Libby's Genealogy: Scrapbook Supplies

Photo Safe Scrapbook Supplies

Quality Scrapbooks and Supplies are the key to
preserving your keepsakes and photos!

PAGES - Acid-Free, Lignin-Free, and Buffered. The pages should not harm your photos and should remain white over the years!

BINDING - Should withstand years of wear and allow you to put pages in any order. You don't want your pages to tear out, yet you should be able to rearrange them.

LAYOUTS - Pages should allow unlimited possibilities for your creativity. Can you put photos and keepsakes on the page in any direction?

PAGE PROTECTORS - Protective covering should be available for pages and individual items. You want others to enjoy your story books without a fear of fingerprints.

ADHESIVES - Adhesives should also be acid-free so as not to deteriorate your photos. Never use rubber cement or other harmful products in your scrapbooks.

WRITING - Waterproof, fade-proof, acid-free pens will guarantee that your stories and journaling are visible for future generations.

Using Photo-Safe Supplies Adding Color & Creativity
Importance of Stories & Journaling Page Layout Ideas