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      Ramey Family Genealogy Index
      The information on these pages is for RESEARCH.
      It is NOT presented in gedcom form or a family tree file. The information is continually changing and updating.
      This research is a GUIDE to go by.
      This Website is for the purpose of gathering and presenting research on our ancestors from all sources.

      From 1850 on Census records started having all family names and before that we relied on military records, family bibles, and land record.
      If we have research listed other than in America and the research we have done ourselves, that information, as well as all on this website, is still being researched, documented, and proven.
      Many documents are listed and shown in the newsletter links.

      If you have anything to add or changes let us know.


      Gayl Ramey W.

      If you find a link not working let ME know.

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      Chronicles of the Remy Family in France

      Remy Up To Jacob

      1..Diedier Remy 1490, Lorraine France
      2..George Remy 1519, Lorraine France
      Married: Beatrix De Rosserieres
      3..Jacques Remy 1545, Lorraine France
      Married: Mary(Marie)??
      4..Pierre Remy, 1586 Lorraine France

      Jacob Remy

      Jacob Remy
      Married 1. Francois Haldatt
      Married 2. Mary [Spencer or Miles]
      1...William Remy Sr. 1672
      Married: Catherine Asbury
      2...Jacob Remy Jr. 1675 Married: Ann Sanford

      William Remy Sr.

      William Remy Sr.
      Married: Catherine Asbury
      1...William Remy jr. 1696
      Married: Barbara Byram
      2...Jacob Remy 1698
      Married: Ann Carr
      3...Asbury Remy 1703
      Married: Elizabeth Hannah Neale
      4...Catherine Remy 1710
      Married: Thomas Wormeth
      5...John Remy 1715
      Married: Mary Linton
      6...James Remy 1715
      Married: Elizabeth Sanders
      7...Daniel Remy 1720
      Married: Dorcas Brickey
      This line Branches off to
      William Remy of Floyd County KY
      8...Elizabeth Remy 1722

      James Remy/ Ramey

      James Remy/Ramey
      Married: Elizabeth Sanders
      1...Daniel Ramey Sr. 1743
      Married: Rachel Johnston
      2...David James Ramey 1745
      3...James M Ramey 1748

      Daniel Ramey Sr.

      Daniel Ramey Sr. 1743
      Married: Rachel Johnston
      1...John Minns Ramey 1760
      Married:?? Sarah
      Married: Margaret Bradshaw
      2...William Ramey 1762
      Married: Eleanor Harrison
      3...Daniel Ramey Jr 1764
      4...James Ramey 1765

      William Ramey

      William Ramey 1762
      Married: Eleanor Harrison
      1...Daniel Ramey 1779
      Married: Sally McKinney
      2...William Ramey sr. 1782
      Married: Anna Samlin
      3...Ann Ramey 1784
      Married: Henry Kain (Cain)
      4...Sarah Ramey 1785
      Married: Daniel Wood
      5...James Stephen Ramey 1786
      Married: Elizabeth Jean Kindred
      6...Rachel Ramey 1787
      Married: Jacob Wood
      7...Drucilla Ramey 1788
      Married: John Kindred
      8...Talitha Ramey 1790
      Married: David Kindred

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      William Ramey sr.

      William Ramey 1762
      Married: Anna Samlin
      1...Mary Christine (Teeny) Ramey 1804
      Married: Richard Potter
      2...John Henry Ramey 1895
      Married: Malinda Powell
      Married: Emily Stratton
      3...James Daniel Ramey 1809
      Married: Lucinda Cindesta Carty
      4...Moses Ramey 1811
      Married: Tabitha Jane Fuller
      5...Elizabeth Ramey 1813
      Married: Lazarus Hunt
      6...Nancy Ramey 1815
      Married: Joseph Belcher
      7...Rebecca Ramey 1818
      Married: William Bentley
      Married: Hiram Osbourne
      8...Easter Ramey 1821
      Married: Abraham Stewart (Stuart)
      9...Charles Ramey 1823
      Married: Nancy Case
      Married: Lucinda Jane
      Married: Susan Henson
      10..Anna Ramey 1827
      Married: Benjamin Bentley
      11..William Ramey jr 1824
      Married: Polly Henson
      Married; Elziabeth Stapleton

      Tombsone Marker, Founding Father
      Honoring William Ramey
      Elkhorn City Kentucky

      William Ramey of Pike Co. Ky Will

      James Daniel Ramey

      Daniel Ramey
      Married: Lucinda Cindesta Carty
      1...Henry Ramey 1842
      Married: Adaline Tackett
      2...Andrew Jackson Ramey 1843
      Married: Anna Potter
      Married: Lavisa Clevenginger
      3...Rebecca Ramey 1844
      Married: Alexander Salyer
      4...Martha Ramey 1848
      Married: William Ball
      5...Mary Ramey 1848
      Married: Reuben Stewart (Stuart)
      6...George Washington Ramey Sr. 1849
      Married: Elizabeth Looney
      7...Abraham Cantrell Ramey 1851
      Married Angelene Adkins
      8...Sarah Jane Ramey 1853
      Married: Henderson Looney
      9...Marinda Ramey 1867

      George Washington Ramey Sr.

      George Washington Ramey 1849
      Married: Elizabeth Looney
      1...Sarah Frances Ramey 1873
      Married: Enoch Senter
      2...Cindesta Florence Ramey 1874
      Married: Lewis Clevenger
      3...James Henderson (Bud) Ramey 1877
      Married: Marcella Belcher
      4...Basil Jackson Ramey 1879
      Married: Bertha Salyer
      Married: Rosa Ratliff
      5...Henry Wilson Ramey 1880
      Married: Melvina (Mella) May
      6...Joseph Nelson Ramey 1882
      7...Grover Cleveland Ramey 1884
      Married: Cora Slone
      8...Virgie C. Ramey 1886
      Married: Columbus Ratliff
      9...Nevada (Vada) Ramey 1890
      Married: William Vance
      10..Maudie Ramey 1891
      Married: Basil Slone
      11..Italy Ramey 1893
      Married: Alex Potter
      12..George Washington Ramey Jr 1895
      Married: Mary Potter
      13..Christian Jennings Ramey
      Married: Catherine Young
      14..John Daniel Ramey 1900
      Married: Louella Sarah Fisher

      Henry Wilson Ramey

      Henry Wilson Ramey 1880
      Married: Melvina (Mella) May
      1...Joseph Turner Ramey 1903
      Married: Dorthea Booth
      2...Teddy Roosevelt Ramey 1904
      Married: Gypsie Adaline Ramey
      Married: Effie Elmore Tenn.
      Married: Marie Hoskins Tenn.
      3...James Otto Ramey 1906
      Married: Edna Potter
      4...Nancy Bessie Ramey 1908
      Married: Donald Church
      5...Lettie Ramey 1910
      6...Mary Florence Ramey 1913
      Married: Joseph Clevenger

      Teddy Roosevelt Ramey

      Sloan and May Family


      Ramey Assorted Research

      Ramey Tax Records Russel Co. Va

      Ramey War Records


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