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My Family's Genealogy and Photos of My Hometown, Mckeesport, Allegheny County, Pa.

George Luther Jenkins
Feb 23, 1944 -

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John W. Jenkins and Charlotte Francis (Bright) Jenkins
Molly Marshall writes "Charlotte's maiden name was Bright, and her father's name was Jacob Bright. They were German, but I think they shortened the name. I am now trying to find out who the six children John W Jenkins took custody of around 1865."

Reverend John W. Jenkins was born in Madison County, Virginia on Feb. 12,1849 and reared in Page County, Virginia. He never attended any school, in fact, there was no public schools for his group in those days, in that part of the state.

In early manhood he felt the urge to preach. At first, with no other text book than the Bible, he began studying at night, after each day of labor was done. In this way, he soon became a recognized student of the Bible and was a champion in discussions of its precious truths.

As the years went by, he secured every good book he could secure until he had in his possession such books as was best suited to home study. These did not rest on the shelves unused, for many hours at night was given to the study of them. In this manner of study, he soon found himself well prepared for a religious career as some who had better opportunities.

Rev. John W. Jenkins is listed in the Free Baptist Register under the Virginia Free Baptist Association, Winchester Quarterly Meeting. In 1879-80, not yet ordained, he served with Rev. J.W. Myers in Luray, Virginia. He and Rev. Myers served the church in the Winchester Quarterly Meeting, Free Baptist Association. (The Free Baptist Association is known as the Brackett Morrell Association). John W. Jenkins was ordained in 1881. In 1883, Rev. Jenkins was the pastor of the Needmore, Va. Free Baptist Church in Stony Man, Virginia. He remained there until 1888, when he went to serve the Blainesville (Free Baptist) Church, several miles south of Stony Man. Here is a colored settlement called Blainesville, Va., consisting of thirty families perhaps. He was absent from the listing between 1890 and 1899. He is again listed in 1896, when he served in a place called Body Camp. Rev. J. W. Jenkins , built the first church in Blainesville. The church was first named St. Ann's, later it became Mt. Carmel.

Mt. Carmel Baptist Church had its beginnings in 1897, and was the outgrowth of St. Ann's Non-Denominational Church and St. John's Baptist Church. The present site was presented to Trustees John Redman, Page Redman, George Jeffries and Isaac Berry by the late A. J. Yowell, and registered with the County Clerk on February 16,1897.

The original members were the late Rev. John W. Jenkins, Rev. John Redman, Rev. Isaac Berry, Robert and Susie Mallory, Winnie Blair, Hannah Spencer, Aleck Madden, William Lee, Page and Annie Redman, George and Martha Jeffries, George Berry, Henry Marshall, Thomas Sloan, John Spencer, Lincoln Bundy, and others. Rev. John Redman laid the foundation of the church, and continued to labor until the completion of the building. He had accomplished his fondest dream, to build a church.

The first Pastor of the church was the late Rev. John W. Jenkins. Rev. John Redman succeeded Rev. John W. Jenkins as Pastor. Deacon Page Redman was church Treasurer until his death. His son Frank Redman filled his father's office and maintained the office until illness forced him to retire. Brother George Berry was Church Clerk, Deacons Thomas Sloan and Henry Spriggs were Class Leaders, Deacon Thomas Lee, Superintendent of the Sunday School.

The first choir was organized with Mrs. Virgie Lee, Director and Organist. She was succeeded by Sudie Johnson and Mrs. Lura Redman. Mrs. Vera Johnson remained Organist and Choir Director until she retired.

Rev. John W. Jenkins was one of the organizers of the Free Baptist Sunday School and Young People's Convention organized in the parsonage of the Free Baptist Church, Berryville, Va., May 17, 1898, during the session of the Winchester Quarterly Meeting. During the years of 1900-1902, he was the pastor of the Free Baptist Church in Berryville, Va., the birthplace of the convention. In 1906, Rev. Jenkins was the pastor at Lovely Zion Church, Bedford, Va., part of the Piedmont Quarterly Meeting. In 1911, he was the pastor of the New Zion Free Baptist Church in Bedford, Va. which was also part of the Piedmont Quarterly Meeting. From 1912 to 1915, Rev. Jenkins, living in Bedford, Va., appears in the Free Baptist appendix were he retired. From 1879 until his health failed him, about two years before his death, his service was always in demand. His spirit taking its flight on January 17,1916. The above photograph of Rev. John W. Jenkins appeared on the cover of the March 1931 issue of The VALLEY CHURCHMAN , edited and published by his son Isaac I. Jenkins .

Rev. John W. Jenkins baptized 104 colored people in the Hawksbill Creek just above the railroad bridge in Luray, in December weather. Converts were from Blainesville meeting and from similar meetings held at Luray and Berryville. (Courier, January 27, 1949) This item is from a publication called " Strickler's History of Page County."

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