belcher coat of arms or belcher arms

    Belcher Coat of Arms

    There have been several people ask about the Belcher Coat of Arms, so we will attempt to show you several variations and the differences in each that we are aware of. These below are the only ones that we have photo's of and know about.

    We will have privately drawn and copyrited prints of the Belcher Coat of Arms for our line available soon to purchase. We will let you know when it is available.
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    Belcher Coat of Arms:
    Chief a vair with paly of size or et gules, on the escutcheon. There are two Crests recorded one is a lions paw and the other is more commonly used. a Greyhound's head. (Erased) with a collar of gules red et or gold. Erased means only the head is shown.
    The chief a vair means that the top third of the escutcheon consists of two lines of bell shaped figures in blue and white or silver.
    the Paly means six vertical stripes with gold and red alternating.
    Reference source: A synopsis of Heraldy 1866 ny C.W Elvin and F. Hardwick
    These are reported to be Norman Arms. and the one that is more aggressive is the Lions's Paw.
    (no photo of this Arms)
    It is said in 1136 the first Belcher fighting with the norman King Stephen, was befriended by him and was given land in Northamptonshire.
    and carried the Lion's Paw Arms.

    The Coat of Arms with the Greyhounds head

    The next record is picked up in Needwood Forest along with the first Belcher's we have in our lines

    The Shield is: Gold and red with a bell shaped design at the top.
    The Crest is: A greyhound's head.
    This is often made to look like a knights armor in silver

    The motto is: "Loyal Au Mort" meaning 'Loyal unto Death'
    three pales gules a chief vair, greyhounds head, ermine collared gules rimmed and ringed. Colors: Gold and Red with Gules of Blue and white
    The one commonly used on many websites and on the Heraldic pages that sell their information and write ups on each arms is the one below:

    The commonly used Belcher Coat of Arms

    This next coat of Arms is of Edward Belcher in Ulcombe, Kent England. This is a copy of an actual plaque of the coat of arms that is in the church on display in Ulcombe Kent.
    Edward died: March 26, 1779 age 74
    It is very similar but the colorful one has been glamorized a bit by coat of arms and hearldic sellers and the one on Edwards Memorial Arms on the right half has a fleur de leis on it instead of the stripes for the Stringer side of his family.
    The plaque of the coat of arms has been worn quite a bit but you can still see it quite well.

    The Dabridgecourt Family married into the Belcher Family and their coat of arms is quite well known in England and is hanging in Windsor Castle in St George's Hall. There are other Dabridgecourt Arms