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Fred Rubin
On the back of this photo in handwriting: Compliments of F--d Rub--. July 26th, 1875.
Photo is stamped:
W.F.& M.B. Momeyer
-7 Market Street
---------- --------- Hall
McKeesport, PA

Grace McCune, Class of 1899, Indiana State Normal School, Indiana, PA

Harriet Cowan, Class of 1899, Indiana State Normal School. Indiana, PA

Margaret Newman, class of 1899 ISNS

Mercede Gleason, Class of 1899, Indiana State Normal School, Indiana, PA

Friends of Henrietta Haigh Baker, who later married John Wilson Russell:
Left to Right: Ed Jamison, Ray Hutchison, George Dirke

Thomas Alexander Russell was born in McKeesport 24 Sep 1893 and graduated from Cornell University in 1907 with a degree in Architecture. His wife was Ethel Fern McCune. Among his designs were: Sintering Plant, U.S. Steel National Works, McKeesport 1950; First Church of Christ Scientist, McKeesport, 1952; Citrus Observation Tower, Clermont, FL, 1957; Round Hill Presby Church Sch, Elizabeth, PA. 1960; Elizabeth Carbide Die Co. Plant, Versailles, PA, 1968.

This photo is of three close friends who graduated together in the Class of 1899 from Indiana State Normal School, Indiana PA.
Left to right: Margaret L. Newman, Henrietta Haigh Baker, Margaret S. Russell.
Herietta Baker married Margaret Russell's brother John. Another of Margaret's brothers was Thomas A. Russell, architect, who married Ethel Fern McCune.

Unidentified Church

Highland Park. Aug 20, 1898
Left to Right: Miss Henrietta Haigh Baker (m. John Wilson Russell), Miss Florence Emma Baker (m. John H. Jenkins), and Mrs. Annie Haigh Baker, wife of John Baker.


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