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        Looney Family Genealogy

        Sarah Elizabeth Looney descendant of
        Robert and Elizabeth Looney

        Born: 1849 Elkhorn City, Pike County Kentucky
        12-18-1849 LISTED AGE 50 1900 CENSUS OF PIKE COUNTY:
        Died: September 28 1904 buried at Elkhorn City Ky.
        parents listed as he and father born in Pike co ky and mother Russel co VA.
        He married SARAH ELIZABETH LOONEY 21 Apr. 1872 at Ferrells Creek at age 22;
        Elizabeth died 12 Aug. 1908 Pike County Ky

        according to Kenucky marriage records and Sarah Elizabeth 17 was born 9 Aug. 1854, the daughter of John Looney b 1827 (what is now Buchanan Co Va )and 2nd wife: (Emeritta) Rowe b: 1820 Ky died before 1870. 1850 Census of Pike County lists George as Washington age 1 with parents Daniel and Lucinda
        1870 Census of Pike County George W. is listed age 20 still at home with Daniel and Lucinda.

        George Washington Ramey and Elizabeth Looney's Family

        John (5) Looney (Joseph4, John3, John2,Robert) was born ca 1827 Buchanan County Va, died 1890. (Pike Co., Ky., Wills 2, 204.)
        He married :
        (1) Mary Ann Childress (Childers) 30 November 1848;
        (2) Emertia Rowe 6 October 1853;
        (3) Elizabeth Jackson 15 May 1872. (Marriage in Pike Co., Ky.)
        His children of the 1st marriage to Mary Ann Childers:
          1...Joseph Looney
          2...Jacob Looney
        His children of the 2nd marriage to Emeretta Rowe:
          3...Polly J. Looney
          4...Sarah E. Looney: Married: George Washington Ramey Pike County KY.
          5...Madison Looney
          6...Henderson Looney
          7...Malinda Looney
          8...Miles D. Looney
          9...William H. Looney
          10..Spotford Hickman Looney
          11..Gilbert Looney (foster son)
        His children of the third marriage Elizabeth Jackson:
          12..Ulyssis Preston Looney
          13..Alex H. Looney
          14..Walter Solomon Looney 15..James G. Jackson (Stepson)

        1850 Census of Pike County Ky:
          John Looney age 23 born in Va
          Mary A. age 18 born in Ky
          Joseph age 9 months born in VA

        1870 Census of Pike County Ky: JOHN LOONEY age 42 born 1827 in Va
        Mary nor Emeretta not listed, Emeretta may have died in childbirth or afterward in 1870 with son Spotford since she was not listed in the 1870 census:

          Children all Born in Ky
          Joseph age 21
          Sarah E. age 15
          Malinda E age 14
          Madison F. age 13
          Henderson age 11
          Sarah H. age 7
          Henry H. age 6
          Miles D age 5
          William H. age 4
          Spotford H age 6 months

        John Remarried after Emeretta died to an Elizabeth Jackson

        1880 Census Pike County Ky
          John Looney age 53
          Elizabeth Looney age 32
          James G. Jackson age 10 stepson
          Ulyssis P. Looney age 7
          Alexander Looney age 4
          Walter age 1
          Miles D Looney age 15
          William H. Looney age 12
          Spotford H. age 10


        1...Thomas Looney, b. 1718-1746; d. between 1755-60, married Jane Harmon. Had one child only so far as known - Lovice Looney m. John Brigham.
        2...Robert Jr. Looney, b. 1721-1756; m. ca 1742/43 Margaret Rhea, who later as Robert's widow married Stephen Renfro.
        3...Daniel Looney, 1723-1760, married Jane Evans.
        4...Adam Looney, 1725-1770, m. Hannah Wright, of N. Carolina.
        5...Samuel Looney, 1727-175- said to have been killed by Indians in 1760. His widow was Ann ---- who adm. estate and married Elijah Cross. Looney children were Samuel Jr. and Moses.
        6...Louisa Looney, 1728- married Capt. John Shelby, say 1750-51 in North Carolina.
        7...Absalom Looney, 1729-1796; three years old when brought to the colonies. Married Margaret (Peggy), who was not living at the time he made his will 1791, probated 1796.
        8...Lucy Jane Looney, b. 1730- married in 1753 Stephen Holston-(or (Lucy had Henry Holston or Holstein)
        9...John Looney, 1732-1817, m ca 1759 Esther Renfro. (Noah Looney was grand-nephew of John who died at Bachelor's Retreat, S.C.
        10..Peter Looney, b. 1734-1760; (in Philadelphia) m Margaret. In Will Book 4, p. 93 Mch 16 1768 "Margaret" Looney is admix of husband Peter Looney estate, (Augusta Co.) Peter Looney Jr. was only heir, and a minor.
        11..David Looney, b. 1735-1810, married ca 1755 Mary McClelland.
        12..Joseph Looney, b. in Botetourt Co. Va. 1740-1817, married Jean (Jane) Bowen 25 June 1764 in Augusta Co. Va. (license) See will of Lilly Bowan, Washington Co. Va. Book 2, p73.

