Robesonia Furnace

The Robesonia Furnace was established in 1794 by George Ege, who owned Charming Forge and Berkshire Furnace. He also owned and operated the Schuylkill Furnace in Port Clinton, Pa.

The Robesonia Furnace was originally called the Reading Furnace and stood on 6,000 acres of land.

The furnace area was a company town complete with company housing, an office paying employees with cash as there was no local bank, a grist mill, orchard, gas generated plant, general store, and a creamery. Trinity Church was established in 1869, and a gravity water system in 1870. In 1884, a new stack collapsed resulting in the deaths of seven men and many others injuried.

In 1885, the Robesonia Iron Company acquired control of the furnace. In 1927, Bethlehem Steel acqired the Robesonia Furnace and dismantled it.

On September 16, 2000, the Friends of Robesonia Furnace had a festival. The following pictures are some of what remains from the Furnace days.

Land Marker

Furnace Manison 1809

The kitchen for the manison is to the left. Attached to the right is the barn.

Furnace Office. It has inside shutters, and a walk-in-vault. 1870

The next two pictures are the inside of the Office. It is now used as a lodge.

The Taylor Manison. 1890 Built for the superintendent, George Taylor.

The Creamery

The following are Tenant Houses.

The Firehouse was built in 1900, moved to present location, 5-1995

Part of the Furance Wall.

A circle of red sandstones from Corn-wall. Each stone weights 3 tons each. No one knows the purpose of the stones. There are a total of 17 stones. A tree growing against the stones made them lift and crack. The tree has been cut down, only the trunk remains.

Our Tour Guide, Mr. Lester Breininger taught biology at the Conrad Weiser High School.

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