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Rebecca Moyer Bobb

Rebecca Moyer Bobb (Marguritha R. was her given name)

b Jan 8, 1831 and died May 4, 1901. She was married to Abraham H. Bobb. They had 10 children: John Wesley, Milton, Elizabeth, Helena, Abraham, Daniel, Jacob, Harry, Rufus and Annie. Harry Moyer Bobb was my ggrandfather. Rebecca was my gggrandmother.

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Abraham Bobb

Abraham Bobb, husband of Marguritha (Rebecca) Bobb. He was born Oct 17, 1816; d Aug 19, 1906; son of Daniel and Anna (Herb) Bobb; m Dec 31, 1849. He is buried at the Lutheran Cemetery, Pennsburg, PA.

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Daniel Bobb, Sr.

Born Aug 8, 1747. He was a miller, with a mill in Berks County, PA., located very near to "Hill" Church (now St. Joseph's Lutheran Church) (My mother says it is up the hill from "Hill" church. He was the brother of John Conrad Bobb, born Feb 5, 1740 who was married to Elizabeth Stover. They are buried at the Family Lutheran Cemetery in Reading.

Daniel Bobb, Sr. was married to Catherine Erb Gilbert Bobb, born May 24, 1755, died Sept 22, 1840. Daniel is listed in the very first census of the United States in 1790. He served in the Revolutionary War in Capt. Strouse & Millers Company. His children included Catherina Bobb, born July 1791 and married Samuel Reitenauer and Daniel Bobb, Jr. married Anna Marguritha Herb.

Daniel Jr.was born July 26, 1780 and died Feb 27, 1866. Anna Herb was born Jan 1, 1783 and died Dec 21, 1865. Her father was Johann Herb and mother's maiden name was Fox (Fuchs) from German High Birth.

Daniel Jr. & Anna Herb Bobb had 10 children: Catherine Lydia b 06 Nov 1805 d 16 Feb 1859 m. M. Eshbach 2. Anna bobb b Juyly 1, 1807 d 23 April 1829 3. Henry Bobb b 10 October 1809 d 13 Aug 1891 m Eliz. Hillegass (this is Dr. Henry Bobb. Elizabeth was related to the first treasurer of the United States - Michael Hillegass)4. Daniel Bobb b Oct 12, 1810 m Sallie unknown 5. John bobb b May 1813 m Eliz. Stauffer *6. Abraham Bobb - see other notes for picture 7. William Bobb, Dr. b Jan 19, 1819 d 19 Dec 1865 m Lavinia Gierenz (?) 8. Mary Bobb m Henry Reitenauer 9. Sally (Sara) Bobb b 06 Feb 1821 m Jacob Christian 10. Eliz. Bobb b 14 July 1826.

Daniel Bobb Sr. was my 4th great grandfather.

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Harry Moyer Bobb

HARRY MOYER BOBB born May 4, 1866; d June 25 1944 (waited for me to be born 2 days before); son of Abraham & Rebecca Moyer Bobb; m Apr 18, 1895, Mary E.Roesch, b Nov 17, 1873; d Mar 1, 1949. Both are buried at Forrest Hills Cemetery in Somerton.

Harry M. Bobb was a school teacher in Berks County, then moved to Philadelphia after having children. He owned a drayage company in Kensington area of Philadelphia.

Their children were: Adelna, b Nov 17, 1896 (my grandmother)Helen, b Jul 27, 1899. Harry, b Nov 26, 1901. Kathryn, b Aug 19, 1904 (still alive in Doylestown nursing home.)William, b Jun 10, 1909. Eleanor, b Aug 11, 1911. Elizabeth, b Jun 6, 1913.

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The Bobb Family

Bobb family, taken about 1914. "Mame" or "Gigi" Mary E. Roesch is the second from the left in the middle row. Harry Moyer Bobb, her husband, is top row, third from the left. My great aunt Eleanor Bobb Erdman, is on the bottom left. Next to Mame is my grandmother, Adelna Bobb Krauss and next to her it appears to be Rebecca Moyer Bobb, my gggmother.

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