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Allegheny County Pennsylvania Volunteers - War of the Rebellion 1861 - 1865 (23,885 Volunteers)

Allegheny County Pennsylvania Colored Troops - War of the Rebellion 1861 - 1865 (27 Colored Troops)

Allegheny County Pennsylvania Militia and Emergency Troops - War of the Rebellion 1861 - 1864

Members of the Eighty Fifth Regiment from Fayette County

Members of the Second Artillery From Fayette County

Fayette County Officers & Men in the One Hundred and Sixteenth Regiment

Fayette County Soldiers in the One Hundred and Forty-Second Regiment

Fayette County Soldiers in the Fourteenth Calvary

Fayette County Soldiers in the Sixteenth Calvary

Roster of Hampton Battery B (History of Hampton battery F, independent Pennsylvania light artillery, organized at Pittsburgh, Pa., October 8, 1861, mustered out in Pittsburgh, June 26, 1865. Comp. by William Clark. )

Roster of the Eighty-Fifth regiment Pennsylvania volunteer infantry, 1861-1865

Rosters of Beaver County Troops in the War of the Rebellion

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