        JOHN (2) LOONEY

        John (2) Looney, son of( Robert )(1) and Elizabeth Looney of Looney’s Mill Creek of James River in Augusta (now Botetourt) County, Virginia, was born about 1732 probably just before the family came to America.

        John Looney born 1732 August Acounty Virginia
        Married: Esther Renfro dau of Stephen Renfro Sr. born in 1739

        In 1749 his name was on the tax list there (possibly taxed for a hourse only, and thus not necessarily over 16 years old). John (2) was married about 1756 or 1757 to Esther, daughter of Stephen Renfro Sr. (Will (1802-1804), Estate Book 1, Knox Co., Tenn., 149.) She is said to have been in 1739 or 1740 the first white female born west of the James River in that part of Virginia that later was to become part of Botetourt County. (Nat’l Intelligencer, Wash., D.C., 12 July 1921.)

        John (2) Looney was security with Robert Rowland on 17 March 1756 when his sister-in-law, Margaret (Rhea) Looney, administered on the estate of her deceased husband, Robert (2) Looney Jr. On 11 October 1759 by the terms of an agreement recorded in May 1765 between Robert (1) and some of his sons, John (2) was to receive the hourses (except 2) and 1/3 of the cows (except 3). On 6 May 1761 John Luney witnessed a power-of-attorney from Charles Milliken of Orange County, North Carolina, to John Buchanan. (Augusta Deeds A, 277.) On 17 February 1762 he assisted in the appraisement of the estate of Christian Hicks. (Augusta Wills 3, 113.) In 1765 J. Looney on Sinking Spring was mentioned as a processioner (but this could be Joseph (2) Looney).

        On 27 September 1767 John (2) Looney purchased of his older brother Adam (2) Looney the 271 acres known as the Meadow Run or Bryan’s Creek tract which Adam had bought from Colonel James Patton in 1752. On 4 March 1768

        John Looney had 250 acres surveyed on Looney’s Mill Creek along his own patent line; also 196 acres adjoining John Mill’s land. (Rockingham Co. Surveys 1, 137.) The 250 acres were pruchased from his nephew Peter (3) Looney, but the deed was not made or recorded until 12 January 1796. (Botetourt Deeds 5, 347.)

        When Joseph (2) Looney proved the will of Robert (1) Looney in Botetourt County on 13 November 1770, John (2) Looney was security with Abraham McClellan. On that day both John (2) and Joseph (2) were on the Gand Jury in Botetourt County, and John was named as “one of the most capable freeholders of this County.” On 14 May 1771 John (2) Looney succeeded John Mills as overseer of roads, and was again on the Grand Jury. On 13 November 1771 John (2) was on a jury. On 9 September 1772 John Looney and Henry Smith made bond for Jonathan Smith. On the following day John and Joseph Looney were on a jury.

        On 12 September 1772 Adam, Joseph, and John Looney were on a jury. On 15 September 1773 Wm. Crow, John Looney, and John Mills Jr. were ordered to allot to Margaret McClain, late Margaret Looney, wife of Peter Looney deceased, her dower in the lands of which her husband was possessed. The next day John and Joseph Looney were again on a jury.

        John (2) Looney (assignee of John Perston (who was assignee of George Slaughter) had a survey of 147 acres (64 by entry of 13 June 1781 and 83 by entry of 1791) all on a branch of Stone Creek, waters of Craig’s Creek in Sinking Creek Valley, joining his own tract and his tract known as Peter Looney’s place. (Botetourt Survey Book 3, 28; begining entry 1799.) The grant was dated 25 March 1801. (Grants I, 47, 572.) On 14 December 1796, with others, John Looney witnessed a deed to Walter McDonald from Joseph (2) Looney (of Knox Co., pre Tenn.) for 304 acres in 3 surveys on James River. On 12 February 1805 John Looney purchased 183 acres, the Flaggy Spring tract on waters of Craig Creek, from John Tanlor and wife Mary. (Botetourt Deeds 8, 537.)
        Then on 8 and 9 June 1807, by a series of 6 deeds, John Looney (joined by his wife Esther in one instance) gave land for love and affection or nominal fees to his children Eleanor, Jane, John, Joseph, David, and Esther. (Botetourt Deeds 9, 306-313.)

