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The Andersonville Prison is in Georgia. It opened in February 1864 and closed in April 1865 at the end of the Civil War.

The prisoners were treated badly and lived under unsanitary conditions. Many of our Yankee soldiers were held there and some died there.

We are fortunate to have a volunteer who lives near the prison and cemetery who is willing to do lookups.

This picture is a reconstruction of the Northeast gate of the former prison.

This picture is a reconstruction of the South gate if the former prison.

A grave picture at the cemetery.

This is the Pennsylvania Memorial.

Now a word from Kevin Frye.

I am involved in doing look-ups at Andersonville Prison. I visit the Civil War site about twice a month to do research for anyone who ask. My research is free to anyone who ask.

I have access to the online database as well as a CD that has the complete roster of prisoners on file who passed through the gates of Andersonville. The CD helps, as I can check alternate spellings and I have found several prisoners using this method.

This started as a favor for someone and has turned into a hobby/obsession. I also will take pictures as requested for a small fee.

I have become very familiar with the cemetery layout and can find any grave on record and take pictures for decendants.

Of the 13,000 buried there, only 460 are unknown so the records were very well kept.

Please e-mail me at: KEVIN

For more pictures, please visit Kevin at: Andersonville Civil War

All pictures taken by Kevin Frye. 1998