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      Maryland Court Records


      Proceedings of the Council of Maryland, 1648 1655. 303


      By the Lieutenant and Governour of Maryland p. 560

      Licence to Whereas mr Thomas Belcher of the County of

      Ann Arundell within this Province of Maryland hath

      made Suite to me for a Licence to keep an Inn or Ordinary in

      Some place Convenient within the Said County for the Enter

      tainment and accommodation of Strangers & others as occasion

      Shall require. These are therefore to Licence and Authorize

      him the Said Thomas Beicher to keep an Inn, or Ordinary in

      any Convenient place within the Said County of Annarundell

      for the purpose aforesaid as is desired, And to make Sale of

      Beer, wine, Strong Waters or any other fitting and wholesome

      Drink Victualls or provisions in his Said Inn or Ordinary, he

      the Said Thomas Beicher keeping Good Orders and being


      Kent County Court Proceedings, 1648-1656.19

      Maryland State Library Archives MSA

      volume 0054 page 0019

      Deeds Liber A, pp. 11-12. Liber

      A The Deposition of John Salter aged 27 or thereabouts sworn in [fol. 79] Court saith That in or about the Month October in 1650 your deponant being at the house that John Winchester then lived in did hear William Body and Thomas Belcher Condition and agree for a parcell of Land that the said Mr Belcher had taken up adjoyning to the Land of Thomas Pett by Estimation fifty acres more or less

      That if the said Body did well and truly pay unto the said Mr Belcher one good Cow great with Calf or a Calf by her side by the last of March next that then he should enjoy it

      And also the said Belcher was to procure him a Patent as soon as he could and further saith not John Salter sign 1653 -

      The Deposition of John Winchester aged 30 or thereabts sworn in Court saith That in or about february in 1650 William Body did buy a Cow of your Deponant which he said was for Mr Belcher for a parcell of Land he bought of him,

      and wishes your Deponant to deliver the Cow by the last of March And your deponant demanded of the said Body when he was to have his patent of Mr Belcher and he answered he was to have it as soon as he could get it and your Deponant said that it was best then to take under his hand that he might have something to shew for it and further saith not John Winchester


      Deeds Liber A, p. 2. March 22d 1649.

      Know all Men by these presents that I Robert [fol. 23] Downe of the I'le of Kent do hereby assigne and make over unto William Body of the same place planter, or to his Assignes all his right and Interest of one hundred acres of Land due to him for his Transport into this province Anno 1649 witness my hand

      Witness Tho: Pett:

      Tho: Belcher

      Sign Robert Dunn



      Court and Testamentary Business, 1656 / 7.497

      Giles Glover's Bill to Thom: Belcher p. 267

      This Bill bindeth me Giles Glover me my heires Executors

      Administrators or Assignes to pay or Cause to be paid unto

      Thomas Belcher or Richard Smith or our assignes the full and

      lust Suffle or quantity of Eight hundred thirty and one pounds

      of Good large, and bright Tobacco & Caske without Ground

      leaves at or upon the tenth of November next Ensuing the

      date hereof, for the better Securitie of the aforesaid debt, I the

      Said Glover do bind two black Cowes, the one Called by the

      Name of Nancy, the other by the Name of Black, and Cropt of

      both Eares, and a whole one the right, The other with a

      Swallow fork on both Eares, which Cowes upon the non pay-

      ment of the aforesd debt, The Said Thomas Belcher or Richard

      Smith or their Assignes to take these two Cows into their

      possession for their own proper Goods, more due one hundred

      pounds of Tobacco which is in all nine hundred thirty and one

      pounds in all, As Wittness my hand this 5th of may 57

      Testes Giles x Glover

      Richard Preston This Bill was made & owned in open Henry Osborne Court according to the date above-written

      Teste me Tho: Turner Clk



      Provincial Court Proceedings, 1658. Liber An Inuentory of the Goods & Chattles of Maurice Smhh, deceased