        At the 1810 census of Botetourt County John (2) Looney appears, over 45, with female over 45, living with Robert Looney, 16 to 26, female 16 to 26, and no children; the name of head of householed being listed “Jno. & Robt. Looney.” On 25 January 1810 John (2) Looney deposed (record in Augusta Co.) concerning George Roepack who settled on Sinking Creek of New River (later Giles Co.) in 1754. On 23 March 1816 John Looney and Esther his wife deeded 315 acres to Robert Looney for 800 pounds. (Botetourt Co. Deeds 12, 98.) On 13 April 1817 a tract of John Looney’s in Botetourt County was divided between his sons David Looney (85 acres) and Joseph Looney (82 acres). (Survey Book 3, 407.) John’s son Robert sold his land and removed from Botetourt at about this time. Did John (2) Looney die about 1817? The name of John (2) Looney is not found in the 1820 census of Botetourt County.

        Esther, widow of John Looney, died on 26 February 1821 in her 82d year, on Sinking Creek, Virginia. (Natl. Intellingencer, Washington, D.C., 12 July 1821.) (Search of the 1820 census record of Botetourt County should show a female aged 80 to 90 in the family of some descendant.)
        The family records of Benjamin (6) F. Looney (Robert Looney Jr. line), one time Attorney General of the State of Texas, state that John (2) and Hetty (Renfro) Looney had 4 sons, to wit: Stephen, Robert, Peter, and John. (Hetty was a nickname for Hester or Esther.) The Botetourt County deeds as cited above show daughters Jane, Esther, Eleanor, and sons Joseph, John, David. That Robert was a son is proved by his marriage bond in 1809, signed by John Looney Sr. as father. In correspondence with the writer, Coyd A. Looney named Mary and Martha as daughters in this family.

        In order to assign estimated birth dates to the children of John (2) Looney, the mother’s age is accepted as given in the printed death notice, it has been assumed that the older sons are listed by Judge Ben F. Looney in order of their ages, some marriage dates are available, several census records give approximate ages, the bounty-land papers give the ages for Joseph and Robert, and a precise birth date for Joseph is given by Coyd A. Looney. With dates as adjusted or the whole family, the children of John (2) and Esther (Renfro) Looney would seem to be:
          1...John (3) Looney b. ca 1757.
          2...Stephen (3) Looney b. ca 1758. No trace except Judge Ben F. Looney’s report of his existence.
          3...Robert (3) Looney b. ca 1760.
          4...Peter (3) Looney b. ca 1761.
          5...Jane (3) Looney b. ca 1763.
          6...Mary (3) Looney b. ca 1766. Probably the Mary Looney who m. Henry Cartill 4 July 1786. Bond signed by John Looney as witness and surety. (Botetourt Mar. Reg., 30.)
          7...Martha (3) Looney b. ca 1769. Married a Cuningham
          8...Possibly a child b. 1773. Was this the Rebecca or Elizabeth who m. Robert or James Bloomer and had dau. Mary Bloomer b. ca 1798, m. ca 1815 Wm. Garrison of Tazewell and removed from Russell Co., Va., to Ozark, Mo., in 1834? A descendant is Mrs. Pearl Blankenship Weddle.
          9...John Looney Jr. b. 1784 Augusta County Va. He is presumed to be born after the first John died, but I have found in many genealogy lines two children of one name is often in the larger families.

        John (3) Looney

        John (3) (John2,Robert)Looney was born ca1757 in Augusta (now Botetourt) County, Virginia. It is here suggested that he may have been the man recommended for promotion to Ensign in the Washington County, Virginia, militia 25 February 1777 (Wash. Min. Book 1, 7); and/or he may have been with his first cousin, Peter (3) (Peter (2) Looney, and James Cain and John Crow when the three signed the Cumberland Pact on 1 May 1780 at the new settlement, Nashborough on the Cumberland River. (A John Looney, Ensign, is credited with being present at the Battle of King’s Mountain, which was fought on 7 October 1780.) It is assumed that the first John (3) (John (2) died before ca 1784 when an older brother was named John.

