The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail

Map of the Oregon Trail

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Landmarks numbered on the above map:

  1. Ft. Kearny
  2. Courthouse Rock
  3. Chimney Rock
  4. Scott's Bluff
  5. Ft. Laramie
  6. Independence Rock
  7. South Pass
  8. Ft. Bridger
  9. Soda Springs
  10. Ft. Hall
  11. Ft. Boise
  12. Whitman Mission
  13. Oregon City
  14. Ft. Vancouver


Route of the Oregon Trail

Starting points: Independence, Westport, St. Joseph, and Fort Leavenworth. Alternate routes along the way included Sublette's Cutoff and the Lander Cutoff. After 1846, there was also a choice at The Dalles between rafting down the Columbia River or taking the new Barlow Road across the Cascades.

Landmarks: Fort Kearny, Ash Hollow, Courthouse Rock, Chimney Rock, Scotts Bluff, Register Cliff, Fort Laramie, Independence Rock, South Pass, Fort Bridger, Soda Springs and Steamboat Springs and Beer Spring, American Falls, Three Island Crossing, Flagstaff Hill, Whitman Mission, The Dalles, Fort Vancouver.

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The Oregon Trail

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