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Jacqueline B. Nein

Jacqueline B. Nein

Jacqueline B. Nein, 68 of Exeter Township, Berks County, Pa., died January 20, 2000.

She was the daughter of the late Charles A. and Mary M. (Lesher) Nein.

Jackie was the founder of the Berks County Graveyard Preservation.

She organized the "9" Family Association and the Dunkelburger Family Association.

She was the co-author of "Epitahs", which douments more than 300 historic graveyards.

She was a teacher and coach in the Pottsgrove School District, retiring in 1986.

Personal Note

I first met Jackie in late summer of 1999 at the Daniel Boone Homestead. She taught me how to "douse" for bodies and I got my first set of rods from her. We met again at the Boone Homestead for the Water Ramming Demostration.

Right before Thanksgiving, Jackie called and drafted my friends and I, even though we are not members of the Society, to go to her house after the holiday to make cemetery logs. We went to her house several weekends to make the logs which she said was the biggest fund raiser the society did.

Jackie was a warm person, taking a total stranger and making them feel like she had known them for years. Jackie loved to tell stories while we made the logs. She'd start out saying, "Did I ever tell you about...?"

Jackie was making plans to take us around to the different cemeteries in the summer . I talked to Jackie on December 30th, 1999. I told her I was going to the Pleasentville Cemetery the next day. She said if she was feeling better she would join us. She didn't let on that she was seriously ill.

She was loved and respected by all who knew her and her death was a total shock. She will be missed.