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Austin Washington Bowles

Austin Washington Bowles was born 26 Dec 1821 in Barren County KY, the fifth child of John and Celia (Sally) Bowles. On 9 Feb 1843 he married Elizabeth Pedigo, daughter of John and Sally Pedigo. According to various Pedigo researchers, Elizabeth was born 27 May 1825, and died 12 Feb 1844. On 1 Jan 1846 Austin married again, this time to Nancy Hayden Clark, daughter of Samuel and Nancy Gatewood (Pace) Clark. Nancy Hayden Clark was born on 9 Sep 1827 in Tennessee. Following her father's death in Dixon Springs TN about Oct 1827, her mother took the children and returned to Kentucky.

In 1850 Austin and his family were living in the neighborhood shared by Nancy's two brothers, William Henry Clark and Joseph Jefferson Clark, and her first cousin, Thomas N. Clark. Also living not far away was the family of Milton Witty whose son Ezekiel was to sell land on Glover Creek to Austin in 1857.

The headwaters of Glover Creek are situated just north of Summer Shade in Metcalfe County KY. Just north of this watershed are the headwaters of Falling Timber Creek which flow north and then west. The cemetery where Austin and Nancy are buried is located off Wilbur Glass Road and just north of Falling Timber Creek.


Crittenden Sharp Bowles

Austin and Nancy had eight children. Their first was a son, Crittenden Sharp Bowles (b. 5 Dec 1846 in Barren County). Following his father's death, Crittenden left Kentucky and moved west. According to a booklet written by his uncle, William Henry Clark, Crittenden "was drowned in North Platt river in Nebraska July 4, 1869, and was buried there." He was 22 years old at the time.

John Dandridge Bowles

Their second child was John Dandridge Bowles, born 23 Aug 1848. In 1870, he was working as a railroad laborer in Namaha County in northeast Kansas. It appears that he returned to Kentucky and married Susan E. Neville on 25 Sep 1873. Susie Neville was born 31 Jan 1858 to Joseph and Lucinda Pace Neville. According to Clark, "Lucinda Katherine Pace, daughter of Joseph J. [should be John Jefferson] and Susan Pace, was born Feb. 20, 1837, married Joseph Nevill who was killed at home during the war, by soldiers in 1862, was buried at his father's old home on Fallen Timber creek. He had one child who married John D. Bowles, and lives at Summer Shade, Ky."

Susan was John's second cousin. (Susan's grandfather, John Jefferson Pace, was brother to John Dandridge's grandmother, Nancy Gatewood Pace Clark.) They apparently traveled together back to Kansas, for Sandi Gorin records in her booklet, Metcalfe Co Kentucky Vital Statistics, that their first born, Hattie, was born on 28 Oct 1874 in Wilson County KS. It was about this time that efforts to construct a railroad in Wilson County floundered, and John probably brought his family home to Kentucky shortly after Hattie's birth.

John farmed for a while, but by 1900 he was a merchant. He purchased a general store in Summer Shade KY from Ezekiel Witty. It was located "around the square - left side of Main Street." By 1920, the census had John back as a farmer.

According to Clark's booklet, John and Susan had eleven children, but he only identifies nine, and I have not been able to located any others. Clark identified these children: "Hattie A., born October 28, 1874. Married William Hays Oct. 21, 1901. Have one child and reside in Texas. Clarence P. Bowles, born March 1875. Bernia M. Bowles born Sept. 12, 1877. Flora M. Bowles, born March 22, 1879. Mattie V. Bowles, born May 27, 1881. Perne Bowles, born May 22, 1884; died May 15, 1885 and was buried in Summer Shade cemetery. Dample Bowles, born April 1, 1886. Ocil W. Bowles, born Oct. 28, 1889. Lelia Ethel Bowles, born March 14, 1893, and is living at Summer Shade, Ky." Most of what Clark wrote is accurate.

As Clark said, William and Hattie Bowles Hays were in Texas, for their son Don B. Hays was born there about 1904 according to the 1920 census. However they returned to Smith Grove in Warren County, Kentucky sometime before 1920. William was a salesmen of pharmaceuticals. In February 1941, Hattie was awarded a share of her sister, Lucinda Love's estate in Kansas. However, she died before the land was sold in 1943, and her husband William and son Don received the proceeds. According to the Kentucky Death Index, Hattie died in Warren County KY on 28 May 1941, William died there on 28 Jun 1945, and Don died in Metcalfe County KY on 15 Mar 1967.

