Leicestershire Old Maps



Leicestershire.   1611  John Speed   in the The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine

Leicestershire.   1617  Pieter van den Keere

Leicestrensis Comitatus. Leicester Shire .  1648. Blaeu, Willem.

Leicestershire.   1681  Richard Blome   engraved for Speed's Maps Epitomised

Leicesternsis Comitatus.   1662  J. Bleau

Leicestershire.    1695  Robert Morden  in  Camden's Brittannia,

Leicestershire . 1695 Robert Morden in  Camden's Brittannia,

Leicestershire. 1704  Robert Morden.  Engraved by Robert Spofforth in The New Description and State of England,                          Murray Hudson

Leicestershire.   ca.1720  Robert Morden in Magna Britannia et Hibernia.

Leicestershire.    1720 Emanuel Owen and John Bowen, Britannia Depicta

Leicestershire.  1720  Emanuel Bowen and John Owen in Britannia Depicta   The Old Map Shop  

Leicestershire. 1742  Thomas Badeslade (with description of the County) (84kb)
                                                    Ross Old Book & Print Shop

Leicestershire. 1742 Thomas Badeslade. pub. W. H. Toms in Chorographica Britanniæ
(High resolution images of the 1st and the extensively revised  3rd states of this atlas)

Leicestershire.   1744  John Cowley for R.Dodsley's The Geography of Britain

Leicestershire.   1749  Thomas Kitchin in the English Atlas

Leicestershire and Rutland. 1761  Emmanuel Bowen   engr. George Rollos in England Displayed

Leicestershire.   1767   Emmanuel Bowen  pub Carrington Bowles in Bowles's New Medium English Atlas; distances from London added but otherwise unchanged from Bowen's map in Atlas Anglicanus (1767)

Leicestershire.   1780  John Sellar in Francis Grose's Antiquities of Great Britain

Leicestershire.   1784  Thomas Kitchin in The Antiquities of England and Wales by Henry Boswell, published by Alexander Hogg, originally published ca. 1750 London Magazine   Classical Images

Leicestershire.    1787  John Cary in his New and Correct English Atlas   Your Old Maps Online

A Map of Sparkenhoe Hundred.  1790  John Cary       Lindisfarne Prints

A Map of Guthlaxton Hundred.  1790 
John Cary     Lindisfarne Prints

Leicestershire.   1792  John Cary in his New and Correct English Atlas   Classical Images

Leicestershire, Northamptonshire.   1794  John Cary   section 33 of  of Cary's Map of England

Leicestershire.    1803  John Aikin in England Delineated 5th edn   The Old Map Shop

Leicestershire.   1808 Bejamin Pitts Capper  engr. H Cooper for A Topographical Dictionary of the United Kingdom pub. R. Phillips

Leicestershire.   1808 Charles  Smith, engr. Smith & Jones in Smith's New English Atlas

Leicestershire.   1814  John Cary in Cary's Traveller's Companion   The Old Map Shop

Leicester area. 1825  detail from:  Leicestershire .. from an actual survey made in the year 1825   C. & J. Greenwood, engraved by J. & C. Walker and published in Atlas of the Counties of England, 1830.  Steve Bartrick Antique Prints & Maps

Leicestershire.    1833 Sidney Hall in A New British Atlas   rookesfineart

Leicestershire   1833  Joshua Archer.   White on black wood engraved print, published by William Pinnock in The Guide to Knowledge   (172kb) Steve Bartrick Antique Prints & Maps

Leicestershire.   1835  Joshua Archer  in Dugdale's England and Wales Delineated   Classical Images

Leicestershire.   1836  Thomas Moule

Leicestershire.   1840  R.Creighton, engraved by J&C Walker for Lewis' Topographical Dictionary

Leicestershire.  1840  J.Archer in Dugdale's England and Wales Delineated.

Leicestershire. 1845 Robert Creighton for Samuel Lewis's Topographical Dictionary.

Leicestershire. 1852 or 1854.  Sydney Hall in A Travelling County Atlas.
This work was first published in 1842 and went through numerous updated editions until 1880.
This is one of the first editions to distinguish between completed railways (thick black line) and projected railways (thin hatched line), some of which were never completed.

Leicestershire.    ca. 1855  J.Archer in Dugdale's  England and Wales Delineated. 

Leicestershire.    ca. 1855 Sidney Hall in
A Travelling County Atlas

Leicestershire.  1860  Joshua Archer for Dugdales England and Wales Delineated
The Old Map Shop

<> Leicestershire and Rutland. 1863 Edward Weller or John Dower in The Weekly Dispatch Atlas.

Leicestershire. 1885 
Report of the Boundary Commissioners for England and Wales.
London Ancestor

Leicester. 1885  Report of the Boundary Commissioners for England and Wales.    London Ancestor

Leicestershire.   ca.1887   Ordnance Survey (detailed maps)

Leicester & Rutland   ca. 1890 Encyclopaedia Brittanica

Leicestershire and Rutland. 1893   Encyclopaedia Britannica

Leicester. town-plan(and detail)  1900 K.Baedeker