In Memoriam : George R Spencer : 1993 - 2004

Obituaries are so clinical offering scant insight or reflect the uniqueness and essence of a man.

"George lived in Monterey for 29 years before moving back to Olean, NY in 1998. A veteran of two wars: Korea and Vietnam; he served in the U.S. Air Force for 14 years. George is survived by his son Christopher (Rhonda) Spencer and grandson of Sumter, SC, his sister Clarice Kohl and his beloved niece Darla Warfield (Randy) of Olean. A graveside military service was held Sept. 9, 2004".

George was larger than life! His great sense of humor often sent people into stitches. He was rowdy but always remained his own man and could be very endearing. He enjoyed many pursuits - including watching sports car racing, football, baseball and other sports on TV.  However, his abiding passions were genealogy and his Honda Goldwing motorcycle. He was a member of the Chapter X Goldwing bike club in Olean. He left behind many friends in Monterey, CA and two very dear friends in Palatine, IL. In 1997 his "Goldwing" escapades were acknowledged with a prestigious award - The Trophy for "long distance solo rider" from CA to Lake George, NY at the Americade bike rally. He had traversed the USA - cross country three times - solo - from CA to NY, the last trip was to return to the home of his birth, the town of Olean, NY and his final resting place.

George's death was quick and unexpected. We are sorry to see him gone and his death has left a hole in the lives of many people.

This web site will remain online not only as dedication to George's memory but also to help trace the line of Spencers for future "genealogists" who have acquired much information from all that he has garnered over a period of ten years. Hopefully, it will continue to be a valuable resource for future generations of Spencers.

George's "autobiography" is available "12th Generation" and supplementary information "31st Generation"

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