Cemetery Markers


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Some of these are not yet posted, since interested parties have copies. If there are enough requests I will post them as well. All cemeteries not otherwise noted are located in Maury County.

Allen Cemetery, updated 3-12-04
Allen Cemetery, Wilkes County, North Carolina. (Thank you, John)
Ebenezer Cemetery, McNairy Co, TN, Clarissa, wife of Andrew Mills. Submitted by Emma.
Godwin Chapel, Pictures property of Gary.
Goshen Cemetery. A few markers.
Hilltown Cemetery. About half the markers.
Knob Creek Baptist Church Cemetery. Just a few pictures. Updated June 24, 2002
Morton. Just one for Charles Hardison.
Mt. Nebo. Just one for Martha J (Kinzer) Hood.
Mt. Wesley. Just a few Hoods.
Old Knob Creek Cemetery Pictures property of Gary.
Rose Hill Cemetery, Pictures courtesy of Bill & Eva. Listing courtesy of Fred Hawkins.
Santa Fe Cemetery.
Woolverton Cemetery, McNairy Co, TN.