        John (3) Looney Jr. was born ca 1784, presumably after the death of a younger brother John, and married 29 March 1804 Elizabeth daughter of George Walker Sr. in Botetourt County, Virginia. (Botetourt Mar. Reg. 540; John Helms, minister.) On 9 June 1807 John (3) Looney received from his father John (2) Looney Senior, for love and affection and $5, 200 acres in valley of Sinking Creek, mention being made of a corner of the grant to Peter Looney on Stone Run of Craig’s Creek. (For plots see Surveyor’s Book 3, 408, 447, 460; Botetourt Deeds 9, 309.) At the 1810 census of Botetourt County John Looney Jr., aged 26-45, with female 16-26, had 3 males and 1 female all under 10 years.

        Threre is a record of a John (3) Looney serving in the War of 1812 with Robert and Joseph Looney. The Pay Rolls of Milita in the Virginia Archives for the 121st Regement, Botetourt County, commanded by Colonel James McDowell show that John Walker, Ensign, John Looney, Corp. and “Robert Looney Corp. (or Joseph)” were on the payroll during 11 July to 28 September 1813. (Query: Was John (3) killed in service?)

        An appraisement and inventory of John’s estate was reported at May Court, 1814. (Botetourt Wills B, 422.) The widow Elizabeth Looney was married to William E. Reynolds (bond 26 June 1817. Botetourt Mar. Reg. 246.) In December 1825 John Looney’s land was divided, naming the heirs.

        John Looney born 1784 Augusta County Va
        Married: Elizabeth Walker in 1804

        Elizabeth (Walker) Looney, later in 1817 married William E. Reynolds.
        (Wills C, 457.) The commissioners were: Joseph Givens, Wm. Caldwell, and John Leffil. The estate was settled 26 February 1825 by Elizabeth Reynolds, Administratrix. (Wills D, 176.) The children of John (3) Looney Jr. and Elizabeth (Walker) Looney were:
          1...Joseph (4) Looney b. 1 March 1805.
          2...John (4) Looney b March 1807.
          3...Sarah (4) Looney b. ca 1808; m. (Botetourt bond) 20 June 1829 by George Adams, M.N.S. to Jonathan Givens (Wm. E. Reynolds, Gdn.).
          4...William (4) Looney b. ca 1810.

        Joseph (4)Looney

        Joseph Looney born 2 March 1805 Augusta County Va.
        Buchanan County on 10 December 1884.
        Married: #1: Ruthie Shortridge
        Married: #2: 1828 Polly Looney born 1810 a first cousin
        Married: #3 Malissa Shortridge after 1852

        Joseph (4) Looney (John3,John2,Robert) was born 1 March 1805 in Botetourt County. He was about 9 when his father’s estate was appraised in 1814 and 12 when his mother, Elizabeth (Walker) Looney, married William E. Reynolds. A collateral descendant (Mrs. Elsie Looney Sayers of Grundy, Virginia) reports that Joseph (4) and his brother John (4) left home about 1823 and probably followed their Uncle Robert (3) and his family who had removed from Botetourt to Russell County about 1817 or 1818. On 6 March 1826 Joseph Looney of Russell County, Virginia, conveyed to William E. Reynolds his share of the John (3) Looney Estate. (Botetourt Deeds 17, 107.) Joseph received 20 1/2 acres when his father’s lands were divided in 1823. Joseph (4) Looney married (1) Ruthie Shortridge; (2) ca 1828 or 9 Polly Looney born 23 November 1810, his 1st cousin, daughter of Robert (3) and Catherine (Stover) Looney. Polly died 30 March 1852 and Joseph (4) married (3) Malissa Shortridge. Joseph (4) was a Justice of the Peace in Russell County in 1832 when he witnessed the deed of his father-in-law Robert (3) Looney to Harry Smith for 247 acres. Joseph (4) himself purchased Robert’s 100 acres on Sandy River, near Grundy, Virginia, on 28 December 1832.
        1880 Buchanan county Census:
        Joseph Looney Age: 75 Estimated birth year: 1805 Birthplace: Virginia
        Home in 1880: Garden, Buchanan, Virginia Occupation: Farmer / Mill
        Marital status: Married Race: White Father's birthplace: VA Mother's birthplace: VA
        Joseph age 75
        Malissa age 48
        Harvey age 17
        Paulina age 15
        Margaret age 13
        David age 9
        Next door to them William Shortridge

        He died in that vicinity in Buchanan County on 10 December 1884. Joseph (4) had the following children:

        By (1) Ruthie, 3 children
          1...Elizabeth Looney b. ca 1824, d. 24 Sept. 1904; m. (Tazwell, now Buchanan Co.) 29 Jan 1846 Walter Matney d. 12 Dec. 1881. They had 11 ch.
          2...Joseph (5) Looney.
          3...John (5) Looney b. ca 1827.

