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Amelia Boone

I have a great-great grandmother by the name of Amelia Boone. She lived from 1857-1948 in Berks County. I was also told that she was a descendent of one of Daniels brothers?

If anyone has information on this Amelia Boone, please contact Alan Lutzat ALAN

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If you know these people, please contact William Wells at: WILLIAM

Is this picture of Ann Doherty, born 1794, married James Gilhens. Emigrated to Warren County, Ohio. Died 1859? Or could it be someone in Levi Kissinger or the Hoffman family?

If anyone has additional information please e-mail me Richard Githens.


Who is this woman? I was told it was Perta Dunkel but I can not find her in my lines.


On Janurary 18th, 2006 a woman named Cherie emailed me saying her grandmother is one of the girls on the picture. The children are as follows: Irene Bender

Rae Bender

Neida Batz

Florence Bender

Thank You!


Who is this girl? The back of the picture says "To Mary from John This is my little girl."

The back of the picture says, "June 1934 at the Strunk Studios."

There is nothing on the back of the picture.

This picture is of the Schmehl Family Reunion 1938 at the Schmehl Memorial Park in Reading or Berks County, Pa. We have not been able to locate where this park was. If anyone knows or can idenify any of the people in this photo please email Wonda Smale at: blabonteluvr@aol.com

Just wondering if anyone could help me find out anything about this photo. I think it is the Gilmor (Gillmor, Gilmore) family. Could be taken about 1890??? Where was it taken and does anyone know about the Gilmore family in the Reading area? Please email Louise A. Kennedy at: lokennedy@comcast.net

The following pictures were submitted by Lynn Schiel.

Thanks to Craig Reber.

Cassie Reber Seyfert. D/O Solomon Reber and Liz Unger De Turk

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