Clarence P. Bowles was actually born 18 Mar 1876. This is verified by the Social Security Death Index, and by Sandi Gorin in her Metcalfe Co Kentucky Vital Statistics where she identifies a male child born on that date to "John D. and Susan (Neville) Boles." Clarence first married Edith Redd on 30 Dec 1913 in Twin Falls, Idaho. She was born in Kansas. They had two daughters, Clara Mae in California about 1916, and Charlotte in Idaho (probably Twin Falls) about 1918. Clarence and Edith were divorced sometime before 1930, and he later married a lady named Dorothy and they had a son. Clarence was in Maricopa County AZ in December 1944 when his Aunt Lucinda's estate was settled. A descendent has indicated that Clarence spent the winter in Arizona, but lived in Twin Falls ID. Clarence died in Twin Falls in June 1970.

We know very little about Bernice M. "Bernie" Bowles, John and Susie's third child. Although he has not been found in the 1920 census, it appears that he was still alive then, for his mother indicated that she had eight living children in 1920. He was in Sumner County KS in 1900, living with his aunt, Lucinda Love; but must have returned to Metcalfe County soon thereafter. He married Berlia Kate McMurtrey and they had a daughter named Lessie Bowles on 25 Dec 1903. They apparently divorced sometime before 1910 for Kate was married to Otis Wilson in the 1910 census record.

Lessie Bowles married Oval Norman according to Laurie McMurtrey Butler who indicates that "Lessie was born December 25, 1903 as an only child. She married Oval Norman on March 20, 1921 in Summer Shade, KY. Kate McMurtrey was also married to Otis Wilson. Kate was the daughter of James Henry McMurtrey and Catherine E. Bartley," and according to Laurie's father "Lessie & Oval had 1 child, Carroll Dean, who is deceased."

Laurie Butler also says, "Lessie & Ovel got their marriage license in Metcalfe County. It gave Lessie's name as 'Lessie C. Bowles,' and listed her parents as Bernie Bowles and Kate McMurtrey. There was a handwritten note s/'Kate McMurtrey' giving permission to the clerk to issue the license. Ovel's parents were listed as Haggard T. Norman and Fannie Norman. The license was dated 3/18/21 and the marriage date was 3/20/21." Oval and Lessie were second cousins, once removed. Oval's mother was a daughter of Elzy Bowles, Austin's brother.

Kate McMurtrey was born 22 Mar 1881 and died 12 Nov 1944. She is buried in the cemetery at Summer Shade KY. Lessie Bowles Norman died on 29 Nov 1996 in LaRue County KY according to the Kentucky Death Index. Her husband, Oval Norman, preceded her in death on 3 Apr 1968 at the age of 69. He is buried in the Summer Shade cemetery. The Kentucky Death index also shows that Carroll Dean Norman died on 28 Dec 1990 at the age of 56. He was a resident of LaRue County.

Flora M. Bowles was living with her parents in 1910, and working as a bookkeeper. She was still single at this time. She was married to John C. Lane sometime before 1941. They were living in Atlanta GA then, when Flora was awarded a portion of Lucinda Love's estate. There is a possibility that they died in Georgia. A John C. Lane died on 27 Dec 1949 in Atlanta at the age of 63 [Death Certificate: 26950]. Also, a Flora B. Lane died in Atlanta on 1 May 1961 at the age of 82 [Death Certificate: 10316]. This suggests the possibility that her middle name was Maybelle, shortened to Bell. Further research should determine if they are the correct John and Flora Lane.

Mattie Velma Bowles was born 22 May 1881 and died 18 Feb 1934. She was buried in Summer Shade KY. She was working as a saleslady in Summer Shade in 1910,[11] and was still living at home with her parents in 1920.[12] No other information has been located about her.

Pearlie Bowles, John and Susie's sixth child, was born 27 May 1884 and died less than a year later on 15 May 1885. She is also buried at Summer Shade.

Dimple Bowles, born on 1 Apr 1886, married Charles S. Raven sometime before 1941, probably in Georgia since Charles was born there. They were living in Atlanta at that time. The Georgia Death Index lists Charles S. Raven as dying on 14 Jul 1979 at the age of 98. [Death Certificate #021298] Dimple B. Raven died 6 Aug 1985, age 99. [Death Certificate #027530]

Ocie W. "Bob" Bowles was born 28 Oct 1889. By 1920 he was working as an insurance agent in Atlanta GA. He died there on 9 Nov 1937 according to the Georgia Death Index. [Death Certificate #28481] It appears that his remains were returned to Summer Shade and buried in the cemetery there.

