Genealogy Resources

Genealogy Resources

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Welcome! This is a collection of source material for researchers of family history. Please do pass this link along to other folks with interests in Middle Tennessee. To contribute a document, scroll down.

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Cemetery Markers Pictures and listings. Updated June 24, 2002
Guardian Settlements
Marriage Records
Church Pictures
School Pictures. Updated June 25, 2002
Tax lists

Contributions of documents and pictures are welcome: Electronic images; pictures; documents; VHS, Super VHS, VHS-C, 8MM video tape, or just about anything. I post individual pictures of people born before 1886 and group church and school pictures taken before 1930. If you have any information on schools in Maury County, please go here.

Check back soon. Things are added as time permits. Please report any errors, suggestions, or contributions to Gary . Please do not change the Subject line unless you are in my address book, or the message will be treated as junk by automated filters. All junk E-mail is sent to the FTC.

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 Links to other Maury County resources:
Maury County Historical Society
Maury County, Tennessee School History

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Listings from Maury County, Tennessee Cemeteries, compiled by Fred Lee Hawkins, Jr. are posted with permission from Mr. Hawkins.

 Updated May 26, 2002