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This page has been three years in the making. It would not have been possible without the help of the cemetery office workers, Mike Nally and Jim Stubblebine. They did not run and hide the many times we went into the office to locate a grave. They also gave permission to use the maps of the cemetery.

A special thanks go to my co-worker and cemetery buddy Lewissa Huber for her dedication walking the cemetery for three hours a day in 100 degree heat.

Thanks also to Reinetta Smith, my daughter Nicole Walter, and Michael Huber, son of Lewissa Huber for helping locate graves.

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Charles Evans Cemetery was founded by the Eminet lawyer Charles Evans. He was born in Philadelphia on March 30, 1768, the son of Quaker parents, David and Letita Evans. Charles Evans, at the age of 20 began to study law. He moved to Reading, Pa. in 1791 at the age of 23. He was married for 44 years to Mary Keene.

Charles Evans dream was to have a nonsectarian cemetery excisable to all residents of the Reading area. He donated 25 acres of land in 1846 in an area which at that time was considered country. On September 5, 1847, Charles Evans died and is buried near the entrance of the cemetery.

Today the cemetery has grown to 127 acres, 5000 trees and over 65,000 burials.

Map of the cemetery.

The cemetery borders these following streets.

The main entrance on Center Avenue.

Robeson Street side.

5th Street Highway

Evans Street.

Charles Evans statue inside the main gate.

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The following are various cemetery shots.

The Crematorium, Chapel and Columbarium.

1999-2000 All pictures taken by Lewissa Huber and Justine Walter.

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