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The Stanleys of Cobb County, Georgia


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History of the Stanleys in England

History of the Cobb County Stanleys

Jonathan Stanley (Little known of Jonathan Stanley other than he is believed to have lived in Bertie County, North Carolina)

George Stanley (dates of birth and death unknown; married Ader Stanley)

Lewis Stanley (born circa 1750; married Adah Martin Stanley; date of death unknown)

Ezekiel Stanley I (born 1774; married Rhoda Ledbetter Stanley 1798 or 1799; died between July 17 and August 3, 1805)

Ezekiel Stanley II (born May 6, 1805; married Margaret Ann (Peggy) Holland Stanley May 1, 1834; died December 18, 1889)

James Felton "Foster" Stanley (born March 15, 1846; married Georgia Ann Williams Stanley January 17, 1869; died December 30, 1925)

John Norris Stanley (born June 10, 1871; married Ella Sabina Johnson Stanley July 21, 1909; died October 11, 1935)

James Miller Stanley (born November 21, 1910; married Louise Land Stanley November 10, 1935; died April 19, 1973)

Gail Stanley (born March 23, 1941)

James Miller Stanley, Jr. (born July 28, 1946)

Carmen Louise Stanley Dixon (born June 3, 1971)

James Antonio Stanley (born October 25, 1974)

Lewis Stanley

Lewis Stanley was born about 1750. Lewis married Adah Martin of York County, South Carolina. Lewis and Adah's children were Ezekiel (I) (our great, great, great-grandfather) George, Lewis (Jr.), John, Benjamin, Joshua David, Lela, Betsy, Ann and Rhoda. There may also have been a seventh son named Jesse. Their dates and places of birth and death are unknown.

Ezekiel Stanley I

References to Ezekiel Stanley tend to be quite confusing. In addition to his brother, Ezekiel, Lewis also had a son named Ezekiel, and a grandson named Ezekiel. Many references do not attempt to distinguish among them. Lewis' son is generally referred to on this site as Ezekiel I. Lewis' grandson is generally referred to as Ezekiel II. Lewis brother is referred to simply as Ezekiel. Ezekiel II also had a son named Ezekiel, Jr. who died prior to his first birthday.

An Ezekiel Stanley died in Spartenburg County, South Carolina in 1805. This may have been Lewis' brother. Other reports indicate that this was Lewis' eldest son, Ezekiel I. Our great, great-grandfather, Ezekiel II, was born in 1805, so the Ezekiel who died that year could either be his father, Ezekiel I, or his great-uncle Ezekiel. Actually, it was probably Ezekiel I who died in 1805 since Ezekiel I's wife, Rhoda Ledbetter Stanley, married Jacob Gordon in 1808.

Ezekiel I was probably born in about 1774. He married Rhoda Ledbetter, probably in 1798 or 1799. Ezekiel I is reported to have moved to Spartenburg County, South Carolina from Greene County, Georgia in about 1798. Ezekiel I and Rhoda's children were Ezekiel II, (May 6, 1805 - December 18, 1889, buried Noonday Cemetary, Cobb County, Georgia), Elizabeth (June 2, 1803 - May 28, 1855, buried at Mars Hill Cemetary near Acworth, Georgia), Winifred (unknown), and Isham (July 12, 1801 - July 10, 1848).

Ezekiel Stanley II

Ezekiel II and and his wife, Peggy, moved to Georgia from South Carolina about 1850. Ezekiel II purchased a large farm in Cobb County south of Big Shanty (now Kennesaw). Ezekiel II and Peggy's children were Sarah Eveline (Sallie) (March 21, 1835 - December 2, 1904), Eliza Ann Monroe (July 4, 1836 - September 22, 1902), Julia Ann Mariah (March 12, 1838 - December 26, 1844), Isham Anderson (Ike) (March 29, 184o - ?), Winneford Elizabeth Malvina (March 18, 1842 - February 27, 1922), William Pickens (February 28, 1844 - ?), James Felton (Foster) (who is our great-grandfather) (March 15, 1846 - December 30, 1925), Benjamin Monroe (who is the father of Rilla Stanley referred to above) (March 28, 1848 - April 22, 1932), Mary Helena (May 12, 1850 - November 19, 1933), infant daughter (born and died December 26, 1851), Cynthia Jane (February 12, 1853 - March 14, 1895), Neville Eugene (Bud) (February 3, 1855 - July 2, 1942), Ezekiel, Jr. (February 12, 1857 - February 4, 1858, buried Noonday Cemetary, Cobb County, Georgia), and John Robert (October 30, 1861 - December 12, 1948).


Ezekiel II and Peggy Stanley


James Felton "Foster" Stanley

Foster Stanley married Georgia Ann Williams on January 17, 1869. Georgia Ann's sister was married to Foster's brother, Benjamin Monroe Stanley, the previous year. Foster was a Cobbler's Boy with Company H, State Troops, CSA. Foster and Georgia Ann's children were John Norris (our grandfather) (June 10, 1871 - October 11, 1935, buried at Macland Cemetary near Marietta, Georgia), Nancy (August 12, 1873 - September 19, 1962), and Mary Augusta (November 14, 1877 - ?).

John Norris Stanley

Norris Stanley married Ella Sabina Johnson on July 21, 1909. A mantle clock, which was a wedding present from his parents, Foster and Georgia, is in the possession of James M. Stanley, Jr. Norris and Ella's only child was James Miller Stanley (November 21, 1910 - April 19, 1973, buried Episcopal Church Cemetary, Marietta, Georgia). Norris was a veteran of the Spanish American War.


Norris Stanley

Ella Stanley



With Her Grandfather

M.M. Johnson



Norris Stanley's

Spanish-American War Unit

Norris Stanley

(2nd from left, standing in back row)


James Miller Stanley

Our father, James Miller Stanley, married Louise Land on November 10, 1935. James and Louise had two children, Gail, born March 23, 1941, and James Miller, Jr., born July 28, 1946. Gail presently resides in Washington, D.C. James M. Jr. now resides in North Carolina.


James M. Stanley

Louise Land Stanley





Gail Stanley

James M. Stanley, Jr.

On Top Of The Dome

U.S Capitol

Graduation Day At West Point

June 5, 1968


James M. Stanley, Jr. has two children, Carmen Louise Stanley, born June 3, 1971, and James A. Stanley, born October 25, 1974. Carmen lives in North Carolina. James lives in California.


Carmen Stanley

James Stanley



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