      P. C. R. July 29th brought into the Office by me Henry Banister, &

      Appraysed by Re Smith's Philip Land, & Roger Isham 21th July 1658. Estate

      one Bill of Mr Thomas Belcher 500l Tob.

      for Wages from Capt Wm Stone 329

      one suite of Broad cloath 200

      one old suite, Coate, Wast-Coate, & drawers 100

      Thre old Shirts 050

      one payre of new-stockins 012

      Two payre of old stockins one payre of old Bootes, one payre of old shooes, one old hatt 050

      Praysed by vs Philip Land Roger Isham.1241l Tob.


      Moreouc I the sd Job Chandler doe further testify tht I had the Bill of Leiutent Willm Lewis in my possesn after his death, wth another Bill for Come & Tob due from the sd Lewis, & then de liuered them both unto my Brother Ouerzee againe, as wittness my hand 23 August 1658. Job Chandler. Whereas It appeameth tht the Petr hath a Bill of Capt Willm Lewis for 2OOOl Tob in his custody or possesn, It is Ordered that the Petr returning in the sd Bill of Two Thowsand pownds of Tob shall bee allowed his whole demand amounting to Three Thowsand Two hundd & Eighty pownds of Tob. & if the sd Bill be not redeliuered by the Petr then One thowsand Two hundd & Eighty pownds only. And to be payd proportionably out of the Land to be extended of the sd Capt Lewis att Nangemy. This Demand being for building, & uppon Accounts & intricate. Hugh Bevin A Jury is impanelled by the Sheriffe to tmye this & other Causes be- v. Mr Symon Ouerzee twixt party & prty according to the euidence gyuen &c:

      The Jurors warned are foreman Mr James Langwomth

      W James Lindsey

      Tho: Belcher

      Mr Thomas


      Mr Roger Isham

      James Veitch

      Mr Henry Adams

      Robt Cole

      Edmund Lindsey

      Mr Richard Willan

      Walter Hall

      Willm Haynes.

      The Jury returnes their Verdict (Viz) ffownd for the pff 529l Tob & Cask Costs of suite. (Memomand the Jury declares tht One howse att Hebdens Poynt is not comprehended in this their Verdict).




      Provincial Court Proceedings, 1660. 417

      Wednesday 200 ffebr, Present as yesterday Liber P.C.R The Plt suies the deft for two thowsand pounds Tobacco as by a Feb. 20 Note under the hand of the said Thomas Belcher more at large Captaine Samuell appeareth (vizt) Captaine Guyther I pray faile not to pay vnto Tilghrnan v. Captn Tilghman for my use, two thowsand pounds of Tobacco wch is for soe much goods bought of him here, therefore I pray besure Admr to to make him good payment, for it will much concearne my Creditt, and in doing this for me you will obliedge Sr deceased March the 4th 1658

      Your freind to Serue you Tho: Belcher


      Dec. 1660.

      Warrant inde issued the Sherriffe of Calvert County accordingly Wch being retourned executed, and the parties appearing in Court It is ordered that the said Sherriffe of Calvert County keepe them in safe Custody vntill they giue in Security personally to appeare at next Prouinciall Court to be houlden at Saint maryes on the Eleuenth of ffebruary next to answer for the said ffellonious stealing of the goods of the said Thomas Belcher.




      472 Provincial Court Proceedings, 1661. Liber

      Knowe all men by theis pesents that I John Lord of Nomains in P. C. R. the County of Westmerland in Virginea

      Merchant doe constitute ordeine and appoynte my well beloved freind Thomas Gerrard of St Clements in Maryland Esqr my true and lawfull Attorney for me and in my name to Recouer all debts due to me in the Province of Mary land and especially from the Estate of Thomas Belcher of Patuxent late deceased

      Giveing and Granting full power unto my said Attorney to all Intents in Lawe as if I my selfe were pesent as Wittnes my hand this fourth of September 1660 John Lord Testes John Ryues Sam: Dobson