        By (2) Polly, 9 children:
          4...William (5) Looney b. 21 March 1830.
          5...Henry (5) Looney b. 24 Nov. 1831.
          6...Mathias (5) Looney b. 16 June 1833.
          7...Malinda Looney b. 20 Dec. 1834; m. Julius Ratliff b. ca 1834, son of Abednego and Louisa Ratliff.
          8...Catherine Looney b. 16 April 1838; m. 6 Sept. 1859 John S. Ratliff, son of Richard and Lydia Ratliff. He was a farmer and treasurer of Buchanan Co., Va.
          9...Sarah (Sallie) Looney b. 14 Dec. 1840, d. 21 July 1841.
          10..Robert (5) Looney b. 13 June 1842.
          11..Daniel (5) Looney b. 5 Feb. 1844.
          12..Emaline Looney b. 7 Aug. 1848; m. Jacob Vandyke b. 11 March 1849.
        By (3) Malissa, 10 children:
          13..Silk (5) Looney b. 24 Dec. 1855; m. Pricy Jane Slone. 8 ch.
          1880 Buchanan County Census
            Silkitt age 25
            Jane age 21
            Cosby age 2
          14..James (5) Looney b. 21 Aug. 1856, d. 1932; m. (1) Jennie, (2) Isabel Stanley, (3) 12 Oct. 1910 Nancy Margaret Honaker. (Reg. 3, 49.)
          15..Polly Looney b. 4 Aug. 1857, d. 23 June 1859.
          16..Mary Jane Looney b. 7 March 1859; m. 15 Jan. 1874 Robert Yates
          1880 Buchanan County Census
          Robert Yates age 31 born Va.
          Mary J age 20
          Elijah age 7
          George age 5
          Henry age 3
          Joseph age 1 month

          17...Nancy Looney b. 29 March 1861, d. 18 March 1862.
          18..Miles (5) Harvey Looney b. 3 April 1863.
          19..Paulina Looney b. 7 April 1865; m. J.L.D. Perkins
          20...Lydia Margaret Looney b. 1 June 1867; m. John W. Elswick b. 8 Oct. 1862.
          21..David (5) Looney b. 20 March 1869.
          22..Caroline Looney b. 20 Feb. 1872, d. 27 Sept. 1875.
        Note that there were in this family 22 children in 3 sets, all born in what is now Buchanan County, Virginia, and there were at least 116 grandchildren

        Only have information on below names:

        1...John (5) Looney (Joseph4, John3,John2,Robert) was born ca 1827, died 1890. (Pike Co., Ky., Wills 2, 204.) He married (1) Mary Ann Childress 30 November 1848; (2) Emertia Rowe 6 October 1853; (3) Elizabeth Jackson 15 May 1872. (Marriages in Pike Co., Ky.)
        1850 Census of Pike County Ky:
          John Looney age 23 born in Va
          Mary A. age 18 born in Ky
          Joseph age 9 months born in VA

        1870 Census of Pike County Ky: JOHN LOONEY age 42 born 1827 in Va
        Mary nor Emeretta not listed, Emeretta may have died in childbirth or afterward in 1870 with son Spotford since she was not listed in the 1870 census:

          Children all Born in Ky
          Joseph age 21
          Sarah E. age 15
          Malinda E age 14
          Madison F. age 13
          Henderson age 11
          Sarah H. age 7
          Henry H. age 6
          Miles D age 5
          William H. age 4
          Spotford H age 6 months

        John Remarried after Emeretta died to an Elizabeth Jackson

        1880 Census Pike County Ky
          John Looney age 53
          Elizabeth Looney age 32
          James G. Jackson age 10 stepson
          Ulysses P. Looney age 7
          Alexander Looney age 4
          Walter age 1
          Miles D Looney age 15
          William H. Looney age 12
          Spotford H. age 10

