Morlatton Village


The Morlatton Village in Douglassville, Pa. holds a Living History every year.
William Penn issued a land grant of 10,000 acres at Manatawny to 15 Swedes in 1701, it was known as the Morlatton Settlement. As it grew so did other ethnic people joined the community.
The relationship with the Lenni Lenape Indians became peaceful and the settlers emerged from the French and Indian Wars unscathed.
After awhile the community became known as Warnesburg. When the post office opened in the early 1800's in the home of George Douglass the village became known as Douglassville.

The Mouns Jones House was oringinally a log cabin and in 1716 this stone house was built.

Inside the Mouns Jones House

The Douglass Manison was built in 1765, there is a cemetery in the back yard.

The Bridge Keepers House Built in 1780.

The White Horse Inn was build in1 762 and General George Washington visited there while he was encamped at Valley Forge. He came to locate his troops to get out of the Yellow Fever Epidemic and warn that the British were coming.

The Lake

The Herb Garden

The Lenape Indians

Wall Hangings

Candle Making