      This Bill bindeth me Thomas Belcher my heires or Assigns to pay or cause to be payd vnto Thomas Gerrard Gent, his heires or Assigns the full and just Sume of Eight hundred and fifty weight of marchantable tob. in leafe and Caske to be payd at or upon the last of November as Wittness my hand this third of March 1658

      Wittness Tho Hinson Tho. South. Thomas Belcher p. 485

      This bill bindeth me Thomas Belcher of Patuxent my heires Administrators or Assigns to pay or cause to be payd vnto John Lord of Hartford in New England Merchant his heires Executors or Assigns the full and Just Sume of three thousand and Eighty three pounds of good tobacco and Caske according to Act of Assembly on all demands after the tenth of October in the yeare 1658 as wittness my hand this tenth of June 1658

      Tho: Belcher Testes James Veitch William u Dorrington his marke

      Recd of this bill Eight hundred forty seauen pounds of tobacco for the Acco of Mr Richard Mattox I say by me received John Lord The pft demands as in his peticOn The deft accknowledges a debt of six hundred and fifty pounds and two thousand two hundred thirty six pounds due to John Lord Judgemt for the said Sumes, And whereas there was a bill for foure hundred Eighty six pounds of Thomas Thomas deliuered to the said Belcher in case the said bill be not Redeliuered to Mr Thomas Gerrard as Attorney to John Lord that the then deft is to pay the said foure hundred Eighty six pounds of tobacco.



      Provincial Court Proceedings, 1661. Liber

      At an Orphants Cort held the sixth of August Annoq 1661 P.C.R. Re Belcher

      Present P. 503

      Thomas Sprigge, Thomas Manning, Tho. Brooke, Hugh Stanley, Charles Brooke, Thomas Leitchworth, John Elzey, William Turner,

      Whereas Mr John Bateman

      in open Courte hath off red of his free mocon to keepe the orphant of the said Thomas Belcher till she cometh to the age of Eighteene yeares or is marryed

      Cleare of all charges as a Child ought to be kept that is to say Att Schoole with decent Cloathes and other Educacon befitting a Child of her Quallity Provided the said Mr Bateman may haue to himselfe of the cleared Ground without impeachmt of waste of the Seate of land formerly belonging to Thomas Belcher of Patuxent

      till the. . . . upon which said offer the Courte hath ordered Mr John Bateman to haue the use of the said cleare plantacon without impeachmt of waste for and in Consideracon aforesaid till the expiracon of the tyme aforesaid. true Copy by me James Thompson Clk

      The above written order of Courte is confirmed by the Governor and Councel according to the request of John Bateman Esqr this Eieauenth of October 1661 Henry Coursey Secr.


      Note: Apparently Thomas Belcher was quite well off and there was considerable pressure to take control of the estate and the orphan Mary Belcher:::

      Provincial Court Proceedings, 1663-64. 143


      Hond Sr [p. 194] I haue thought good to recommend unto yor honr a few lines con cerning the Estate of the Orphan of Tho: Belcher, as being formerly by order of Court in some sort intrusted wth the ouersight thereof, And being att prnt disabled by urgent occasion tht I could not pre sent my selfe att this Court. Soe that my humble request is, in the behalfe of the Orphan, tht since Mr Bateman is now deceased, who hath formerly had the disposing of this sd Orphans Estate, & hath not in his life time gyuen up any account thereof to the Court, That yor honr would bee pleased together wth the rest of this honble Court That noe order may bee graunted agst the Estate of Mr Bateman, untill there is an account of the sd orphans Estate. Otherwise tht there such care taken tht the Orphan may nott bee a sufferer in her iust right. I haue formerly acquainted the Chancelor herewth & dowbt not but in soe laudable an accon as this is, wch is tending only for the good, & the securing of the Orphans Estate, that her ffather left to her, tht shee may not bee a sufferer herein. Not els but rest, yor honrs faythfull serut.To command to his power ffeb. 5, 1663. Tho: Sprigge. ffor the honble the Leiut GraIl of Maryland. these prsent