        His children of the 1st Marriage (updated with Census Records)
          1...Jacob Looney
          2...Joseph Looney

        His children of the 2nd marriage were:
          3...Polly J. Looney
          4...Sarah E. Looney Married George Washington Ramey, Pike County Kentucky
          5...Madison Looney
          1880 Sand Lick Buchanan County Census
          Madison age 23 born in Ky
          Nancy age 20
          Mary E. age 1
          6...Henderson Looney
          1880 Pike County Kentucky census
          Henderson Looney age 20
          Sarah Jane age 22
          Pricey Isabella age 1
          7...Malinda Looney
          8...Henry Looney
          9...Miles D. Looney
          10..William H. Looney
          11..Spotford Hickman Looney
          12..Gilbert Looney (foster son)
        His children of the third marriage were:
          13..Ulysses Preston Looney
          14..Walter Solomon Looney
          15..Alex H. Looney
          16..James Jackson stepson

        2...William (5) Looney (Joseph4, John3John2,Robert) was born 21 March 1830; married 15 May 1856 Elizabeth Jane Yates, born ca 1836, daughter of Richard and
        Sally Yates. They lived on Slate Creek, near Grundy, Virginia, and had the following children:
          John W. Looney
          Caroline Looney
          Robert Aaron Looney
          Joseph B. Looney
          Alex. Looney
        3...Henry (5) Looney (Joseph4, John3,John2,Robert) was born 24 November 1831, died ca 1895; married in Tazewell County, Virginia, 20 January 1853 Elizabeth (5) Looney (John4, John3) who was his first cousin paternally and 2nd cousin maternally. She was born 2 January 1835, died 8 December 1914. They lived at Vansant, Virginia, and their children were:

          Joseph (6) B. Looney b. ca 1859; m. (1) Louisa Cook and had at least Henry (7) M. Looney b. ca 1881 who m. Mary Elizabeth Keen b. ca 1831, dau. of Mathias and Mary Keen.
          Polly (Mary) Looney m. Frank Deel (b. 25 July 1860) and had:
          Rosa D. Looney
          Hetty Looney
          Josephine Looney b. ca 1863; m. Fanning M.F. Boyd who d. 16 Dec. 1936. Their children were:
          Hester Boyd
          Victoria Boyd
          M. R. Boyd
          Lillie Boyd
          Catherine Boyd
          Fanning M. F. Boyd Jr.
          Elbert Looney m. Margaret Duty.
          Didema Looney b. ca 1861; m. Wm. Preston Hagy b. 8 Feb. 1855. They had:
          George W. Hagy b. 17 Sept. 1876.
          Mathias (6) A. Looney b. ca 1866; See 6th Gen.
          Cynthia Eve Looney b. ca 1869; m. 2 Aug. 1888 Holland M. Boyd b. ca 1869, son of I. N. and Nancy Boyd.
          John Looney; never married.
          Birdine (6) Looney b. 19 May 1876. See 6th Gen.
          Adolphus (6) Looney b. 11 Aug. 1881. See 6th Gen.
        4...Mathias (5) Looney (Joseph4, John3,John2,Robert) was born 16 June 1833 and married 17 January 1861 Sallie (Sarah) Shortridge, born 21 June 1841, daughter of ___ and Polly Shortridge.
        1880 Garden Buchanan County Va census
        Mathias Looney age 46
        Sallie age 49
        Joseph Mathias age 18 born 5 May 1862
        Belle age 16
        Alexander age 16 born Oct 1864
        Henry J. age 11 born 1869
        William born after 1880 or died before census of 1880

        5...Robert (5) Looney (Joseph4, John3,John2,Robert) was born 13 June 1842, died in 1914; married Courtney Yates born 6 May 1844, daughter of Richard and Sally Yates. Their children were:
          John Ira Looney b. 7 Sept. 1865, d. 4 Jan. 1942.
          Sarah Jane Looney b. 20 Aug. 1872, d. 8 Oct. 1932.
          Richard Looney b. 20 Aug. 1872.
          Louisa Looney b. 19 March 1874.
          Grover Cleveland Looney b. 2 Nov. 1885, d. 1962 or 3.
          Charley L. Looney b. 21 April 1890.
        6...Daniel (5) Looney (Joseph4, John3,John2,Robert) was born 5 February 1844; married Emma Yates
        1880 Garden Buchanan County Va Census
          Daniel Looney age 36
          Emma age 34
          John age 14
          Robert age 12
          Miles age 9
          Thomas age 7
          Charles age 5
          Jesse age 2
          Mary J. age 1

