Daniel Boone Homestead


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Page Six: Daniel Boone's Birthday.

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The Daniel Boone Homestead is located at 400 Daniel Boone Road in Birdsboro, Pa.

It is the birthplace of the celebrated frontiersman, born in 1734 to the parents of Squire and Sarah Boone. Daniel was the 6th child of 11. Little is known about Daniel's life in Berks County.

Picture by Ed Wolf. 2000

The Boone house was originaly made of log. The only part of the original structure is the cellar. It is situated on 579 acres of land.

The Boone family moved to North Carolina due to the fact Squire Boone was asked to leave the Quaker faith for he allowed a son and a daughter to marry non-Quakers.

The homestead was sold to William Maugridge and expended the structure.

In the early 1770s, a Pennsylvania German farmer named John De Turk bought the land and build the present day structure.

The Visitor Center

Admissions, museum, and gift shop are housed here.

The ceilings of the Homestead.

The following two pictures are of the downstaries of the Homestead.

The following five pictures are from bedrooms in the Homestead.

The Smokehouse. Believed to built by John De Turk.

Inside the smokehouse.

Homestead Barn. Portions of the barn are original.

Inside the barn.

The Blacksmith Shop.

Inside the Blacksmith Shop.

Bertolet Smoke & Bake House

This building was move to the Boone Homestead in 1968.

Another view of the Smoke & Bake House.

Bertolet House.

The house was built in 1737 in the Oley Valley. It was moved to the Homestead in 1968.

Inside the Bertolet House.

The Bertolet Sawmill.

It was water-powered and moved from the Oley Valley in 1972. It was built around 1810. The Boone Homestead is in the process of making it in working order.

The De Turk Cemetery Plaque.

The plaque reads: De Turk Cemetery

Several members of the John and Samuel De Turk families are buried in this cemetery. The two stones indicate the graves of John and Samuel.

John De Turk owned the Boone House from 1770-1808 and Samuel built the farmhouse near the site entrance in 1812.

John De Turk Family.

J. D. Jan. 20, 1747-April 1808.

Elizabeth Bertolet De Turk(Dates Unknown), John's wife.


Daniel De Turk (Dates Unknown)

E. De Turk(Dates Unknown), died aged 31 days.

Abraham Bertolet De Turk, July 6-1778-Dec. 1819.

Elizabeth Beck De Turk.(Dates Unknown)Abraham's Wife.

Samuel De Turk Family.

Samuel De Turk. May 25-1750-Nov. 1815.

The De Turk Cemetery.

The Boone Lake.

The Samuel De Turk House, built in 1812 by Samuel De Turk, brother of John.

The following pictures are inside Samuel's House.

The Wayside Inn, built in 1940. It is used for meetings and overnight lodging for youth groups.

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