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Shawn & Vivian K. Mason

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Visiting with Chris & Julia Mason family

Family Roles


Shawn & Vivian play "Uncle and Aunt" to Luke and Evan


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Celebrating with Ethiopian food in Cleveland




Shawn convinces Luke that Ethopian food is delicious.

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Visiting at Middleburg Heights

Shawn, Evan, Vivian, Linda and  Emmett

Thanksgiving in Portsmouth.

Home from BootCamp






Shawn & Vivian celebrate Thanksgiving 1997

PFC Shawn Mason

Graduation USMC





PFC Shawn Mason

Shawn Mason home from NYC

Shawn says, "I want to see Boris, right now!"





Shawn re-visits Mt. Pleasant.

Shawn as a happy guy.

Shawn asks, "Is this how you smile for the camera?"







Shawn, age 19 months.





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