        Several Yates family members are on these census pages

        7...James Thomas Looney born 1856
        1880 Buchanan County Va. Census
          James Looney age 23
          Jennie ae 25
          Miles age 7
          Mary J.age 6
          Charles age 5
          Other Children after 1880
          Jesse Looney
          Daniel P. Looney
          Sarah M. Looney
          Virginia E. Looney
          Henry Looney
        8...Miles (5) Harvey Looney (Joseph4, John3,John2,Robert) was born 3 April 1863, died 15 January 1920; married Lottie C. Sloan born 1865. daughter of Morgan and Nellie Sloan of Buchanan County Va.

        1880 Buchanan County Va. Census
        Morgan Sloan age 45 born in Ky
        Nellie age 39 born in Ky
        John R age 18 born in Va.
        Lottie C. age 15
        Sarah age 13
        Lydia age 11
        Louisana age 7
        Morgan age 8
        William age 6
        Lena age 1
        Children of Miles and Lottie Looney

          Hester Ann Looney
          William Graham Looney
          Lenia (Linnie) Alafair Looney
          Ayers T. Looney
          Burke Steward Looney
          Marshall C. Looney
          Arville Zone Looney
          Bradshaw Looney
          George Octon Looney
          Burliegh Haberson Looney
          Lady Boldbug Looney
          Tallahassee Florida Looney
          Theodore Alden Looney
          Clarence Ranson Looney
        9...David (5) Looney (Joseph4, John3,John2,Robert) was born 20 March 1869, died 18 March 1934 at Cooperville, Ohio. He married 8 November 1889 Mary C. Vandyke, daughter of Fred and Nacati Van Dyke. Mary C. was born 27 November 1871 and died 4 May 1951. Their Children were:
          Glenn C. Looney
          Bert Looney
          Rufus G. Looney
          Morris Looney
          Cecil Looney
          George Looney
          Nacati Looney
          Maxie Looney
          Patti L. Looney
          Rona Bea Looney
          Emma Looney
          Iza M. Looney
          Child, d. an infant.

        1...Family Genealogy from Gayl Ramey Wells Family members and Research

        2...Robert Looney's Will In the name of God amen September the fourteenth one thousand seven hundred and sixty-nine, I Robert Looney being very sick and weak in Body but of Perfect mind and memory and calling to mind the uncertainty of this life and knowing that all men was worn to die once I recommend my soul to God who gave it and my Body to the ground to be buried in a decent manner at the discretion of my Executors nothing doubting but I shall have it again at the Resurrection. As for the worldly Estate that it has pleased God to Bless me with I give and bequeath in manner and form the following. I leave my well beloved wife Elizabeth Luney and my beloved son Joseph Luney to be my sole Executors. Next I leave to my beloved grandson John Luney one shilling sterling.
        All the remainder of my Bodily Estate after my funeral charges and Lawful Debts are paid I give and bequeath to my well beloved wife Elizabeth Luney to Live on and use as she pleaseth During her natural Life and then to descend to my beloved son Joseph at her death the rest of my children having already got all that I allow to them of my estate.

        Signed Sealed and Pronounced in Presence of us
        John Smith His
        James Crow Robert (RL) Luney (Seal) Elinor Crow Mark
        John Burton (His Mark)
        At a court held for Botetourt County the 13th of November 1770 this writing purporting to be the last will and Testament of Robert Looney decd. was Presented in court by Joseph Looney one of the Executors herein named and proved by the oaths of Thomas Crow, James Crow and John Smith and ordered to be recorded and on motion of said Executor who made oath according to Law certificate is granted him for obtaining a probate thereof in due form whereupon he together with Abraham McClelland and John Looney his securities entered into and acknowledged their bond in five Hundred pounds conditioned as the Law directs. Tests John May C.B.C. Recorded in Will Book A, page 5; Botetourt County, Virginia. (Robert's mark was a capital R on the upper shank of capital L.) (Probably his stock Brand)

        3...1850,1870,1880, Virginia and Kentucky Census Images:

        4...Manuscript, compiled by Leroy W. Tilton, was the cumulation of 50 plus years of work on the part of many Looney and Allied Family Researchers from all across America. While this work is known to contain some errors, it is the single most widely used document relied on by present day Looney Genealogists in America.

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