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LINKS for Genealogists

with emphasis on the religious groups

that emerged dramatically in the United States

during the period 1800-2000

A Companion Site by Beverly Whitaker:

Protestant Denominations Established in Colonial America - Links

Many of those links will also bring you on past colonial days even into the 21st century.

Included are the earliest mainline denominations,

many of which have changed their names, merged with others, etc.


NOTE: Both of these sites containing links to religious groups

were prepared as supplements to online courses

conducted by Canada's

National Institute for Genealogical Studies.



Church Archives -
Church Records and Booklets for Genealogists -
Cyndi's List: Religion and Churches -
Essay by Val Greenwood: Locating Church Records -
Libraries, Archives, & Museums (Links, Cyndi's List) -
Protestant Records, essay by Michael John Neill -
Religious Records, a Closer Look, essay -


African-American Religion in the 19th Century -
American Religious History Web Sites -
American Society of Church History (click on LINKS) -
Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA) -
Christian Faith Groups -
The Christian Right -
Evangelicalism, Revivalism,and the 2nd Great Awakening -
Hall of Church History -
Native American Spirituality -
New Age Spirituality -
Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance -
Pentecostal Movement -
Protestant Denominations Established in Colonial America - Links
Religion and the Founding of the American Republic (Library of Congress) -
Religion in Post-World War II America -
Religious Liberalism - 20th Century -
Religious Movement Group Profiles -
Rise of Fundamentalism -
The Scopes Trial -



African Methodist Episcopal Church -
African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church -
Assemblies of God -
Christian and Missionary Alliance -
Christian Methodist Episcopal Church -
Christian Science -
Church of Christ, Scientist -
Church of God (Anderson, IN) -
Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee) -
Church of God in Christ -
Church of the Nazarene -
Community of Christ, official website -
Community of Christ (formerly RLDS) -
Free Methodist Church of North America -
International Church of the Foursquare Gospel -
International Pentecostal Holiness Church -
Jehovah's Witnesses (Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society) -
Jehovah's Witnesses, official site -
National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. -
Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc. -
Salvation Army - Tracing Ancestors -
Salvation Army, USA Headquarters - click on "About Us" + "history" -
Seventh-Day Adventists -
Seventh-Day Adventist Manual (includes membership rules etc.) -
Seventh-Day Adventist Obituary Index -
Seventh Day Adventists -
Unity School of Christianity, World Headquarters -
Unity School of Christianity -

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (originated in the 19th Century)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, official website -
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, essay by Pam Durso -
Cyndi's List: LDS & Family History Centers -
Mormonism and the American Mainstream -
The Mormons (within Library of Congress site) -
LDS Family History Library Catalog - use "Family History Library Catalog" link from the Library System page via
LDS Family History Library System - use "Library" link at
LDS FamilySearch Key Library Resources - use "Key Resources" link from the Library System page via
LDS, Why Family History? - use "Why Family History?" link from


RESTORATION MOVEMENT- Christian Churches + Churches of Christ + Disciples of Christ (a 19th Century Movement)

Center for Restoration Studies -
Center for Restoration Studies, Collections -
Christian Churches and Churches of Christ -
Christian Churches and Churches of Christ -
Christian Church, Churches of Christ (instrumental) -
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) -
Churches of Christ -
Churches of Christ -
Churches of Christ, Who Are We? -
Disciples of Christ -
Disciples of Christ Historical Society -
Disciples of Christ Historical Society, Church Material on Microfilm -
Disciples of Christ Historical Society, Congregational Files -
The Evangelical Christian Church in Canada -
North American Christian Convention -
Restoration Movement -
Restoration Movement -
Restoration Movement, Essay by Howard A. White -
Restoration Web Site Links -
United Church of Christ: Merged 4 denominations; includes some Christian Churches -


EASTERN-RITE CATHOLIC - A significant but not well understood development in Catholicism.

