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Petition 20882932 Details
Location: St. Landry, Louisiana
Salutation: To the Honorable the Judge of the fifth judicial district in the western circuit division of the State of Louisiana, holding court in and for the Parish of Saint Landry (, )
Filing Court and Date: District, 1829-August-28
Ending Court and Date: District, 1829-December-4

General Petition Information

Abstract: Jean Miramond and Ludger Lastrapes, merchants formerly under the style of J. Miramond & Co., represent that Pierre Auguste and Denis Guillory, free men of color, are "jointly and severally indebted" to them in the sum of $55 "with legal interest." The petitioners claim that Auguste and Guillory issued a promissory note to ensure the payment of the debt but it "has long since been due." They pray that Auguste and Guillory be decreed to pay the debt plus interest and costs of this suit.

Result: granted

# of Petition Pages: 3

Related Documents: PAR #20882702 in the Guillory Series; PARs #20882723, #20882829, #20882939; Judgment, 4 December 1829

Pages of Related Documents: 1

People Associated with Petition 20882932
Slaves: 0
Free Persons of Color: 2
Defendants: 2
Petitioners: 2

Citation Information
Repository: St. Landry Parish Courthouse, Opelousas, Louisiana

Records of the Fifth Judicial District Court
Record Group:
Document Number 1,534

Processing Information
Transcribed?: No
Book Edition?: No
Record Created: 12/3/1996
Record Final Edited: 5/21/2003
Record Last Updated on: 4/12/2006 12:07:00 PM

Louisiana, unlike other southern states, primarily maintained separated white and black military organizations. A few Louisiana "free blacks", however, served in white Confederated units and received Confederate pensions. Among them were Charles Lutz, Jean Baptiste Pierre-Auguste, and Leufroy Pierre-Auguste of St. Landry Parish, who fought with the Confederate army troops at Shiloh, Fredericksburg, and Vicksburg. Confederate Research Sources

Civil War Service:

Auguste, Lufoy Pierre. Pvt. Co. K. 16th La. Infty. En. Sept. 29th, 1861, Camp Moore, La. Present on All Rolls from Sept., 1861, to Oct., 1862. Roll for Nov. and Dec., 1862, ?Colored Man. Dropped from Roll by Order of Col. Gober, Dec. 8th, 1862.?


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 Saint Landry Parish Bible Records 



September, 1986
Arthur W. Bergeron, Jr.

Lufroy Pierre-Auguste was born in St. Landry Parish about 1830. He was the son of Pierre Pierre-Auguste and Gabriele Tessier, free persons of color. The 1860 census shows that Lufroy worked as a stockherder for Francois P. Pitre, Jr. Lufroy left his farm and joined Captain Daniel Gober's Big Cane rifles, which became Company K, Sixteenth Louisiana Infantry Regiment. The first two muster rolls of this company list him as a free man of color-the only such instance found in researching these men. None of the men discussed in this manuscript, except for Lutz and possibly Gabriel Grappe, pretended they were white. The other men in their units undoubtedly knew them as free blacks. The Sixteenth Louisiana fought in the battles of Shiloh, Farmington, and Perrysville. On December 8, 1862, while in camp at Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Lufroy received a discharge from Confederate service. The reason given for his dicharge was that he was a "colored man." Apparently superior authorities had finally discovered that he was black and ordered his separation from the army. Lufroy went home, but he did become involved in one other incident before war's end. On May 13, 1865, he surprised two Jayhawkers near Opelousas. These men made up part of a band of outlaws, deserters, and draft dodgers who resisted Confederate authority. The two Jayhawkers fired at him, and he returned fire, hitting one of the men. Lufroy married in 1869, but no further information on his life after the war has come to light so far.