      Anthony Belcher

      Court and Testamentary Business, 1642. 173

      Eod: Robt Kedger demandeth of Thomas Pursall 450 l tob,

      due by bill assigned from Anthony Belcher.

      attachmt vpon any tob or goods of deft to answere 1st Aprill


      Page 73


      194 Court and Testamentary Business, 1643.

      Liber P. R

      Pursall appeared to the action of Robt

      Kedger of 450 l tob. & saith that the said bill demanded

      was for the price of a boate intended to be bought by Tho.

      Pursall, of Ellis Richardson who assigned the interest in that

      bargaine vnto Anthony Belcher wherby it was made to him in

      his owne name, & that after the making of the said bill the said

      . Tho. Pursall returnd vnto Ellis Richardson the said boate in

      discharge of the bill, and Ellis Richardson accepted the boate

      in that sense & promised to deliver in the bill; & assumed to

      prove this allegation; & had time till the first of June next.


      This is an unusual story. who the Mrs Belcher on the jury is is unknown,

      possibly Thomas or Anthony's wife

      Court and Testamentary Business, 1656

      Andrew Wilcox Sworne and Examined Saith that William

      Bramhalls man Servant that dyed Said that when the Murther

      was done all the people and Seamen in the Ship were asleep

      and after it was done Judith Catchpole and the Said Servant

      of William Bramhall went up upon the Deck and walked a

      quarter of an hour afterward off the went each to their

      Lodging this being at Sea in the middle of the Night and

      further Saith not.

      Andrew Wilcox

      Elizabeth Norton Sworne and Examined Saith. That William

      Bramhalls man Said that Judith Catchpole and he did Grind a

      knife Duch fashion and the Said Judith prickt a Seaman in the

      back with it and She beged a Little Grease of the Chirungeon

      and gm-eased his back and he Stood up again, And the Said

      Servant Said that Juith was to kill three or four men more and

      further Saith not Signum

      Elizabeth x Norton

      The Names of the Jury of women Impannelled to Search the p. 204

      body of Judith Catchpole Vizt

      Rose Smith

      mrs Cannady

      mrs Belcher

      mrs Bussey

      mrs Chaplin

      mrs Brooke

      mrs Brooke

      Elizabeth Claxton f

      mrs Battin

      Eiizabeth Potter

      Dorothy Day

      We the jury of Women before named having according to

      our Charge and oath Searched the body of Iu4ith Catchpole

      doe give in our Verdict tilat according to our best Iudgment

      that the Said Judith Catchpole hath not had any Child within

      the time Changed.

      Whereas Judith Catchpole Servant to William Dorrington of

      this Province of Maryland Was apprehended and brought

      before this Court upon Suspicion of Murthering a Child in her

      Voyage at Sea bound for this Province in the Ship Mary and

      ffrancis who Set forth of England upon her intended Voyage

      in on about october Last 1655 and arrived in this Province in

      or about Ianuary following, and her accuser being deceased

      and no mum-then appearing upon hen Examination denying the

      Liber B fact; was Ordered that her body Should be Searcht by a Jury

      No. of able women, which being done the Said Jury returning their

      Verdict to this Court that they found that the Said Judith had

      not had any Child within the time Changd And also it

      appearing to this Court by Severall Testimonies that the panty

      accusing was not in Sound Mind, whereby it is Conceived the

      Said Judith Catchpoie is not Inditable, The Court doth there-

      fore order that upon the reasons aforesaid, that She the Said

      Judith Catchpole be acquitted of that Charge unless further

      Evidence appeare.


      Baltimore County:


      Belcher Sumbolt. BA Baltimore East Hundred, p. 7. MSA S 1161-2-4 1/4/5/45