Catholic Eastern Churches -
Catholic Encyclopedia: Eastern Churches (See Part II B) -
Eastern Catholic Churches -
Eastern Church -
Eastern Laws and Customs -
Eastern Rite Catholics -
Eastern/Roman, Differences & Similarities -
Introduction to the Eastern Rites of the Catholic Church, Fr. Hal Stockert -
Sources on Eastern Catholic Churches -
Unofficial Directory, Eastern Catholic Churches in the U. S. -


ORTHODOX- One of the contributions carried here by immigrants.

Eastern Christian Churches -
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America -
Hall of Church History: The Eastern Orthodox -
The Orthodox Church in America -
Orthodox Christian Information Center -
Orthodox Religious Groups in the United States -
St. George Orthodox Church, Charleston, W.V. -
Timeline of [Orthodox] Church History -


PROTESTANT- A study of Protestantism in America must begin with Colonial America.

Protestant Denominations established in Colonial America -
Note: This site is also by Beverly Whitaker and contains dozens of links for Protestant churches established here before 1800.
You can use those links to bring you on past colonial days and on into the 21st century. Included are all the earliest Protestant denominations, many of which have changed their names, merged with others, etc.


ROMAN CATHOLIC - Many of the immigrants of the 19th and 20th Centuries were Roman Catholic.

Note: Some of these links will also lead to sources for information about the Roman Catholic Church presence in Colonial America. But it was the period of heavy immigration which lasted until after World War I that brought with it spectacular growth of Catholicism in America.
Catholic Internet Directory -
Catholic Information Network -
New Advent, including the Catholic Encyclopedia -
Rites of the Catholic Church in the West -
Roman Catholics and Immigration in 19th Century America -
Roman Catholics & the American Mainstream in 20th Century -




Non-Christian Faith Groups -
World Religions -


Baha'i Faith -
The Baha'i World -
The Baha'i World Community -


Buddhism -
Buddhism in America, links -
Buddhism in the U.S. (June, 2001) -
Buddhism in the United States, essay by James Browning -
Buddhist Association of the United States -
Buddhist Churches in America -
Chan Meditation Center -
Diamond Way Buddhist Centers -
Nichiren Shoshu Temples in the United States -
"Spirituality Without Religion," an essay in Christianity Today -
Tibetan Nyingma Centers -
Tibetan Buddhist Archives -



Confucianism -



Hinduism - the World's 3rd Largest Religion -
Temples in Southeastern U.S. -
Organizations in Southeastern U.S. (Hindu) -


Council on American Islamic Relations -
Institute of Islamic Information and Education -
Islam - the World's 2nd Largest Religion -
Islam in America -
Islam in the United States (400 links) -
Islam in the United States -
Islam, USA - an essay in Christianity Today -
Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) -
Islamic Society of North America -
Muslim Matrimonials and More! -
Muslim Student Association, U.S. and Canada -
Nation of Islam, official web site -
What Is Islam? an essay by Gary Leazer -


American Jewish Archives, Collections (Cincinnati,Ohio) -
American Jewish Experience thru 19th Century -
American Jewish Experience in the 20th Century -
American Jewish Historical Society (New York, NY) -
AJHS Genealogically Relevant Collections -
Center for Jewish History (New York, NY) -
Chicago Jewish Archives -
Cyndi's List: Jewish -
Jewish Americans: The Immigrant Experience -
JewishGen: The Home of Jewish Genealogy -
Jewish Historical Societies, Directory -
Jewish Research, article by Gary Mokotoff -
Jewish Toolkit -
Judaism Described -
Judaism 101 -
Modern Jewish denominations -


Sikhism -


Taoism -


Zoroastrian Association of Chicago -
Zoroastrianism -



Largest Religious Groups in the United States of America -
Membership, National Council of Churches' Member Communions -
Membership, Non-Christian Faith Groups in the U.S.-

Interested in still more religious subject web pages?

Beverly's web sites include several religious subjects.

Click on "Religious Features" in the site map bar at the bottom of this page.


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