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Lafayette Bowles

Lafayette Bowles was the ninth child and seventh son of John and Celia Bowles. He was born 31 Aug 1831. Sometime before 1870 he married Amanda Payne, daughter of Edmond and Elvira Witty Payne. Amanda was born 3 Oct 1830 and died 4 Sep 1892. Pictures of their tombstones and other information is available on another page.

As late as 1857, the tax rolls of Metcalfe County list Lafayette Bowles with no land. The first time he has any land is in 1861 when he inherits 24 acres from his father's estate. It is not clear if he obtained any additional land, but he appears to have been a frugal man for he had $125 to lend to his brother John on 8 Sep 1876 [Metcalfe County Mortgage Book 1, page 544]. John was mortgaging his tobacco crop as collateral for the loan. It took John three years to repay the loan.

About 1873 Lafayette and Amanda had a son they named Isaac N. Bowles. Lafayette would have been about 42 and Amanda about 43 when Isaac was born. Isaac married Lizzie Inez Harbison, and they had at least four children: Guy, Wilma, Mabel Ruth, and Mary Kathryn. Isaac died on 2 Sep 1931; Inez lived until 17 Feb 1954. Both are buried in the Summer Shade Cemetery in Metcalfe County KY.

After Amanda's death, Lafayette next married Julia Anderson Gassaway, daughter of James and Solima Anderson. Lafayette signed a marriage bond in Metcalfe County KY on 15 Apr 1895 for his marriage to Julia. On it he indicated that his father was John Bowles and his mother was Celia White. At the time of this marriage, Lafayette was 64 years old and this was his second marriage. Julia was 55 and this was also her second marriage. [Metcalfe County Marriage Book (1894-1897), pages 98-99]

Julia was born 19 Aug 1840. Following Lafayette's death on 22 Jan 1907, Julia remarried to a Mr. Page. She died on 18 Apr 1926 and is buried next to her parents in the New Liberty Cemetery in Metcalfe County. Lafayette was buried next to his first wife, Amanda, in the Summer Shade Cemetery.

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