Lela Ethel Bowles was the last child born to John and Susie Bowles. She was born 14 Mar 1893 according to Clark. She was perhaps the best educated of the family; she was a high school principal in 1920 in Metcalfe County. Later, in the early 1940s, Lela was living in northern Kentucky, Campbell County, near Cincinnati. Apparently sometime thereafter she moved to DeKalb County GA for she appears in the Georgia Death Index [Death Certificate #048056]. She died 14 Dec 1991 in DeKalb County at the age of 98. It is probable that her remains were returned to Metcalfe County for burial for there is a stone for her in the family plot in Summer Shade.

Susan Bowles died on 4 Aug 1925, and John Dandridge Bowles died on 23 Mar 1930. Both are buried in the Summer Shade Cemetery.

Nancy Elizabeth "Bettie" Bowles

Austin and Nancy Bowles' third child was Nancy Elizabeth "Bettie" Bowles, who was born 26 Nov 1850. Her uncle wrote "Nancy Elizabeth Bowles, daughter of Nancy and Austin Bowles, born Nov. 26, 1850, married James C. Hord, Oct. 10, 1878, has one daughter and live in Kansas. Elizabeth Bowles Hord, daughter of Nancy E. and James C. Hord, was born about 1882 and lives at home unmarried." Again, Clark was mostly right.

James C. Hord was born 24 Mar 1853 to Thomas and Elizabeth (Young) Hord in Barren County KY. James and Bettie Hord's first child was Elizabeth Francis Hord, born 20 Jul 1879. Their second child, Lulu Haden "Hadie" Hord, was born 22 Jan 1886, but died 2 Nov 1889. She is buried in the Summer Shade cemetery.

James and Bettie Hord were in Edmonson County KY on 1 Feb 1886 when they signed a deed. They were in Sumner County KS near Milam KS in 1914. In the 1920 census they were still in Sumner County. Finally, Bettie died on 11 Jul 1931 and is buried in the Praire Lawn Cemetery in Wellington KS. James lived until 1937, and is buried in the Milam Cemetery in the Ryan Township in Sumner County KS. Their daughter Elizabeth died 7 Jun 1965 and is buried near her mother. Pictures of the Hord tombstones are available for viewing on another page.

Susan Catherine Bowles

Austin and Nancy's fourth child was Susan Catherine Bowles. According to her uncle, Susan was born 4 Jul 1853, married Benjamin H. Rush on 2 Sep 1888, and when he wrote in 1905 they were living in Kansas and had no children. Susan appears at home in the 1860, 1870, and 1880 Metcalfe County censuses. Then Ben and Katherine (as she was listed in the census) were in Spearfish City, South Dakota in 1900. In the 1910 census record, Ben is still in South Dakota, but Susan had been committed to the asylum at Osawatomie KS.

Susan died 9 Feb 1914 and is buried in the Praire Lawn Cemetery in Wellington KS. That same month her siblings sold the last of their interests in their father's estate to their brother William, each one's name was listed on the document, except for Susan. Susan's husband, Ben Rush, appeared to own her interest. When Ben Rush signed this deed, his signature was notarized in South Dakota.

I have been unable to learn anything more about Ben Rush. He is clearly not the Ben Rush who grew up and lived in Cumberland County KY. There is another Ben Rush who was in Metcalfe County in 1870, but he had a wife and family.

William Clark Bowles

William Clark Bowles was born 12 Apr 1856 in Barren County, Austin and Nancy's fifth child. He married Sophia Francis Veluzat on 10 Oct 1888. Sophia (b. 9 Oct 1862, d. 16 Sep 1928) was a daughter of Stephen Rose and Susan Amanda (Shirley) Veluzat.

William and Sophia had five children. Archie Bowles, their first, was stillborn on 13 Jan 1890. Olive Connie Bowles (b. 3 Aug 1891, d. 20 Jul 1954) was next. She married a widower, James Sherman White on 12 Feb 1930 in Barren County KY. He died on 21 Mar 1942. She then married J. W. Ferguson on 28 Sep 1945 also in Barren County. J. W. Ferguson died on 10 Oct 1959.

Gilford Bowles (b. 5 Jun 1893, d. 29 May 1929) came next. He married Rosa Morgan in Metcalfe County on 8 Mar 1923. She was a daughter of Hezzie and Priscilla (Huffman) Morgan. They moved to Louisville KY by 1927. Gilford was working as a spray painter in a tractor factory in Louisville when he contracted work-related pneumonia which was the cause of his death. Gilford and Rosa had three children, a girl and two boys. She lived in Louisville until her death on 9 Mar 1962.

