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This page is for all the Winner's I know of ... from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, North Dakota,Ohio and on and on. I am very un-organised right now, but am working on arranging all the Winner's in a orderly fashion. Bear with me and write if you have any questions.

I am currently the Administrator for the Rootsweb Mailing List for Winners. It is also connected to the Winner Message Board at Rootsweb. Please feel free to come and browse.I hope we can help you be a Winner in your personal search.

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*Note: Be sure to visit the Winner Mailing List, scroll to the bottom and do a search of all the records by the year. Lots of Winner info researched and recorded here.

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Without the help of my wonderful friends and relatives I've found along the way, this site would never be possible. Many, Many Thanks and honors go to Karen Winner and Fred Winner and along the way in the Family Tree... Mary of the Morrisons and others, too. The libraries have been a great help! Any good thing related to the Winner's will be add with recognition and sourcing as much as can be found. Submit your website if you'd like to be on our list. I have no ownership on any of this, therfore this is a totally free site! Write and say "Hello!"