Montgomeryshire Old Maps



Montgomeryshire . 1610  Christopher Saxton

Montgomery and Merioneth.   1627  Pieter van der Keere

Montgomery Shire.     c.1631.   Speed, John.  pub. London, George Humble,

Welshpool area 1646  Jan Jansson

Montgomeryshire.   1664  J. Blaeu    Classical Images

Montgomeryshire .   1679  John Seller in Atlas Minimus Murray Hudson

Montgomeryshire   1718  Thomas Taylor in The Principality of Wales exactly described
National Library of Wales

Montgomeryshire.   1720  Emanuel Bowen and John Owen in Britannia Depicta   The Old Map Shop

Montgomeryshire.  1760  Thomas Kitchin in The London Magazine

Montgomeryshire. ca.1770  John Seller in Francis Grose Antiquities of England and Wales

Montgomeryshire.   ca.1830  Robt. Hall?

Montgomeryshire.   ca.1840  Joshua Archer

Montgomeryshire.  1848  Robert Creighton

Montgomeryshire.  1850  Joshua Archer for Dugdales England and Wales Delineated

Montgomeryshire.  1860  J
oshua Archer for Tallis's Topographical Dictionary of England and Wales                                                                                                     Welsh Family History Archive

Newtown area.   ca.1880  detail from County Map pub. William Mackenzie

Montgomeryshire   ca.1890  Ordnance Survey (detailed maps)