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March 2002

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The volunteer - on her first photographic assignment!

This is the result of an idea inspired by people wondering whether houses and streets still exist where their ancestors used to live in Nottingham - or what is there now. In a rush of enthusiasm - and to repay the help I have received from the people I have met in the NOTTSGEN mailing list whilst researching my family history, I have volunteered to take digital photographs in my spare time. 

Boldly going.............. !

To subscribe to the mailing list - and meet some extremely nice people - send an e-mail to using only the word 'subscribe' (without the quotes) in the body of the text.

This is purely a labour of love - I am not a professional photographer and this is my first ever website!

Techie stuff - moved on to a new camera now (trying not to think about the credit card bill!) Nikon Coolpix 990 3.4 megapixel - it has so many buttons and menus it'll probably take me a twelve-month to figure them all out!

My photographic skills - such as they are - have been gained on a succession of Canon SLRs on which I've spent far too much money and far too little time, attempting to get decent pictures of my cats! The passable photographs are usually more good luck than good management, so please do not expect Cartier-Bresson standard pictures.

However, for those far away across the oceans - and indeed those in this country not able to get to Nottingham - the resulting pictures will perhaps give some idea of what the houses and streets of their ancestors look like nowadays.

Please note that these are still early days, and I'm trying getting to grips with a 'grown-up' web design program!  So if you see an empty page or a broken link, please do tell me.  Nonetheless, it's far more fun playing with this than all the boring, domestic stuff that I should really be doing ............. <g>


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