Anglesea Old Maps


Anglesea.   1579/1637  Saxton/Kip & Hole Anglesea History

Anglesey.   1595  Gerard Mercator (detail from map:  Westmorlandia, Lancastria, Ceastria)

Anglesea.  1610  Saxton/Kip from Camdens Britannia

Anglesea. 1611  John Speed  Anglesea History

IOW, Anglesea, Jersey & Guernsey.(Angliae, in qua Insulae).   1616 Petrus Bertius in Tabularum Geographicarum Contractarum Libri septem                       Tooley Adams & Co

Anglesea . ca. 1619  Mercator  Anglesea History

Anglesea   1620 John Speed  Data Wales              

Carnarvan, the Isle of Anglesea    1626  John Bill in An Abridgment of Camden's Britannia.
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The Seventh Table of England.The British Islands 1635  Gerard Mercator / M Sparke, London,

Angelsea.   1635  Mercator/Hondius                                                                                            

The Isle of Wight. Anglesey. The Isle of Man.   ca.1650  Jan Jansson

Caernarvonshire and Anglesea.   1662 J. Blaeu   Classical Images

Anglesea.    1675  Ogilby -  part of the London to Holyhead route, shows the section from Chester to Holyhead.

Isle de Man et d'Anglesey 1683  Allain Manesson Mallet

Caernarvon Bay and Anglesea.  1691  Captain Greenville Collins in The Great Britain Coasting Pilot
Anglesea.  1693  Capt. Greenville Collins in The Great Britain Coasting Pilot.   Classical Images

Holyhead 1693  Grenville Collins (detail from The Great Britain Coasting Pilot)

Anglesey Isola' dell' Inghilterra già detta Mona .  1695 Vincento Maria Coronelli

Isle of Anglesey   1718  Thomas Taylor in The Principality of Wales exactly described
National Library of Wales

Anglesea. 1720  Emanuel Bowen and John Owen in  Britannia Depicta   The Old Map Shop

Anglesey.   1744  I. Cowley in R. Dodsley's Geography of England

Anglesey. 1748.    Thomas Osborne,

Anglesea.  1756  Thomas Kitchin for the London Magazine

Angelsea.   1787  John Seller  Lee Jackson Antique Maps

Completion of the Roads to Holyhead. 1838   R.H. Laurie          Antiquemaps-online

Holyhead area. 1841 J. & C. Walker. (detail from North Wales)

Anglesea.  1840  Joshua Archer in Dugdale's Curiosities of Britain

Holy Island.   ca.1840  Joshua Archer. (detail from Anglesea

Anglesea. 1843  Joshua Archer for Dugdales England and Wales Delineated

Anglesea   1848   Joshua Archer

Anglesea.  ca.1848  Robert Creighton,  engr. J.& C. Walker for Lewis' Topographical Dictionary

<>Anglesea.  1860  Joshua Archer for Tallis's Topographical Dictionary of England and Wales
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Anglesea.   1890  in The Gossiping Guide to Wales.

Anglesea.   ca.1891  Ordnance Survey (detailed maps)