Hertfordshire Old Maps


Hertfordshire  1577  Christopher Saxton in Camden's Britannia

Furzefield (Wylotts Manor- South Mimms area)   1594  Ralph Trewell

Hertfordiae Comitatus.   1607   Christopher Saxton, engraved by William Kip in Camden's Britannia

Hertfordshire.   1610 John Speed in The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine

Hertfordshire.  1610 William Kip,  Christopher Saxton in Camden's Britannia

Hertfordshire and Middlesex. 1612-1622  Michael Drayton in the Polyolbion     Tooley Adams & Co.

Hertfordshire.   1646  Jan Jansson  Gillmark Gallery

Hertfordshire.   1646  John Norden. engraved by William Kip in Camden's Britannia

Hertfordshire. 1650  Johannes Blaeu 

Hertfordshire.   1664  J.Blaeu

Hertfordshire   1667  Van der Keere/Speed

A Mapp of Hartfordshire with its Hundreds.   1673 Richard Blome in Britannia  Robert Ross & Co.

Hertfordshire.   1694  John Seller in Anglia Contracta

Hertfordshire.   1695  Robert Morden  in Camden's Britannia

Hertfordshire.   1700 Hermann Moll

Hartfordshire.   1701  Robert Morden in his The New Description and State of England                                                        
Classical Images

Hertfordshire.   1720  Emanuel Bowen and John Owen in Britannia Depicta   The Old Map Shop

Hertfordshire .  1724  Herman Moll in A New Description of England and Wales, Gillmark Gallery

Hertfordshire.   1742  Thomas Badeslade & W.H.Toms in Chorographia Britanniæ
Richard Nicholson -antiquemaps.com

Hertfordshire.   1742 Thomas Badeslade. pub. W. H. Toms in Chorographica Britanniæ
(High resolution images of the 1st and the extensively revised  3rd states of this atlas)

Hertfordshire.   1746 Samuel Simpson in the The Agreeable Historian or Complete English Traveller                                         The Old Map Shop

Hertfordshire. 1748.  Thomas Kitchin for The London Magazine

The Road from London to Norwich, Cambridge, Ely & King's Lynn...also from Oxford to Cambridge,   1755  Gentleman's Magazine

Hertfordshire.   1761 .  detail from R. & J. Dodsley. London and it Environs Described

The Roads from London to Norwich,Cambridge,Ely King's Lynn commencing at Puckeridge in the Chester Road.Also from Oxford to Cambridge. 1765  Gentlemans Magazine

Hertfordshire . 1766  Andrew Drury & John Andrews Gillmark Gallery

A Plan of Hartford.   1766 John Andrew and M. Wren  Tooley Adams & Co.

Hertfordshire. 1769   John Rocque in England Displayed , originally published in Rocque's  Small British Atlas , 1753

Hartfordshire. 1784  Thomas Kitchin in George Walpoole's The New British Traveller     Classical Images

  Thomas Kitchin in England Displayed, reprinted unchanged from its initial publication in the London Magazine (1748). Gillmark Gallery

Hertfordshire.   1787  John Cary in his New and Correct English Atlas   Your Old Maps Online

Hertfordshire.   1788  Haywood   engr.Sudlow.  in J.Harrison's Maps of the English Counties

Hertfordshire.   1793  John Cary in his New and Correct English Atlas (2nd edn.)

Parts of Hertfordshire, Middlesex.   1794  John Cary  section 25 of  of Cary's Map of England

Hertfordshire. 1794    François Vivares  Gillmark Gallery

Hertfordshire.   1801 John Cary in Cary's New English Atlas (1809)

Hertfordshire.   1803  John Luffman in An Atlas of the Counties of England   Tooley Adams & Co.

Hertfordshire.    1803  John Aikin in England Delineated   The Old Map Shop

Hertfordshire.   1804 George Cole & John Roper in The British Atlas

Hertfordshire . 1808  Charles Smith in Smith's New English Atlas 2nd edn. Gillmark Gallery

 St. Albans.       1810 engraved J. Roper, from a drawing by G. Cole.  in The British Atlas

Hertfordshire.  1810  James Wallis's  in Wallis's New Pocket Edition of the English Counties or Travellers Companion     

Hertfordshire.    1814  John Cary in Cary's Traveller's Companion   The Old Map Shop

St. Albans. 1820  George Cole, engr. J. Roper in The British Atlas

Hertfordshire   1812  James Wallis in A New and Improved County Atlas, Wallis's New British Atlas ...   Gillmark Gallery

<> Hertfordshire . 1820  James Wallis in The Panorama : or, Traveller's Instructive Guide : through England & Wales                                                                                                                        Gillmark Gallery

Hertfordshire. 1820 in (William) Darton's New Miniature Atlas, a reprint of (R.) Miller's New Miniature Atlas(1810)

Hertfordshire .  1822  W.R. Gardner in Smith's New English Atlas   Gillmark Gallery

Hertford,Bedford,Huntingdon and Cambridge.   1827   Aristide Perrot  From L'Angleterre ou Description Historique et Topographique du Royaume uni de la Grande-Bretagne

Hertfordshire.  1830  Joshua Archer   for Dugdales England and Wales Delineated

Hertfordshire.   1831  J. Pigot in Pigot & Co.'s British Atlas

Hertfordshire.     1833 Sidney Hall in A New British Atlas   rookesfineart

Thetford.  ca. 1835  Robert Creighton,  engr. J.& C. Walker for Lewis' Topographical Dictionary.

St. Albans.   1835  Robert Creighton,  engr. J. & C. Walker for Samuel Lewis's Topographical Dictionary.

Hertfordshire. 1835  Robert Creighton, engr. J. & C. Walker for Lewis's Topographical Dictionary.

Hertfordshire   1835  George Cole.  engr.J.Roper  in The British Atlas   Robert Ross & Co.

Hertfordshire.   1836  Christopher Moule  in The English Counties Delineated

Hertfordshire.     1840  Robert Creighton for Lewis's Topographical Dictionary

Hertfordshire. 1843  J.Archer for Dugdales England and Wales Delineated

Hertfordshire.   1860  Edward Weller in the Weekly Dispatch Atlas

Hertfordshire   ca.1883  Ordnance Survey (detailed maps)

Hertfordshire. 1885  Report of the Boundary Commissioners for England and Wales.
London Ancestor

Hertfordshire.   ca.1885   William Mackenzi e