcher B: 1710
      Married: Mary Obedience Clay
      6..George Belcher B: 1712
      Married: #1 Elizabeth?? #2 Lucy??
      7..Isaac Belcher B: 1714

      Richard D. Belcher

      Richard D. Belcher
      Married: Mary Obedience Clay
      Richard's Information Updated: 2018:
      1..Isham E. Belcher B:1732
      Elizabeth Clay
      2..Richard Belcher Jr. B: 1734
      Married Mary??
      3..Elizabeth Jane Belcher B: 1740
      Married: Richard Bailey
      4..Phoebe Belcher B: 1742
      Married: Mitchell Clay
      5..Thomas Belcher B: 1744
      6..Robert Belcher B: 1746
      7..William Belcher B: 1748
      8..Benjamin Belcher Sr. B: 1749
      (Benjamin's Page Updated 2018)
      9..Henry Belcher B: 1750
      10.Anne Belcher B: 1752
      11.Jesse Belcher B: 1754

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      Isham Belcher

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      Isham Belcher

      Isham E. Belcher
      Married: Elizabeth Clay
      1..George Belcher B: 1760
      Married: #1 Sally Powell
      #2 Mary Fugate
      2..Jacob Moses Belcher B: 1762
      Married: Martha Mann
      3..Bartlett Belcher B 1764
      Married: Alice Lawson
      4..Richard Belcher B: 1765
      Married Usley Hastin
      5...Isham Isome Belcher B. 1766/67
      Married: Martha Patsy Hodges and Nancy Blankenship
      6..William Parham Belcher B: 1766
      Married: Elizabeth Dier (Diar)
      7..James Belcher B: 1768
      Married: Sarah Ramsey
      8..Sarah M. Belcher b 1770Perdue
      #2 Davis Fullerton
      9...Jesse Belcher B 1771
      Married: Sophia McKinney
      10..Lucy Belcher b 1773> Married: Barnett Marcum
      11..John Belcher B: 1774
      Married: #1?? #2 Martha Johnston
      12..William Floyd Belcher b: 1776
      Married: Sally Eliabeth Kingery and Elizabeth Lambert
      13..Phoebe Belcher B: 1777
      14..Martha Belcher B: 1779
      Married: James Dillon
      15..Samuel Belcher B:1780
      Married: Betsy Ward
      16..Robert Belcher B: 1784
      Married: Frances Cole

      George Belcher

      George Belcher
      Married: #1 Sally Powell
      #2 Mary Fugate
      1..John Belcher B: 1783
      Married: #1 Mary Elswick
      #2 Jane Taylor
      2..James Belcher B: 1784
      Married: Polly Drake McCombs
      3..George Belcher Jr B: 1788
      Married: Elizabeth Childers
      4..Margaret (Peggy) Belcher B: 1792
      Married: Allen Pinson
      5..Bartley (Bartlett) Belcher B: 1795
      Married: Rachel Ramey
      6..William Belcher B: 1799
      Married: Cynthia Adkins
      7..Mary Ann Belcher B: 1800
      Married: #1 Joseph Lawson
      #2 John Cook
      8..Ali (Eli) born 1803
      Married: Polly Pinson
      9..Lucy (Sally) Belcher born 1805
      Married: Jesse Childers

      George Belcher Biography

      Bartley Belcher

      Bartley Belcher
      Married: Rachel Ramey
      1..William Harrison Belcher B: 1821
      Married: Nancy Yates
      2..Elixabeth (Becky) Belcher B: 1827
      Married: Jacob Blevins
      3..Abram (Abraham) Belcher B: 1828
      Married: #1 Rachel Jane Fuller
      #2 Lucinda Ellen Taylor (James)
      4..John Sanford Belcher B: 1829
      Married: Mary Polly Elswick
      5..Richard R. Belcher B: 1832
      Married: Louisa Mullins
      6..Mose A. Belcher B: 1836
      Married: Almeda (Almedy) Elswick
      7..George Belcher B: 1840
      Married: Esther Mullins
      8.. Ali (Coon) Belcher B: 1839
      Married:#1 Lucinda Mullins
      #2 Jester Carr

      James Belcher

      Updated 2018:

      James Belcher
      Married: Polly Drake McCombs
      1..Martin Belcher B: 1822
      2..John M (also Martin) Belcher B: 1823
      Married: #1 Celia Adkins
      #2 Mary Ann Epling
      3..Frances Belcher B: 1824
      Married: Elijah Fuller
      4..William Riley Belcher B: 1826
      Married: Lydia Hunt
      5..Mary Ann Belcher B: 1827
      Married: James Blevins
      6..James Davidson Belcher B: 1829B
      Married: Nancy Jane Bishop

      James Davidson Belcher


      James Davidson Belcher
      Married: Nancy Jane Bishop
      1..George Washington Belcher B: 1851
      Married: #1 Mary Polly (Polley)
      #2 Augusta (Gusta) T. Bentley
      2..Vandalin Belcher B: 1854
      Married: Flemon Childers
      3..William R. Belcher B: 1857
      Married: Elizabeth Polly Sipple
      4..Victoria E. Belcher B: 1864
      Married: John Church
      UPDATED 2018:
      5..Minerva Belcher B: 1867
      Married: Thomas Jefferson Bevin (Biven)
      6..Mary Elizabeth Belcher B: 1872
      Married:#1 Marion Adkins
      > 7..Sarah J. Belcher B: 1876
      Married: Green Chaney

      Polly Surname
      This Line Updated: 2018

      George Washington Belcher
      Updated 2018

      George Washington Belcher
      Married: #1 Mary Ann Polley
      #2 Augusta T. Bentley
      Children of George and Mary Ann Polley
      1..Edward Spurlark Belcher B: 1874
      Married: Sarah Emmy (Sadie) Rowe
      2..Nancy E. Belcher B: 1876
      Married: William Ratliff
      3..Saphronia Allie Belcher B: 1878
      Married: #1 ABel Chaney
      #2 Thomas (Tommy) Owens
      4..Christopher C. Belcher B: 1873
      5..James William Belcher B: 1881
      6..John D. Belcher B: 1883
      7..David Belcher B: 1885
      8..Thomas Jefferson Belcher B: 1887
      Married: Roma Salyer
      9..George Washington Belcher Jr B: 1887
      Married: Alpha Clevenger
      10.Edward M. Belcher B: 1889
      Married: #1 June Ramey
      #2 Belle Slone
      11.Mose E. Belcher B: 1891
      Mary died 7 days after Mose was born
      George and housekeeper Mary Emeretta Rowe had a child
      12.Georgia Ann Belcher B: 1892
      George and August T. Bentleys Children:
      13.Fred A. Belcher B: 1894
      Married: Carrie Bingham
      14.Dixie Belcher B: 1896
      Married: John Clevenger
      15.Burney (Bunch) Belcher B: 1898
      Married: Dixie Hackney
      16.Carl Jennings Belcher
      Married: Nora Moses
      17.Oscar Gilbert Belcher B: 1904
      Married: Monnie Looney
      18.Algie Belcher B: 1906
      19.Malissa Belcher B: 1907
      20.Edgar Belcher B: 1908
      21.Opal Belcher B: 1908
      22.Ollie (Allie) James Belcher B: 1910
      Married: Elsie Mullins
      23.Woodrow Belcher B: 1914

      Allie Saphronia Belcher Chaney Owens

      Allie Saphronia Belcher
      Married: Abel Chaney and Thomas (Tommy) Owens

      (Gaylynne's Line: Host of this Website)
      1..James Clarence Chaney B: 1895
      2..Essie Isabella Chaney B: 1896B
      Married: James Looney
      3..Quinnie Elizabeth Chaney B: 1899
      Married: Malcolm Mullins
      4..Icy Carline Chaney B: 1901
      Married: #1??Justice #2 John Nichols
      5..Gypsie Adaline Chaney B: 1903
      Married: Teddy Roosevelt Ramey
      6..Mary Alice Chaney B: 1905 Married: William Steffy
      7..Landon Linnet (Lundy) Chaney BL 1908
      Married: Emma (Em) Hackney
      8..George Washington Chaney B: 1910
      9..Ercil Geraley (Whitie) Chaney B: 1913
      10.John Christopher Chaney B: 1915
      Married: Dorisa Dorothy Lester

      This Line Updated: 2018

      Polly and Thornsberry Lines

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