Woedtke, Kreis Greifenberg

Views of the Church and Manor House

April, 2000

In the church: The Woedtke Crest and some family information. More specifics to come.


This section of pews was for the seating of the Woedtke family in the church. They had a separate entrance. (from left, Kasia Grycza (guide), Father Josef Chmiel (parish priest), and Antonia Ziemer, descendant of the Hintz family of Woedtke.


The Woedtke family apparently built this church shortly before WWI, with some wood and some interior furnishings reused from the church formerly on the site. Please note the inscription above the front door:

"Land , Land Land, Hore Des Herrn Wort"

One view of the disused manor house: many more to come

Pastor Chmiel in front of an outbuilding on the manor house grounds

Is this a stable? A funeral chapel? More pictures to come

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