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Blake_Qa2001.jpg (11325 bytes)

Quincy, Christmas 2001

Blake_Q2001.jpg (22536 bytes)

Quincy, Christmas 2001

Quincy-3.jpg (12745 bytes)

All ready for the bus!

Looking grownup at 22 months

Quincy-4.jpg (9674 bytes)

Posing in the bath.


Quincy-5.jpg (12488 bytes)

Quincy talks about a "bull DOZER" as he gets ready for bed.

Tracy-Q.jpg (33277 bytes)

When Quincy was a tyke.


A nice fall day, Tracy plays the Dad.  Quincy plays himself.


Jill-Q.jpg (38377 bytes)

Quincy says, "I'm not scared."

Halloween, Jill plays the Mom. Quincy plays the dragon.


Quincy-1.jpg (18095 bytes)

Quincy says, "I like to look out the window."

Quincy, as himself, in his strawberry hat.


Jill1980.jpg (2071 bytes)

Jill in Grade 1

Jill as a younger woman.

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