Francois P. Pitre Jr. 33 farmer, $2500 real estate, $9100 personal, wife Azeline C. Pitre 28, Francois 10, Estelle 9, Arthure 7, Azeline 5, Armant 3, Octave 2 months, Diomel S. Durio 16 stock holder, Lufroid P. Auguste 30 stock holder; slaves: male (black) 15 [p. 151/I11]

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LaTour LeBlanc Pierre-Auguste Family

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U.S. FEDERAL CENSUS -- ST. LANDRY PARISH -- Leufroy Pierre-Auguste

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1850 United States Federal Census

Name: Lupay Pre Auguste
Age: 23
Estimated birth year: abt 1827
Birth Place: Louisiana
Race: Mulatto
Gender: Male
Home in 1850
(City,County,State): St Landry, Louisiana
1870 United States Federal Census

Leufroi Pierre-Auguste 40 M M LA
Farmer $300 $225
Caroline Pierre-Auguste 37 F M LA
Celestine Pierre-Auguste 21 F M LA
Narcisse Pierre-Auguste 17 M M LA
Azelie Pierre-Auguste 14 F M LA
Valmont Pierre-Auguste 13 M M LA
Pierre Pierre-Auguste 11 M M LA
Eugenie Pierre-Auguste 8 F M LA
Meranthe Pierre-Auguste 6 F M LA
1880 United States Federal Census

Home in 1880: 1st Ward
Saint Landry, Louisiana
Auguste Lufroid Pierre 50 M M LA
Farm Laborer
Caroline Pierre 50 F M LA
Eustine Pierre 30 F M LA Daughter
Ophelia Pierre 9 F M LA Granddaughter
GREAT-GREAT GRANDMOTHER -- Marie Merante Pierre-Auguste

UNITED STATES FEDERAL CENSUS -- Marie Merante Pierre-Auguste

1870 United States Federal Census

Name: Meranthe Pierre
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1864
Age in 1870: 6
Birthplace: Louisiana
Home in 1870: Ward 5
St Landry, LA
Race: Mulatto
Gender: Female
Value of real estate:
Post Office: Bayou Chicot
Household Members: Name Age
Auguste Lufros Pierre 40
Caroline Pierre 37
Celestine Pierre 21
Narcisse Pierre 17
Azelie Pierre 14
Valmont Pierre 13
Pierre Pierre 11
Eugenie Pierre 8
Meranthe Pierre 6
1910 United States Federal Census

Name: William Leblance
[William Leblanc]
Estimated birth year: abt 1856
Birthplace: Louisiana
Relation to Head of House: Head
Father's Birth Place: Louisiana
Mother's Birth Place: Louisiana
Spouse's name: Sarah
Home in 1910: Police Jury Ward 1
St Landry, Louisiana
Marital Status: Married
Race: Mulatto
Gender: Male
William Leblance 54 M M LA
Sarah Leblance 47 F M LA
Mary Leblance 19 F M Daughter LA
Robert Leblance 18 M M Daughter LA
Joseph Leblance 17 M M Son LA
Josephine Leblance 17 F M Daughter
Henry Leblance 14 M M Son LA
Adam Leblance 13 M M Son LA
Alla Leblance 11 F M Daughter LA
Charles Leblance 9 M M Son LA
Stella Leblance 8 F M Daughter LA
Lufrone Leblance 6 M M Son LA
Hermance Leblance 13 F M Step LA
Lunea Leblance 9 M M Step LA
Hortence Leblance 7 F M Step LA
1900 United States Federal Census

Name: Marrent Lablanc
Home in 1900: Police Jury Ward 1
Saint Landry, LA
Age: 38
Estimated birth year: abt 1862
Birthplace: Louisiana
Relationship to head-of-house: Wife
Spouse's name: William
Race: Black
Household Members: Name Age
William Lablanc 41
Marrent Lablanc 38
Uless Lablanc 19
William Lablanc 19
Albert Lablanc 12
Marrie Lablanc 9
Robert Lablanc 7
Joseph Lablanc 5
Josephine Lablanc 5
Henry Lablanc 4
Adam Lablanc 3
Ella Lablanc 2



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