Ola Bowles (b. abt 1896, d. 23 Jul 1983) married Emmett Creacy on 10 Jun 1919 in Barren County. Emmett was a minister of the Christian Church. They spent much of their lives in Hart County KY. He died there on 30 Nov 1975; she followed on 23 Jul 1983. They had no children.

William and Sophia's last child, a son named S. R. Bowles, was born on 29 Aug 1898 and died 15 Jun 1900. I speculate that his initials stand for Stephen Rose which was his grandfather's name.

Following his parent's deaths, William, who was known as "Buck", took over the farm's management. Gradually he purchased the interests of his siblings until by 1914 he had obtained the whole farm. He began this process in 1886, continued in 1893, and concluded it in 1914.

"Buck" must have been a plain-speaking man. Shortly before he died on 22 Dec 1915 he wrote a will that simply said, "I William C. Bowles being in my right mind and with all my reasoning faculties and knowing the uncertainty of live and the certainty of death, make this my last will and testament. I want my home farm and all my personal property to go to my wife Sophia f. Bowles to do as she pleases with. Given under my hand this December 15th 1915."

Pictures of the tombstones for this family may be seen at this site.

Marion Frances Bowles

Marion Frances Bowles, Austin and Nancy's sixth child, was born 19 Jul 1858 according to his uncle. He remained at home on the farm until at least 1880 and perhaps until after 1893 when he deeded his share of the farm to his brother William. By 1900 he was in Baker County, Oregon where he was prospecting for gold.

There he married Maude Agnes Geer on 28 Oct 1903. Maude was born 20 Mar 1871 in Union County OR to Theodore T. and Nancy (Duncan) Geer. She died on 26 May 1907 in Baker County OR of pneumonia. Her father, Theodore T. Geer was governor of Oregon from 1899-1903.

Marion Bowles was in Multnomah County OR in 1914 when he signed over his interest in the homestead to his brother. In 1920, Marion was boarding with Chloe Swayze (a widow) in Ardenwald, Clackamas County OR. Today it is a part of greater Portland. He gave his age as 60. He was working as a farm laborer. Marion moved to Chico, California sometime between 1920-1927. He died there 6 May 1927. His sister, Delia, paid to have his remains brought to Kansas, and he is buried in the Praire Lawn Cemetery near his sisters.

Lucinda Castine Bowles

Lucinda Castine Bowles, seventh child of Austin and Nancy Bowles, was born 6 Aug 1860 according to her uncle who indicated that Lucinda "married James F. Love Dec. 23, 1896, live at Milan, Kans., and have no children."

James F. Love was born 7 Jun 1858 to John and Mary (Sloan) Love. According to the 1880 census he was working on the farm owned by Edward Gill. Gill had married James' grandmother Elizabeth after Henry Sloan had died. Lucinda Bowles was still living at home with her brother in 1880.

James and Lucinda Love were in Sumner County, Kansas by 1900. Apparently James' parents, and perhaps some of his siblings, also moved to the Wellington KS area. James, Lucinda, James' parents, and at least one brother are all buried in the Praire Lawn Cemetery in Wellington. James died 4 Oct 1923. Lucinda lived until 23 Apr 1939. (Pictures of Love family tombstones are available for viewing on another page.)

Cordelia Ann Bowles

"Cordelia Ann Bowles, daughter of Austin W. and Nancy H. Bowles, was born Aug. 19, 1862, live in Kansas and is unmarried." according to her uncle, writing in 1905. Delia was at home with the family at least through 1880. In 1893, while still in Metcalfe County, she, Lucinda, and Marion all signed a deed selling their interests in the family homestead to William. In 1900 she was living with her sister Susan Rush in South Dakota. Then in 1914, when she was living in Kansas near her sister Lucinda, she signed a deed giving over her share of Susan's share to William. Delia married R. F. Beard on 24 May 1917 in Wichita, Kansas. Delia died on 5 Jan 1949. She is buried in the Praire Lawn Cemetery in Wellington KS, next to her siblings.

Austin Washington Bowles died on 4 Jul 1863 at the age of 41. His wife Nancy lived until 19 Feb 1875. As indicated above, after their parent's deaths, most of their children scattered across the country except for John and "Buck" who remained in Metcalfe County until their deaths.

Effort has been made to eliminate errors, but their absence is not guaranteed. This document is copyright 2007 by Charles Hartley. Permission is hereby granted to individuals seeking family history information to copy the contents of this document for their personal use. It may not be sold, either separately or as part of a collection, without the written permission of the copyright holder; nor may it be placed at any other location on the internet without said written permission.

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